Saturday, October 09, 2010

"Top Chef: Just Desserts" 10/6

Early on this episode, Seth Caro was MEDICALLY DISQUALIFIED from the competition because of an anxiety attack.

Quickfire #4: Using Breyer's All-Natural Ice Cream, make the ultimate sundae within a half-hour.


Zac Young: "Black Forest is Burning" Sundae w/ fried cherry vanilla ice cream
Erika Davis: Chocolate Banana S'mores Frangelica Sundae
Morgan Wilson: "Sunday Snack" Oreo mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich w/ chocolate milk
Heather Hurlbert: Vanilla Fudge Twirl Bananas Foster Sundae
Eric Wolitzky: Natural vanilla w/ sauteed peaches, Brandy & crisp
Malika Ameen: Cookies & Cream w/ malted chocolate caramel sauce & bananas
Yigit Pura: Peanut butter & s'mores cookie dough sundae
Danielle Keene: Rocky Road Meets Neapolitan Sundae

BOTTOM THREE: Danielle, Eric & Erika
TOP THREE: Morgan, Yigit & Zac

Scooping up immunity this week was...

...Morgan! Afterwards, the other Heather (Chittum) was reinstated into the competition.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #4: In three teams of three, make some desserts inspired by the Lucent Dossier Experience, including one "Flaming Dessert" per team.


1. Morgan, Heather H. & Eric
2. Yigit, Erika & Danielle
3. Zac, Malika & Heather C.


Morgan: Mango Panna Cotta, Acai fluid gel & passion fruit sorbet
Eric: Lemon Caramel Roulade w/ pomegranate sauce & candied kumquats
Eric, Heather H. & Morgan's FD: Almond cream w/ Spiced Cherry Flambe
Zac: Banana Creme Fraiche Cake w/ red curry frosting
Heather C.: Black pepper pineapple w/ chocolate sherbert & meringue shards
Malika: Saffron Panna Cotta w/ Feuilletine crunch & candied ginger
Heather C, Malika & Zac's FD: Dark Chocolate Creme Fraiche Cake w/ flambeed cherries
Danielle: Chocolate mousse cake w/ basil ice cream
Yigit: Creme Fraiche & Sweet Lime Bavarian w/ Tonka Bean Sorbet
Erika: Almond ice cream bar w/ roasted pineapple
Danielle, Erika & Yigit's FD: Almond Citrus Mirliton flambeed w/ Bourbon

TOP THREE: Eric (third time in a row), Heather H. (second in a row & third overall) & Morgan (back-to-back)

To end this episode, Malika WITHDREW due to family reasons.
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