Saturday, November 20, 2010

"The Biggest Loser" 11/16

Challenge: In each round, they had to lift one of their legs for a certain amount of time while on as many as two moving platforms. The first round had a five-second time limit, while each successive round added five more to the clock. The last one standing won a one-pound bonus that they had to use at the next weigh-in.

Round 1 Order:
1. Jessica Delfs (chosen by Frado Dinten because he was the season's Biggest Loser up to this point; from that point on, whoever had the last successful balancing act got to pick who went next in a round)
2. Brendan Donovan- OUT
3. Frado- OUT
4. Patrick House
5. Elizabeth Ruiz- OUT
6. Ada Wong

Round 2 Order (10 seconds):
1. Patrick- OUT
2. Jessica- OUT
3. Mark Pinhasovich
4. Lisa Mosley
5. Mark

This challenge wound up going as far as Round 5, and the winner was...


WEIGH-IN (everybody's on their own for the rest of the season):

Mark: 309 lbs, nine pounds lost (w/ bonus), 2.84%

Patrick: 301 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 3.22%

Frado (needs to have lost at least nine pounds): 267 lbs, RIGHT ON THE MONEY, 3.26%

Brendan (needs to have lost at least double digits): 272 lbs, eight pounds lost, 2.86%

Elizabeth (needs to have lost at least six pounds): 201 lbs, four pounds lost, 1.95%

Jessica (needs to have lost at least seven pounds): 227 lbs, one pound lost, .44%

Lisa (needs to have lost at least five pounds): 228 lbs, six pounds lost, 2.56%

Ada's weight-loss goal this go-round was four pounds...

Ada: 190 lbs, eight pounds lost, 4.04%


ELIMINATION: After her POOR performance, Jessica was UNANIMOUSLY ELIMINATED from $250K contention.

Next week, a new 2011 Ford Edge SE will be on the line during a challenge on the season's Makeover Episode!
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