Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Top Chef: Just Desserts" 10/13

Quickfire #5: Make a souffle in an hour.

Guest Judge: Sherry Yard (who works as an executive pastry chef for Wolfgang Puck)

Notable Souffles:

Danielle Keene: Lavender & lemon souffle w/ blueberry ginger compote & honey ice cream
Zac Young: Apple Crisp Souffle Glace
Erika Davis: Lemon-basil souffle w/ white chocolate raspberry sauce
Heather Hurlbert: Chocolate raspberry souffle w/ Grand Mariner & Godiva cream
Yigit Pura: Chocolate souffle w/ passion fruit & vanilla bean ice cream
Morgan Wilson: Gianduja souffle w/ burnt sugar ice cream & raspberry coulis

BOTTOM THREE: Erika, Heather H. & Zac
TOP THREE: Danielle, Morgan & Yigit

Receiving immunity was...


ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #5: Create some edible fashion from the shoes up that matched the shoes, as well as a pair of edible couture petit fours within 10 hours (the first eight took place at home base). The winner won a $20K bonus.

The shopping budget at Albertson's this week was $200 within a half-hour.


Erika: Raspberry jelly & pistachio mousse "earrings" and lemon milk chocolate ganache & apricot jam "purse"
Zac: Chocolate passion fruit & lemongrass "pasties" and coconut black tea & pineapple "make-up kit"
Eric Wolitzky: Cherry cheesecake "pendant" and chocolate cake/banana "clutch"
Heather Chittum: Chocolate caramel "clutch" w/ Maldon sea salt and Chambord Fleur de Lys "hairpin"
Yigit: Raspberry & Pinot Noir ice cream "hair pin" and olive oil/citrus punch "brooch"
Morgan: Spiced raspberry "ruby ring" Bon-Bon and red-hot cinnamon Macaron "earring"
Heather H.: Lemon Curd Macaron "purse" and almond cake w/ raspberry cream & passion fruit caviar "brooch"
Danielle: Red velvet whoopie pie "purse" and roasted banana ice cream Bon-Bon "watch"

BOTTOM THREE: Danielle (third time), Eric & Heather C. (second time)
TOP THREE: Morgan (back-to-back-to-back times), Yigit & Zac (second time each for the other two)

The final results...

...Morgan WON his second straight EC and increased his winnings to $21K, while Heather C. was ELMINATED FOR GOOD.
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