Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"RW/RR Challenge: Cutthroat" 10/27

CHALLENGE #4 ("Bottleneck Stampede"): Each team has to make it through a horse racing track-themed obstacle course together, with five of the obstacles literally forming bottlenecks.

Bonus Prize: Skullcandy audio package

The winners of the audio stuff and doubling their bank to $40,000 are...

...the Red Team!

THE GULAG #4 ("Swat"): In both matches, two contestants will both have their necks chained to a small table while they hit each other in the face with fly swatters. The first two rounds will each last five minutes; the first one uses the yellow swatters, while Round 2 calls for the white ones. In the final round, with both players holding their arms out 90 degrees and still slapping each other with the white swatters, they have to hang onto their bucket until the other person drops theirs, eliminating them.

Women: Ayiiia Elizarraras vs. Katie Doyle
WINNER: Katie (Ayiia leaves with a stereo)

Men: Eric Banks vs. Luke Wolfe
WINNER: Luke (Eric leaves with a DJ controller package)
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