Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Hell's Kitchen" 10/13- CELEBRATING 100 EPISODES!

Challenge #7: Letter Ingredient Roulette with a 30-minute time limit.

Blue Team:
Vinny Accardi, Jr. #1: K- Kale
Vinny #2: Y- Yams
Boris Poleschuk: M- Miso
Rob McCue: S- Striped bass
Russell Kook II: A- Asparagus

Red Team:
Trev McGrath: R- Rutabega
Jillian Flathers: C- Cauliflower
Sabrina Brimhall: B- Bok Choy
Gail Novennario: F- Fennel
Nona Silvley: S- Salmon

RT (presented by Sabrina): Salmon in cauliflower puree w/ Baby Bok Choy, pan-rosted fennel & rutabega chips
BT (presented by Boris): Pan-seared striped bass w/ braised kale, asparagus & fried yams in a light Miso broth

The winning dish was made by...

...the RT, despite there being too much butter being used and the rutabega chips tasting too bitter! They fittingly won a Vegas getaway at the Rio, while the BT had to prep over a thousand potatoes.

DINNER SERVICE #7 TROUBLES (during Family Night, with several members of Chef Ramsay's family in the restaurant and a playground being held outside; also, Jerry Springer dined!):

1. Taking too long cooking some steak
2. Slicing a raw cut of steak

1. Left out the puree in a risotto

1. Too slow in the garnishing department

1. Same problem as Nona

1. Taking too long cooking some steak
2. Arguing with Trev
3. Being hesistant in cooking a chicken

1. Cooking too many risottos
2. Being too slow in serving the risotto's to Chef Ramsay's family

Because 90% of that service's diners left happy according to the comment cards, BOTH teams won!

ELIMINATION: Boris (back-to-back & fourth overall), Nona (back-to-back), Rob & Sabrina (back-to-back & fifth overall) all got nominated...

...but NOBODY was cut in that round!

Challenge #8: After shopping at the Bristol Farms Market with a $60 budget and 20 minutes, both teams had to cook four dishes- one beef, one chicken, one lamb & one pork. Each dish was designated a price, and whoever had the highest combined total value of their dishes won.

Guest Judges: Mark Peel, Sophie Gayot, Libby Rego & Justin Wyborn

Round 1 (Sophie):
Nona: Pan-seared Rib-eye w/ parsnip puree, salteed broccolini & red wine balsalmic reduction- $32
Rob: NY Strip Steak w/ crispy Shittake mushrooms & onions- $26

Round 2 (Mark):
Boris: Marinated pork tenderloin w/ stir-fry- DOUBLE TO $52
Gail: Pan-seared pork tenderloin w/ roasted peach & shallots- $28 ($60)

Round 3 (Libby):
Russell: Chicken Catatori w/ rusted potatoes- $26 ($78)
Trev: Lemon-roasted chicken breast- $22 ($82)

Jillian & Sabrina: Lamb w/ lentil & carrots covered by a red wine sauce- $28 ($110)
Vinny: Round-bone lamb chop w/ red potato- $23 ($101)- RT WINS!

The RT got to eat dinner on the waterfront while on a sailboat, leaving the BT having to clean up HK.

100TH DS TROUBS (black-tie):

1. Way too slow cooking appetizers

1. Focusing on making a risotto instead of the meat

1. Forgetting to cook the chicken in a dish
2. Undercooking chicken

1. Getting confused about cooking some squash
2. Taking way too long in the garnishing department overall

1. Chewy lobster in multiple roasted lobster pasta dishes

Very Special Guests: Rock Harper (Season 3 champ), Christina Machamer (Season 4 champ), Danny Veltri (Season 5 champ) & Holli Ugalde (most recent champ)

The RT won!

(Notes: There was a giant cake with images of the past 99 episodes on it. Also, a live violin band was performing throughout the service.)

ELIMINATION: Boris was in danger for the third consecutive time (and fifth overall), while this was Rob's second straight trip; Vinny was nominated by Ramsay for the second time this season. Leaving HK after the 100th show was...

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