Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Survivor: Nicaragua" 10/27

Reward Challenge: One member of each tribe will serve as their defender on a perch above some water. The first tribe that tosses five balls into a net after leaping off a platform will win a one-day farm experience and get a clue to the next Hidden Immunity Idol.

Jane Bright sits out this challenge for La Flor.

DEFENDERS: Chase Rice & Fabio Birza

By a score of 5-3...

...Espada WINS!

(Note: Fabio PISSED in the pool in the middle of that challenge!!!!!)

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: The tribes have to roll balls down a long chute from a tower in order to break the opposing team's five surfboard-shaped tiles.

Sash Lenahan gets to sit on the bench this time. The winners, by a 5-2 tally, are...


TRIBAL COUNCIL #8: Jane & Marty Piombo each get two votes, but the castaway getting the other three and therefore leaving Nicaragua tonight is...

...Jill Behm.

Afterwards, they learn it's MERGER TIME!
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