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12/15/2010 Results

LMaD: So far, on the week of Episodes 2061-5, $143,822 in cash & prizes has been given away! Let's see if they can shatter the weekly record by the end of this week. Maybe the married couple of Aaron & Marcelle (who are dressed as Hawaiians) can help us out as they play Keep On Rollin' for:

Curtain #1: Surfing/snowboarding package ($2,560)
Curtain #2: Trip to Anchorage ($6,623)
Curtain #3: Ford Focus

1. Two
2. One (3)
3. Five (8)
4. Three- WIN AT 11

1. Six
2. One
3. Six- WIN AT 13!

They quit afterwards.

1. One

The three traders following them are Allison (dressed as a Hippie), Paul & Pamela (who's wearing a camouflage suit), and the title of their deal is Majority Rules.

Round 1: Wallet (Wayne Brady) or purse (Tiffany Coyne)?
PICK: Wallet
PURSE: Diamond/sapphire earrings ($4,389)

Round 2: Wallet or man purse (Jonathan Mangum)?
PICK: Wallet
MURSE: FlyScooter ($2,899)

THE BIG RISK (Curtain #2): Paul- Dumpster hot tub
WALLET: $1K for each woman

Next is Nicole (who's dressed as a referee). After being spotted $500, she's ordered to find up to five one-dollar bills in her purse at $100 apiece...she finds just one, so her cash total slowly grows to $600. At this point, she can keep the money or buy one of three silver envelopes. Two of them have a Benjamin inside, while the other has a trip to the InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa worth $9,665 (Curtain #3). She goes for it w/ #1...PERFECT DEAL!

Whether she feels like it or not, Heather (dressed as an angel) is being sent to the show's interrogation room, and she's first offered Curtain #1. After hearing her hints, she thinks there's a kitchen back there, and she believes them, so she rejects $500, $600 & $900...right for a stainless-steel kitchen appliance package & a $3K cash bonus, all worth $6,248- PERFECT DEAL #2!

Leaving her bee hive next is Jennifer, but she has to give up her antenna so that she can begin ths deal w/ $700. She turns down the silver small box...which contained a black Marc Jacobs handbag & some Mario Badescu Skin Care products totalling $1,495. Secondly, Ostap (whose pink T-shirt's acting as the Y in WAYNE) gives back his hat in exchange for $700, rather than what was behind Curtain #2...the giant skiing chicken! Finally, after Rebecca's asked to take off her purple masquerade mask, she buys Curtain #3 for $700...and that gets her a Pier 1 Imports living room & the MacBook Air worth $4,552!

After Emeroy does a dance, he gets his choice of the silver small box (Tiffany in front of Curtain #2) or the bigger box. He opts to go small...the big box concealed a home entertainment center that included the Panasonic 58" plasma HDTV worth $3,124. Then, he's told by Mr. Brady that what's in Jonathan's big red bag is something that we've seen earlier in this show. He stays w/ his tiny box...good, because in that bag was the three revoked pieces of clothing from the previous deal! After turning down $700 & $800, he wins monthly massages worth $1,176.

THE BIG DEAL: Heather has a chance at $29,006 in cash and/or merchandise right this second. She picks Door #3...NO BD for her, but she's cruisin' away on the $7,999 WaveRunner.

Door #1: BBQ ($1,649)
Door #2: Trip to Thailand & Toyota Corolla

TPiR: This is the first time we get to see & hear George Gray as a sub-announcer (and w/o glasses to boot)! His first four contestant names are Thomas Lynn, Maura Estrada, Cattis Johnson & Katie Walker, and the Holiday Gift Idea of the Day's four pieces of Samsonite luggage (Gwendolyn & Rachel in front of Contestant's Row).

Katie: $700
Cattis: $750
Maura: $751
Thomas: BUCK

ARP: $1,740

Maura, who's wearing a Seattle Sounders T-shirt, is playing It's In the Bag (Manuela & Rachel). On the big grocery cart this morning are the bigger-sized bottle of Gold Bond Body Lotion, ACT Mouthwash, Heinz Ketchup, a small pack of Turtles, Bruce's Yams & Unisom SleepTabs. Her guesses:

$12.39: Sleep aid
$1.29: Candy
$3.29: Yams
$6.99: Lotion
$2.29: Ketchup

She loses $2K on the yams. The last three correct items were:

$3.29: Ketchup
$6.99: Mouthwash
$2.29: Yams

Heather Taylor's hoping to be a tad smarter than her, and maybe she'll show that while bidding on the second IUFB gift, pairs of chaise loungers & bronze patio heaters (Gwen behind Door #3).

Heather: $1,675
Thomas: $1,200
Katie: $1,201
Cattis: BUCK

ARP: $1,058

Cattis plays Most Expen$ive for a couple of leather chairs w/ an accent table (Manuela), a Samsung 58" plasma HDTV (Rachel) & a 30" stainless-steel gas range (Gwen). But he falls for the TV trap- it's $3,199.

Furniture: $3,700
Range: $1,499

Contestant #6 on the day is Jeffrey Wagner and the third IUFB will be the show's Holiday Look of the Week, which is being worn by Manuela.

Jeffrey: $1,100
Heather: $1,050
Thomas: $1,200
Katie: $1,201

ARP: $2,724

Katie plays Lucky $even for the Ford F-150 (Std., Prot, Plus)(Gwen in the back, Rachel in the driver's seat). Her first guess is two, which will cost her...

$ 2 3 , _ _ _

...a dollar. She secondly says seven...

$ 2 3 , 8 _ _

...and she has to pay another singleton. The third number we hear from her is four, so we don't want to see a nine next...

$ 2 3 , 8 2 _

...and it isn't, so she's down to $3. Her final number choice is the almost-obvious five...

$ 2 3 , 8 2 6

...and she's WON this truck & a buck!

Cattis ($1,058): 30 + 95 = OVER BY A QUARTER
Maura ($1,740): Half-Dollar + 30 = $.80
Katie ($26,551): Quarter + 80 = OVER BY A NICKEL; MAURA MOVES ON

Next to hear George's magic words is Julie Young and the fourth IUFB's a Dell laptop held by Gwen.

Julie: $895
Jeffrey: $1,200
Heather: $729

Thomas: $1,201

ARP: $1,998

Thomas has completed the First Four Sweep, so he earns the right to play the Balance Game (Rachel) for a Vienna vacation (Manuela at Door #4). The trip price's last three digits are two threes & a seven.


He puts together a price of $9,337...and the scale balances for the first time this season!

We might be trying for another win w/ Aimee Enger & the next-to-last IUFB on the morning is an Inspire home gym (Rachel at Door #3).

Aimee: $1.5K
Julie: $1,800
Jeffrey: $2,150
Heather: $1,599

ARP: $2,495

Jeffrey, who celebrated a birthday two weeks ago, plays Master Key for these late birthday gifts- 45 pieces of WMF flatware (Manuela), a glass top desk (Rachel) & a 2011 Chevrolet HHR LS (Std., Paint)(Gwen).

1. Heart-shaped waffle maker
SETUP: 540

2. Ice cream sphere
SETUP: 345
PICK: $45- WIPEOUT (second out of three this season)

William Powers comes down last and the final IUFB on this Wednesday will be an Alpine Marine sound system (Manuela & Rachel).

William: $2.5K
Heather: $900
Aimee: $1K
Julie: $1,001

ARP: $1,550

Julie plays Pick-a-Number (Manuela) for the West White Potter Sailboat (Gwen behind Door #3). Board:

$ 9 7 7 _


She needs to pick that gooseegg for a breakeven day...but she picks the snowman (the eight) instead.

I would've made the lineup like this:

1. Most Expen$ive
2. Pick-a-Number
3. Master Key
4. Balance Game
5. It's In the Bag
6. Lucky $even

Julie ($1,550): Half-Dollar + 80 = OVER
Jeffrey ($2,495): WINS $1K IN BIRTHDAY CASH!
Thomas ($11,335; first spin was a DUD): 85 + 55 = OVER

Does Jeffrey become the second $26K winner this week...NO, HE JUST MISSES THE $10K NICKEL.

The first Showcae has a Coach ladies' wallet filled w/ $1K gift cards from Macy's, Sephora & Williams-Sonoma (Manuela), the Samsung 46" 3-D HDTV w/ a digital tuner (Rachel on the turntable), twin Kink Bike Company BMX bikes (Gwen behind Door #3) & the 2011 Chevy Aveo5 (Manuela at Door #1).



And now, for the Cesar Millan Showcase; Cesar's best known as "The Dog Whisperer". He tells Jeffrey that the gifts he can win right now are some gear for his pets, including a $500 PETCO gift card (Gwen at Door #2), a trip to the Best Western Plus Hacienda Hotel in Old Town, San Diego & a 2011 Subaru Forester X (Std., AT, Bluetooth, BCover, Tray, Net)(Manuela & Rachel at Door #3).



BID: $20,500
ARP: $24,345

BID: $29,750
ARP: $27,996

Maura wins $26,085 in car, gift cards & other stuff, but Katie's still the day's top winner w/ her truck & all. This is the first time in a while that we've had something like that happen at least twice in one week. Jeffrey departs w/ $3,495 in cash & gym.


Pictureka!: These two teams are hoping that they don't get snowed out of a family vacation:

Green Team: Gabriel (a nine-year-old Martial Artist whose nickname is "Shorty G") & Vanessa (10-year-old)
Orange Team: Haden (an eight-year-old who once rolled over a gutter while he was dressed as a superhero) & Mackenzie (a 12-year-old who once pretended to get married to a friend in the bathroom at the age of three!)

Go Find Fish:

GT: 110
OT: 120

Maze Craze:

JACQUELINE (a mom dressed as Aunt Renee who also does some Martial Arts)
1. Dancing garbanzo bean (130)
2. Bucktooth bunny

GEORGE (a dad/4th Grade teacher dressed as Prince Raindrop):
1. Graveyard party crasher (140)
2. Fritzy (160)
3. Blindfolded Belinda (180)
4. Fancy Frenchie Poodle (200)
5. Artie (220)
6. Flower table

Rock the Block Objects:

1. Fruit
2. Cloud
3. Cup
4. Mushroom
5. Deer

WINNERS: OT, 5-2 (and now have a much bigger lead, 445-210)

Their 235-point lead heading into the final round is A NEW RECORD!

Balloon Monsoon (3-for-1 scoring format):

Shorty G: Something w/ a door (260)
Vanessa: An animal that's stinky (320)
Jacqueline: A person riding on something- LOSS

Even if the current BM scoring format had been instituted, they still would've lost by this time.

PENGUIN PRIZE HUNT: The OT now has a chance to parlay their momentum into a trip to the Beaches resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. They activate their stopper after 1:08 go away and lock Windows #1, #2, #5 & #6.

#1- NO
#2- NO
#3- LOSS

They're going to have to settle for jumping around on the JumpSport trampoline.

TNG: Some of Wednesday's wildness will come at these couples' expense:

Nick & Laura (half a year)
Kenley & Michele (half a year)
Eric & Natalie (1/3 a year)

Gary's Intro: "The sassiest seductress"

Round 1:

1. In an average week, do you spend more time pumping iron, gas or your wife?
2. Complete the following sentence: "My wife can't see it, but her friends are totally jealous of her _________."
3. If you & your wife had a midnight romp on the beach, what would her view most likely be- the stars, sand or the sea?


1. Wife
2. Legs
3. Sea

1. Gas
2. Butt
3. Stars

1. Wife
2. Flat stomach
3. Sea



1. Gas
2. Legs (5)
3. Sand

1. Gas (5)
2. Butt (10)
3. Stars (15)

1. Wife (5)(Reeds Romance Moment of the Night)
2. Stomach (10)
3. Sea (15)


1. If your husband were a custom-made door, what would you say is its most impressive feature- his smooth surface, his sturdy frame or his easy-to-handle knob?
Famous Footwear Question of the Night: Which famous David does your husband most closely resemble- Beckham, Chapelle or Hasselhoff (who has just replaced Piers Morgan on the judging panel of "Britain's Got Talent")?
3. Ladies, what's one "guy" thing you're really good at?
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "When my husband's watching ____________ on TV, I wish he'd just change the channel, but he knows to wait for me before he watches _____________."


1. Frame
2. Chappelle
3. Watching MMA
BONUS: A space/science type of show, "American Idol"

1. Knob
2. Beckham
3. Playing video games
BONUS: "Smallville" (my brother Andrew also watches that), "So You Think You Can Dance"

1. Frame
2. Chappelle
3. Watching sports w/ the guys
BONUS: Sports, "The Office"


1. Frame (15)
2. Chappelle (25)
3. UFC (35)
BONUS: Anything on The Solar System, UFC (50)

1. Knob (25)
2. Hasselhoff
3. Video games (35)
BONUS: "Smallville", "Jersey Shore" (50)

1. Knob
2. Beckham
3. Sports (25)
BONUS: Baseball, a romantic comedy- ELIMINATED (40)


Nick & Laura: 40
Kenley & Michele: 55

Consolation Prize: Macy's gift card

WoF: Let's see how closely related this first Toss-Up puzzle under the subject of Things when it comes to national parks:

N _ T _ R A L

B R _ _ _ _ _

I never knew about NATURAL BRIDGES, but Matt does for $1,000. Let's get to know something about these players:

Matt Relkin (Brooklyn, NY)- A bar co-owner & artist who's also writing a national park book
Chelsey Smith (Federal Way, WA)- Registered nurse
Kristina Ramos (L.A.)- Law firm intern/Filipino dance group member

Here's the $2K TU board under People:

T _ A _ E L _ N G

C O M P A N I _ N S

Kristina's one of those TRAVELING COMPANIONS.

After a $6K trip to the Glacier National Park is put on the wheel, the Steak-Umm Jackpot Round category is Living Things. She first calls two T's for $1,100 & two S's for another $1,200, but she then hits Bankrupt next to the $2.5K wedge to lose the $2,300. Secondly, Matt calls an $800 R but then the first dud of the night in L. Third, Chelsey calls a $600 L & buys three E's, then she calls a $300 F, buys four O's, but then duds out w/ C. As we return to Kristina, she calls two D's for $900 & buys two I's, then she follows that w/ a $500 G & a $300 Y. We have now...

G I _ N T

R E D _ O O D S

O F / Y O S E _ I T E

...and she recognizes the GIANT REDWOODS OF YOSEMITE for another $1,450 & $3,450 total.

DUDS: $300 C (Chelsey), $900 L (Matt)

Matt's first in a round where the puzzle's subject this time is Song Lyrics, but he immediately lands on Lose a Turn. Second, Chelsey calls an M for Montana but then a negative of T while on the Wild Card. Third, Kristina calls three S's for $1,800 & buys three I's, followed by two R's for another $1,800, a purchase of half a dozen E's, but then LaT. Getting back to Matt, he calls a couple of L's for $1,200, a $400 N & buys the rest of the vowels (O, U & A) prior to ringing in...

S I _ N E _

S E A L E _

_ E L I _ E R E _

I ' M / _ O U R S

...and saying "SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED, I'M YOURS" by Stevie Wonder for the doubler.

SOLE DUD: T (Chelsey)
LaTs: 2 (Matt, Kristina)

IHOP Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round topic's Food & Drink. Chelsey leads off w/ a $500 N & three R's for another $900, then she buys five E's & three A's, calls four T's & H's for another two grand per quartet, purchases a pair of I's, lights up a $300 K & then calls for a C while on the Mystery Wedge next to the Million Dollar one. She adds a C-note for that (but the $10K was on the back), then she buys a trio of O's before sadly Bankrupting on the MDW's left part to lose $5,950. That allows Kristina to try & solve the following...

H O _ E _ A _ E

T O R T I _ _ A _

_ R E _ H / _ R O _

T H E / K I T C H E N

...she does, meaning she might very well be eating HOMEMADE TORTILLAS FRESH FROM THE KITCHEN during her $6.5K getaway to the El Dorado Royale in Riviera Maya, Cancun, Mexico courtesy of Funjet, for a new total of $9,950 in cash & trip.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JK3730392 (Joseph K. from NY)

The $3K TU's about Show Biz:

O N - S E _

R O M _ N _ E

Matt has NO chance in hell of having some ON-SET ROMANCE w/ Vanna, but he make the solve to move to five thou.

On the Map is the topic we deal w/ next, but he calls an instant dud of R. Second, Chelsey calls two N's for $1,400 & a $700 T before we hear the Last Chance Bell...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ N _ T _ N

...and each of the remaining consonants pay $1,300. She next asks for a W...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

W _ _ _ _ N _ T _ N

...and she says OLYMPIA WASHINGTON on the buzzer to avoid getting gooseegged and leave w/ $3,400. Matt's $5K richer & Kristina hangs on w/ $9,950 in cash & Mexico.

Only $18,350 in cash & vacation was won in this evening's upfront action.

SOLE DUD (prior to big bell): $800 R (Matt)


Maxwell House Big Money Round: Kristina Ramos spins the single star and the category of this bonus puzzle is Thing. Starting w/:

_ _ L _ _

_ _ T _ _ N

CDMA gives her...

_ A L _ D

_ _ T _ _ N

...she's incorrect w/ VALID MOTION, making her the lowest-winning champion of the season. The VALID OPTION would've won her the Honda.

Pat shows off a Smokey the Bear mug from Mark Corwin's cupboard to end this episode.

1 vs. 100: Waitress/football fan Ashlee Buchanan returns.

2. If Dr. Seuss wrote a book about the rock opera "Tommy", what would it be called?

A: "One Fish, Two Fish, Hootie Blowfish"
B: "Horton Hears The Who"

C: "Green Day & Ham"

GUESS: "Horton Hears The Who"

Among those wrong was the lady marked #10 when she said "One Fish, Two Fish, Hootie Blowfish".

3. What are Firefox, Safari & Explorer?

A: Donald Trump's yachts
B: Internet browsers
C: Models of SUVs

GUESS: Internet browsers

4. The title of which current TV show refers to an address?

A: The one starring Teri Hatcher
B: The one starring Charlie Sheen
C: The one starring Tina Fey

GUESS: Tina Fey

5. If Lady GaGa can't read her P-P-P-Poker hand, she's probably suffering from what eye disorder?

A: Nearsightedness
B: Farsightedness
C: Shortsightedness

POLL: Shortsightedness- One (#17 Travis Schario from Marietta, OH!!!)
GUESS: Farsightedness- YES INDEED

6. Following a highly-publicized infestation earlier this yer, what advice should NY hotels have given their guests?

A: "Let sleeping dogs lie"
B: "Don't let the bedbugs bite"
C: "When the cat's away, the mice will play"

GUESS: "Don't let the bedbugs bite"

7. Which actor has the same first name as one of Adam & Eve's children?

A: Seth Rogen
B: Ben Stiller
C: Owen Wilson


Her last question, at least for this episode: What do you call that wet stuff that comes out of your faucet?

A: Dihydrogen monoxide
B: Oxygen difluoride
C: Hydroxide

GUESS: Oxygen difluoride- LOSS (A: Dihhydrogen monoxide)
MOB MEMBERS LEFT: 21 (about $143 a head)

J!: I like Tom Nissley's chances of being a repeat champion tonight, w/ these as his challengers:

Anthony Flores (D.C.)- Campaign consultant
Alexis Hawley (originally from Winter Park, FL)- An attorney whose family were fans of "Dynasty"

Opening category board:



When the first timeout's gotten to, Hawley's in the lead w/ $3,200 and leads Flores by $800 & Nissley by two thou. Hawley does find the Daily Double under the middle Games clue, but she's in last place at this moment w/ $2,400; Nissley has $3,600 and is just $400 behind Flores for first. She wagers a grand on this answer:

These games held in Rio in 2007 & slated for Guadalajara in 2011, outlived the similarly-named airline.

She draws a blank on Pan-Am, meaning she slides back to $1,400. At round's end, Flores still leads Nissley $5,200-$4,600, while Hawley has inched back up to $2,200.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $2,200

The subjects for tonight's Double Jeopardy!:


More than midway through the round, the champion discovers DD #1 underneath the $800 clue about Canadian Geography, and w/ $10,600, is just $1,400 off Flores' leading score; Hawley's a distant third w/ five large. He opts to bet five big ones. For a $3,600 lead, here's the clue:

This province has three counties: Kings, Queens & Prince.

"What is Prince Edward Island?"...yes for $15,600 & the leadership position! A few clues later, Hawley hits her other DD of the evening to close out those Colorful Foods. She has $7K in the till, Flores' second w/ $10,400 and trails the champ by $8K. Her decision is to gamble the face value of this:

Ahi's also called this type of tuna.

"What is Yellowfin?"...correct for $9K. We don't have enough time for the $1,600 Cowboy Songs clue.

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $7,600

Scores After DJ!:

Tom: $18,800
Alexis: $10,600
Anthony: $11,600


Tom: $14,600
Alexis & Anthony: $11,600 each

FJ! TOPIC: British Royalty.

From the Latin for "greatest", this form of address was introduced by the narcissistic King Richard II.

Alexis Hawley put down "What is your highness?", so we dock her $4.5K and she's OUT of this game w/ $6,100. Anthony Flores' question was "What is Magnus?"...HE LOSES EVERYTHING, so he's going home w/ $1K. Tom Nissley said "What is his majesty?"...RIGHT for a definite second win at $23,201, making his new total winnings $48,002!

DFtL!: Time for a celebrity game doubleheader. First, Carrie Keagan plays for Save the Children.

1. Dance Songs
A: "Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind & Fire (1981)
B: "Gonna Make You Sweat" by C & C Music Factory (1990)
PICK: "Gonna Make You Sweat"
PREVIOUS LINE: " move your butt to..."
"...the dance floor"

2. 2000s
A: "Caught Up" by Usher (2004)
B: "Hey There, Delilah" by The Plain White T's (2007)
PICK: "Hey There, Delilah"
PREVIOUS LINE: "I'm by your side, oh..."
"'s what you do to me"

MySpace Karaoke Featured Singer #1: Jennifer (Whiteman AFB, MO)
MySpace Karaoke Featured Singer #2: McKenzie (St. Louis)

3. Pop
A: "Need You Tonight" by INXS (1987)
B: "Forever" by Chris Brown (2008)
PICK: "Need You Tonight"
PREVIOUS LINE: "There's something about you,..."
"...girl, that makes me sweat"

4. Rock
A: "Fire & Ice" by Pat Benetar (1981)
B: "Hook" by Blues Traveler (1995)
PICK: "Fire & Ice"
PREVIOUS LINE: "But you'll just take a little piece..."
BASE GUESS: "...of my heart..."

A: "...of my heart, and then rip it apart"
B: "...of my heart, you'll just tear it apart"
C: "...of my heart, and you'll pull it apart"


Trivia Question: What rapper released a brand of cognac known as Conjure- Diddy, Ludacris or Snoop Dogg?
Hint: He's certainly hoping it will be a "Money Maker"
ANSWER: Ludacris

Other Trivia Question: Which of these items was Bob Marley NOT buried with- a guitar, soccer ball or medal?
Hint: He wasn't buried w/ the one the U.N. gave him

She's risking half her charity bank.

ENCORE: "When It's Over" by Sugar Ray (2001)
PREVIOUS LINE: "I never knew how much you loved me"
FINAL GUESS: "Because I'm on 'Don't Forget the Lyrics!' and I don't know a..." (A: "I'm missing you, I never knew how much you meant to me")

In the nightcap, Uncle Kracker missed out on $10K for the Rainbow Connection when he blanked on "Walkin' on the Sun" by Smash Mouth during the Encore.

HitW: These are the teams competing on Cartoon Network's first season finale:

Beauty & The Beasts: Faith, Brett (dad; he's the "Beauty" of this team) & Shane (female best friend)
The Hairstylist, The Geek & The Jock: Gabe (dad/hairstylist), Cameron (son; he's the "Geek" of the team) & Tim (male family friend)

Round 1 (single-player wall):
Brett: NO
Gabe: NO

Round 2 (two-player mirror wall):
Faith & Shane: FAIL
Cameron & Tim: FAIL

Round 3 (three-player wall):
B & T B: 10
TH, TG & TJ: 10

SPEED WALL ROUND (two-player blindfolded partner wall; the blindfolded players are listed first for each team):
Brett & Faith: FAIL
Cameron & Tim: FAIL

Faith: Five
Tim: Three

FINAL IMPOSSIWALL OF THE SEASON: Faith & Shane are NOT successful on the jigsaw wall.


Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Audience Game

Episode ratings:

8: "The Newlywed Game"
7: "1 vs. 100", "Let's Make a Deal", "Pictureka!" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" & "Millionaire"
4: "Wheel of Fortune"
2: "Hole in the Wall"
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