Thursday, November 11, 2010

"RW/RR Challenge: Cutthroat" 11/10

Chet Cannon was MEDICALLY DISQUALIFIED due to his concussion from last week's challenge.

CHALLENGE #6 ("Sky Hook"): While everybody was hanging on a ring in the air, they had to pass 10 basketballs and shoot them into a net within 20 minutes. The team that made the most baskets the fastest won.

Bonus Prize: JVC HD camera


Blue Team: Four

Grey Team: Five- WIN!

The GT's total is $60,000!

THE GULAG #6 ("Handcuffs"):

Women: Emily Schromm SWEPT Melinda Stolp
Men: Derrick Koskinski SWEPT Brandon Drake Nelson

Brandon & Melinda both left with some electronics & a massage chair.
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