Friday, October 08, 2010

"Survivor: Nicaragua" 10/6

Early on, thanks in part to NaOnka Mixon, La Flor found a HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL of their own!

REWARD/IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #4: One member of each tribe was designated the caller and they had to direct the remainder to collect 10 items scattered all over the field, as well as unlock a Sears tool chest. The first tribe that brought everything back won immunity and a choice of three groups of Sears-related items.

If La Flor used their Medallion of Power, they would have a two-item head start...YES.

Sitting out this challenge were Dan Lembo and both Kellys.

Espada: Tyrone Davis
La Flor: Brenda Lowe

The winners were...

...La Flor for the third time out of four this season! They choose the cooking & fishing gear packages and the tarp.

TRIBAL COUNCIL #4: Dan was at risk for the second straight week, facing James "Jimmy T." Tarantino this week. By a vote of 5-3, the fourth castaway voted out was...

Jimmy T.

...the other Jimmy.
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