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12/30/2010 Results

TPiR: For the second season in a row, their last episode of a year will feature some of the most popular prizes offered; in this case, it's during 2010! Remember, the glassless George Gray will be the designated announcer of the morning.

Coming on down first are Breanna Freeman-Jordan, Luis Medina-Hernandez from the Marine Corps, Lisa Fuller & Paulina Orellana. The first IUFB is a pair of iPads (Gwendolyn inside the clam).

Breanna: $625
Luis: $525
Lisa: $1,450
Paulina: BUCK (OOPS)

ARP: $1,553

Lisa plays Pushover for a Tuscany trip (Manuela at Door #2). Board:


She pushes to $7,936, after nearly making an early stoppage at $9,362...

845793621 just WASN'T meant to be for her.

(Note: No think music was played during this playing.)

Fifth is Cara de la Cruz and the second IUFB is a Dashing Diamonds pendant being worn by Rachel.

Cara: $1,250
Paulina: $1,300
Breanna: $2K
Luis: $1,450

ARP: $3,510

Breanna will be the last Pl!nko player of the year; the top SPs in terms of popularity are modeled by Gwen here.

1. Snowball Blaster
IS NOT: $35
PICK: 3- $30

2. Rotating pizza oven
IS NOT: $65
PICK: 5- $45

3. Electric wine bottle opener
IS NOT: $29
PICK: 2- $19

4. LUV toaster
IS NOT: $39
PICK: 9- $35

Manuela has the duty of giving Breanna her other two Pl!nko Chips...well, she doesn't need them, because her freebie's worth $10,000! The other two are worth NOTHING (Chip #2 landed in the right gooseegg).

(Note: The scoreboard for this Pricing Game has been turned off at the beginning of each playing by this point in the tapings.)

Player #6 is Ariel Kiot & IUFB #3's a selection of power tools (Manuela at Door #3). The winner will get a chance to play for something they can use them for.

Ariel: $999
Luis: $1,100
Cara: $1.5K
Paulina: $1,501

ARP: $1,872

The thing I'm referring to that Paulina could win now playing Any Number is the Mazda Miata (Std., AT, Prot, Mats, Net)(Gwen at Door #2). Also available in this go-round is an Olympus digital SLR camera package (Rachel).

1. 4- MIATA ($ 2 _ , _ 4 _)
2. 7- Camera ($ 7 _ _)
3. 5- Camera ($ 7 5 _)
4. 6- MIATA ($ 2 6 , _ 4 _)
5. 9- MIATA ($ 2 6 , _ 4 9)
6. 3- Pricey Ziffel ($ 3 . _ _)
7. 1- Pricey Ziffel ($ 3 . _ 1)
FINAL PICK: 2- LOSS (Wins $3.21)

MIATA: $26,849
Camera: $750

Lisa ($1,553): $.70
Paulina ($1,875): Three Quarters
Breanna ($13,585; first & third spins were DUDS): 60 + 85 = OVER; PAULINA'S HEADED TO THE SHOWCASE

Double G next announces Jacqueline Williams' name & the fourth IUFB's gonna be the twin outdoor cabanas (Gwen at Door #3).

Jacqueline: $1,450
Ariel: $1,700
Luis: $2K
Cara: $2,001

ARP: $3,482

Cara plays Most Expen$ive for these radical gifts- the Rainforest 31 steam shower (Manuela; we see George in the mirror!), an Inspire home gym (Rachel) & the Heartland 36" refrigerator/freezer (Gwen). Cara's making her bet on the shower.

Gym: $5,195
Fridge/freezer: $5,800
Shower: $2,399

The third occupant of the orange podium today's Michael Koakji & next on their popular IUFB list is the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide w/ that one-year calling plan (Manuela & Rachel).

Michael: $2K
Jacqueline: $785
Ariel: $1,250
Luis: $1,251

ARP: $1,930

Luis, the last of the year's last First Four panel to escape Contestant's Row (and is a drill instructor), plays Freeze Frame for that yellow V7Cafe Classic motorcycle (Gwen). Possibilities for its price include $6,759, $7,249, $8,035 & $9,780. He locks in the top possible ARP of $9,780...and I think he's set a NEW RECORD WIN for this PG!

Hoping to also clean up on the day before New Year's Eve is Stephanie Calvert & the last IUFB we get to see this year on the air is a big Playstation 3/XBOX 360/"Guitar Hero"/"Rock Band" package (Rachel on the turntable).

Stephanie: $1,200
Michael: $2,350
Jacqueline: Two thou
Ariel: $1,201

ARP: $2,082

Jacqueline will attempt to fare so much better than Justin Wallace did in Rat Race (Rachel) last week; if she does, she could win at least part of this RECORD PRIZE POOL WORTH WELL OVER $30K! The prizes in there are the Lamar snowboarding package (Gwen), seven pieces of Tory Burch accessories (Gwen) & one of those 1955 Thunderbirds courtesy of West Coast Imports, LLC (Manuela).

Rat Lane Assignments:

#1- Yellow
#2- Green
#3- Pink
#4- Orange
#5- Blue

1. Strawberry Pop Tarts: $2- $2.79; TAKES PINK RAT
2. T-fal iron: $55- $50; TAKES ORANGE RAT
3. Olympus digital voice recorder: $230- $170; TAKES GREEN RAT


Snowboarding: Pink- WIN
Accessories: Orange- WIN!

In both times where there was a RR SWEEP, the car-winning rat was green & chosen last; also, ALL of the classic cars offered in '10 were WON!!! Additionally, this game has been won every time an automobile worth at least $20K was offered!

If I was in charge, here's how I would've set the lineup for this special show:

1. Rat Race
2. Pushover
3. Pl!nko
4. Freeze Frame
5. Most Expen$ive
6. Any Number

Cara: 40 + 45 = $.85
Luis: 15 + 85 = WINS $1K
Jacqueline: Dime + 40 = Half-Dollar

Do we have a Bonus Spin win for the third week in a row after Luis does his...NO, he gets $.85, but he will still be the Top Winner in the Showcase Round. In any event, sorry, Jay Lewis & Kitch.

The first Showcase consists of these vote-getting water prizes- a trip to the Parc Waikiki (Rachel at Door #4; includes the opportunity to spend three days on a private yacht) & the MacGregor sailboat (Manuela at Door #2).



There's a 99.9% chance Luis could become one of the biggest winners of the season if he's not stupid on bidding on this extravaganza- the Architectural Interiors media wall (Gwen at Door #1) & a 2011 BMW 128i Convertible (Std., AT, Nav., Seats, Assist)(Rachel at Door #3)!




Luis: $60,740
Paulina: $38,674

Luis will drive back to his military base in a Beamer w/ a grand total of $73,450 in cash & stuff, making him the fourth-highest winner of Season 39 to date; also, $134K+ in cash & prizes was won on this episode, the second-highest daily total of the season!!!

TNG: Our last three competing couples this year are:

Rob & Kristen (half a year; he's a NYC cop who usually rides horseback)
Brian & Meredith (a year & a month; they had homemade meals every night made by Meredith's ex during their engagement period)
Frank & Jessica (1.5 years; they met at a bar & she lied about her age in order to get a drink from there because she wasn't old enough to drink at the time)

Gary's Intro: "Professor of chrono knowledge"

Round 1:

1. When you & your wife are together, how would you best describe the motion of your "ocean"- a gentle, rolling current, crashing wave or babbling brook?
2. On what recent disagreement did you have to cave?
3. Complete the following sentence: "I have to be honest, when we started dating, I was completely surprised to find out that my wife was really into _______."


1. Wave
2. Letting her control the TV
3. Sports

1. Wave
2. Agreeing to split their dogwalking
3. Crafts

1. Wave
2. Her getting a new car
3. Fishing

SECOND HONEYMOON AT STAKE: Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa


1. Wave (5)(Reeds Romance Moment of the Night)
2. TV (10)
3. Skydiving

1. Wave (5)
3. Mice & rats

1. Current
2. A trip to leave for work
3. Rough sex


1. If your husband wrote a book about his past relationships, would it read like a steamy romance novel, an abnormal psychology textbook or just a sad, sad story?
2. When your husband gets home for the evening, where would you say he most often puts his spare change?
3. Tell us the goofiest nickname your husband has for you.
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: To celebrate Halloween, you & your man decide to dress up as your favorite characters from your childhoods. You would wear what kind of costume, while your husband would dress up as who?


1. Novel
2. In their closet's change jar
3. Peanut
BONUS: Strawberry Shortcake, a rock star

1. Textbook
2. In a piggy bank on his bookshelf
3. Bucket
BONUS: (Princess) Leia, Luke Skywalker

1. Textbook
2. In their change jar above their TV
3. Smoosh
BONUS: Pee-Wee Herman, Transformer


1. Story
2. Change jar behind the kitchen sink
3. Peanut (20)
BONUS: A famous actress, a rock star (35)

1. Textbook (15)
2. Piggy banks (25)
3. Boo
BONUS: A Hippie, a skeleton- KO

1. Textbook (10)
2. Their dresser's change jar- ACCEPTABLE (20)
3. Smoosh (30)
BONUS: Smurf, "Star Wars" figure- ROB & KRISTEN WIN

Consolation Prize: Netflix

WoF: Last night, despite a pretty easy bonus puzzle w/ the $100K on the line, Vishal missed out on becoming the biggest male winner of the season so far. Before we meet tonight's big winner hopefuls, we need to do a $1K Toss-Up puzzle that will be a Phrase:

_ A _ _ Y / _ S

A / C L A _

Austin's NOT even remotely close w/ ______ AS _ CLAY.

H A _ _ Y / A S

A / C L A _

Scott should be HAPPY AS A CLAM, because he's on the board first. Now, to the bios:

Scott Davidson (Raleigh, NC)- A high school Math teacher who's also a member of the Golden message board!
Austin Musick (Santa Monica, CA)- An actress/fitness model who's the oldest of seven siblings
Richard Luthegar (Vegas)- An elementary P.E. teacher who loves to make his own salsa

What Are You Doing? is the burning question for the $2K TU:

S _ I F T I N G

G E _ _ _

Scott's SHIFTING GEARS to triple to $3K.

After we hear about a $5K stay at the Hotel Montelone from Jimmy, Scott instantly Bankrupts next to the $2,500 wedge just after we find out that the Wellgate Jackpot Round category is Food & Drink. Secondly, Austin calls a $900 T, two A's while on Free Play, an N for the Wild Card, but then a dud of H while on the Jackpot Wedge. Third, Richard calls two S's for $900 and buys three E's, followed by an $800 K at the end of the board, the buying of two O's, two R's for another $600, three L's to add $1,800 & his purchase of three I's to clean out the vowels. After he lights a $600 B, we have...

_ L A _ E - B R O I L E _

S I R L O I N / S T E A K

...and he eats a FLAME-BROILED SIRLOIN STEAK for $3,950 & an early $950 lead.

SOLE DUD: $500 H (Austin)

Time for a Same Name Round, beginning w/ Austin calling a $550 T, but immediately following that call is a dud of N. Second, Richard just barely misses the Million Dollar Wedge and hits its left Bankrupt instead. Third, Scott calls an R for the Gourmet Foodstore gift tag & two S's for $1,800, after which he buys three E's, calls two H's for $1,200 more, purchases double O's & inserts a couple of L's for an additional $1,600. Here's the board now:

S H E R L O _ _

& / _ _ T _ E

H O L _ E S

He nails SHERLOCK & KATIE HOLMES for an extra $5,100 in cash & gift certificate and the lead back w/ $8,100 in total winnings.

SOLE DUD: $300 N (Austin)

The category of this evening's Gold Bond Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round is Fun & Games. Up first, Richard calls a $300 T but he then spins up the same natural Bankrupt Scott got to start the night's wheel spinning; that's his second one tonight. Speaking of Scott, he's second in line w/ a pair of N's for $1,200, the four I's that he buys, two G's for yet another $1,200, but next comes the other Bankrupt of the MDW to plunge $2,150 down the toilet; both men now have double the Bankrupts on the night. Third, Austin calls a $900 D & a V for the trip, purchases a U, lights up a $3.5K R but elects to save his WC for right now. She next puts up a $900 L & purchases a trio of A's prior to landing on the Mystery Wedge in between FP & Lose a Turn and calling for twin S's. She takes the $2K safety route (good, because she would've Bankrupted), then she calls a $3.5K F and uses her WC this time to light a P to double that amount that's currently on the top dollar space. We now see...

S _ U _ A / D I V I N G

A _ _ N G

T R _ P I _ A L / F I S _

...but she gives her second incorrect response of the evening, this time by one lousy cottin pickin' letter, w/ SCUBA DIVING ALONG TROPICAL FISH; that means she just wasted at least $18,800 in cash & Mardi Gras. Afterwards, Richard inserts a $1,600 C pairing & an $800 M and here's the setup this time...

S C U _ A / D I V I N G

A M _ N G

T R _ P I C A L / F I S _

...he steals SCUBA DIVING AMONG TROPICAL FISH to add $2,400 to his potential spending money for his trip to the Divi Carina Bay priced at $6,700, for a new leading total of $13,050 in cash & vacation. Austin just lost out on a $25.5K round as a result of her agonizing missolve.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Richard, Scott)
SOLE DQ: Austin (blown solve)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: LC2672882 (Leslie C. from Texas)

We close out Thursday's TUs w/ a Living Thing:

P _ _

H _ _ S T _ R

Richard gets PET HAMSTER to improve his lead some more and put him at $16,050 in cash & St. Croix.

Last Chance Round category is Song Lyrics...and Austin, you may really like this- all of tonight's consonants have a price tag of $6K apiece! Early on, Rich calls a couple R's...

_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ N

_ R _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ R

...but he gives a very silly missolve of "MIAMI DOLPHINS WIN THE SUPER BOWL" w/ $12K in his bank; too bad the category wasn't Headline instead (where has that topic been, anyway?). After three R's get called by him later on...

B _ B Y / Y _ _ / _ _ N

_ R _ _ _ / _ Y / _ _ R

...he solves "BABY YOU CAN DRIVE MY CAR" from The Beatles for 24 grand & a big-winning haul of $40,050 in cash & vacation! Austin misses out on $18K to close out this maingame & will have to settle for the $1K consolation prize, while Scott bows out w/ $8,100 in moolah & gift tag.

$49,150 in cash & prizes are totaled up after this upfront game has concluded!

DUDS: F (Austin), L (Scott), T (Richard)
SOLE DQ: Richard (missolve)


Maxwell House Big Money Round: Richard spins up the A of GAME & the final topic for him is Thing. His starting help:

_ / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ E

CDMA brings him...

A / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ C E

...he DOESN'T have A HIGH VOICE when he needs it. He isn't the second straight $100K loser, but he does lose $50K & we miss out on having a new top male winner for this season for the second consecutive night in the process. At least he still leaves w/ $40,050 in cash & trip.

Video Bonus: More exciting "Wheel" from Vegas footage

1 vs. 100: Probably our last player of the year is Gregg Whitney from Ashland, OR (who's a musical theatre junkie & self-proclaimed "Glee" fan).

1. At Taco Bell, you order a Taco Supreme without sour cream or tomatoes. What should they ring you up for- a burrito, an enchilada or a taco?


#20 is Richard Rudnig from California (who's a rancher).

2. In Ancient Rome, which utility bill might include a five Denarius surcharge for aqueduct maintenance?

A: Electricity bill
B: Water bill
C: Gas bill

GUESS: Water

3. Which of these ladies is openly a Thespian?

A: Martina Navratilova
B: Mary Cheney
C: Megan Fox

GUESS: Megan

4. You're a worthless, miserable scum-sucking maggot. What does that make your parents?

A: Houseflies
B: Ants
C: Worms

GUESS: Houseflies

5. Spider-Man forgets his girlfriend's birthday & the stores are all closed. What can he craft for her in a pinch?

A: Silk pajamas
B: Flannel nightgown
C: Cotton shirt

GUESS: Silk pajamas

6. At dinner, the inventor of the printing press excuses himself to make a vowel movement. Who's this guy?

A: Johannes Gutenberg
B: Guglielmo Marconi
C: Benjamin Franklin

GUESS: Gutenberg

7. Last year, what incident caused President Obama to comment "He's a jackass"?

A: Tiger Woods cheating on his wife
B: Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift
C: Johnny Knoxville tasering his butt

GUESS: Kanye interrupting Taylor

8. What's the first name of TV's "Dr. Oz"- Mehmet, Mahmoud or Marvin?

GUESS: Mehmet

9. Leading the way in hybrid cars, Toyota's Prius is Latin meaning "to go before". What's the proper Latin plural of Prius?

A: Prii
B: Priuses
C: Priora

POLL: Prii
GUESS: Prii- WIPEOUT!!!!! (A: Priora)

That's the first time that's happened in our country. OUCH.

(Also: "Jeopardy!" champion Ellen Kimmel missed her FJ! clue tonight, but she still posted a lock game win of $11,400, for a two-day take of $37K.)

Episode ratings:

8: "The Price is Right"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "The Newlywed Game"
4: "1 vs. 100"
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