Thursday, October 07, 2010


Yaz Ammari's other opponents in the semi-finals will be...

...Katherine Gunn & Caesar Noriega!

Semi-Final Challenge: While playing the yet-to-be-released "Disney Tron Evolution: The Video Game", they have to de-rez each other as much as they can in 10 minutes.

The two who are headed to the WCG Grand Final at the L.A. Convention Center are...

...Kat & Yaz!

CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND CHALLENGES: "Green Day: Rock Band" has to be played on the Expert difficulty using the drums and the song "American Idiot" (highest score wins), as well as "BlazBlue: Continuum Shift" (best-of-nine match) using a customized tournament stick & "Halo: Reach" (first to 15 kills in the cage). The first game's worth one point, the second's worth two and the third's worth three. If there isn't a 3-3 tie, whoever has the highest score wins the grand prize package that includes $100K.

Game #1 Winner: Yaz (91,275-42,250)(1)
Game #2 Winner: Kat (SWEEP)(2)

In "Halo", by a final score of 15-1, the NEW WCG Ultimate Gamer is none other than...


...THE COMEBACK KID HERSELF- KAT!!!!!! There's pyro, but NO confetti. Oh well.
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