Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good/Bad Moments & Stupid Answers Part 1

Here are the past three "Millionaire" Million Dollar Question attempts in regulation play:

Ogi Ogas (11/8/06)
Lyn Payne (11/1/07)
Ken Basin (8/23/09)

Part of this contestant's great day on "The Price is Right" occurred on 10/6/06, three weeks prior to the birth of this site. I wish somebody else would duplicate this feat in the Drew Carey era so we could see the Showcase prize presentation at the end of an episode.

On 12/21/07, what happened here was similar to this one.

Here's how NOT to play Secret X on "TPiR".

And here's how NOT to flame out on "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" with a million bucks on the line.

The first-ever ZONK answer recorded on this site, I do believe, was back on 11/10/06, when Amber Brockington thought mother-in-law was a famous pig on "Family Feud".

If you knew you ZONKED OUT (aka "Llama Out") on "Millionaire", at least admit it immediately after locking in a final answer like this person on 5/15/09.

This was definitely NOT a way to celebrate "Millionaire's" 10th Anniversary on ABC.
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