Wednesday, December 01, 2010


$10K Challenge Presented by Subway: After meeting Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin, they had to compete in several different exercise rounds, with the last one standing after each being eliminated.

Round 1: A mile on a streetstrider
LOSER: Elizabeth Ruiz

Round 2: Half a mile on a road
LOSER: Mark Pinhasovich

Round 3: 1K meters on a rowing machine
LOSER: Ada Wong

Round 4: 100 jump rope jumps
LOSER: Frado Dinten

FINAL ROUND: Climb 500 ft. of Jacobs' Ladder

The winner of the bonus cash was...

...Brendan Donovan! Obviously, Patrick House was the runner-up.

Main Challenge: After each of their first five 100 step-ups, they had to shed the amount of weight corresponding to that particular week in the season. For each of the other four rounds, they had to run a mile before depositing some more weight.

The first contestant that shed all their weight and raised their flag got the one-pound bonus, plus won a $25K home gym...

...and it was Ada!


Ada: 179 lbs, seven pounds lost (w/ bonus), 3.78%

Elizabeth: 192 lbs, four pounds lost, 2.04%

Mark: 292 lbs, seven pounds lost, 2.34%

Patrick (needs to have lost at least 11 pounds to definitely avoid elimination): 279 lbs, 12 pounds lost, 4.12%

Frado (needs to have lost at least double digits to avoid elimination): 248 lbs, 15 pounds lost, 5.7%

Brendan needed to have lost at least six pounds to just even make it to the last voting round of the season against Mark. But he would avoid elimination altogether if he lost a minimum of 11 pounds...

Brendan: 260 lbs, five pounds lost, 1.89%

...NO, so he was history by a pound. But he still won $10K on this episode, and could win $100K more on the finale.

LAST VOTING SESSION OF THE SEASON: With all three votes, the other person out of the $250K hunt was...


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