Monday, November 08, 2010

Some U.S. "Money Drop" details announced

FOX has officially announced a four-day week for the "Million Dollar Money Drop" from Monday, December 20-Thursday, December 23. The first & last episodes will start at 8 PM EST and will run two hours each; the middle episodes will both begin at 9 PM EST and run an hour.

Contestants will have 50 stacks of $20K to work with during the game over the course of seven multiple-choice questions. Like the short-lived "Show Me The Money", unless I'm told otherwise, there are no bailouts allowed.

Kevin Pollak, who was slated to host "Our Little Genius" before that got scrapped, will be the host. Jeff Apploff of "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" will be the executive producer of the show, with Jack Martin & Garry Bormet (who also work on the syndicated "Lyrics" staff) being co-executive producers.

Various sources contributed to this report.
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