Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Family Game Night"- OFFICIAL PREMIERE

Red Team: Ella, Mark (dad), Diane (mom) & Olivia (sister)
Yellow Team: Kaleb, Landon (brother), Melanie (mom) & Jeffrey (dad; he's an IT guy)

TRIP AT STAKE: Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort

Guess Who?:

1. ...named one of her daughters Shiloh?
2. ...twice appeared as the lead character in a movie based on a video game titled "Tomb Raider"?
3. ...played the character Tigress in "Kung Fu Panda"?
4. ...made her screen debut with her father, actor Jon Voight?

Diane (on very first clue!): Angelina Jolie- RIGHT

First Cash Card Choices:
Ella: Soccer ball
Kaleb: Hamburger

GAME #1: Scrabble Flash- Using the same line of five tiles, both familes have to form as many valid words as they can. Every letter in a valid word is worth a point, and whoever reaches 25 first wins.

PRIZE: Nostalgia hot dog cart

Diane & Ella: NOTES (5)
Kaleb & Melanie: STONE (5)
Mark & Olivia: TONES (10)
Jeffrey & Landon: NOTE (9)
Diane & Ella: TONS (14)
Kaleb & Melanie: TOES (13)
Mark & Olivia: NETS (18)
Jeffrey & Landon: SNOT (17)
Diane & Ella: TON (21)
Kaleb & Melanie: TONE (21)
Mark & Olivia: TENS- WIN!

Ella's Second Cash Card Choice: Car

GAME #2: Bop It Boptagon

Station Assignments:

Melanie: Twist It
Diane: Pull It
Landon: Shout It
Olivia: Kick It
Jeffrey: Whack It
Mark: Honk It
Kaleb: Crash It
Ella: Bop It

PRIZE: $500 Sketchers gift card


1. Landon
2. Olivia
3. Diane
4. Mark
5. Ella- YT WINS!

Kaleb's Second Cash Card Choice: Plane

GAME #3: Cranium
Theme: Data Head
PRIZE: Kayak

In both rounds, a picture of a celebrity & an object are shown, and they have to decide which one's older.

Round 1:

1. Taylor Swift or satellite radio
Kaleb & Landon: Satellite radio (RT: 10)
2. Justin Bieber or Segway
Ella & Olivia: Segway (YT: 10)
3. Adam Sandler or electric toothbrush
Kaleb & Landon: Electric toothbrush (20)
4. Brad Pitt or chicken nugget
Ella & Olivia: Chicken nugget (20)

Round 2:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger or treadmill
Jeff & Melanie: Arnold (40)
2. Jackie Chan or crash test dummy
Diane & Mark: Crash test dummy (40)
3. Joan Rivers or facelift
Jeff & Melanie: Joan (RT: 60)
4. Betty White or Mt. Rushmore
Diane & Mark: Mt. Rushmore (YT: 60)

SUDDEN DEATH (using the buzz-in format): Jim Carrey or pinball machine
Ella & Olivia: Pinball machine- WIN!

Ella's Third Cash Card Choice: Pretzel

GAME #4: Guesstures Freefall
PRIZE: Discovery Adventures private helicopter tour of Palm Springs

1. Heart
2. Peek
3. Waist
4. Skirt
5. Limp
6. Tooth
7. Arrow
8. Referee
9. Pinocchio
10. Tired
11. Bad breath
12. Mask
13. Sweat
14. Ceiling
15. Diaper
16. Curls
17. Listen
18. Stairs
19. Long
20. Flat

1. Square
2. Bicycle
3. Sword
4. Thermometer
5. Tall
6. Rub
7. Sick
8. Fall
9. Ribs
10. Egg
11. Handcuffs- RT WINS!

Ella's Fourth Cash Card Choice: Iron

FINAL GAME: Operation Relay- After successfully grabbing a body part from the gameboard, they have to go under a limbo bar, across a balance beam, jump over a bandage barrier, a big thermometer & a tweezer hurdle before climbing through a giant tissue box and placing their grabbed body part on the points board; the more difficult a body part is to grab, the more points it's worth. If a mistake is made (such as making Sam's nose light up while trying to grab a body part), that team member must go back to the end of the line. The family with the highest score in a two-minute time limit wins.

PRIZE: Telescope

YT: 245
RT: 125

Kaleb's Third Cash Card Choice: Thimble


1. Plane- $560
2. Hamburger- $425 ($985)
3. Thimble- $960 ($1,945)

1. Pretzel- $360
2. Iron- $250 ($610)
3. Soccer ball- $310 ($920)
4. Car- $5K; WIN AT $5,920!

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