Thursday, December 02, 2010

"Hell's Kitchen" 12/1- QUATERFINALS

Challenge #13: After the teams of Jillian Flowers & Trev McGrath and Nona Sivley & Russell Kook II made their own dishes, each one of them had 45 minutes to re-create the given dish that was made by Chef Ramsay.

Meat Choices:

Jillian & Trev (who also went for the veal at first): Pork
Nona & Russell: Veal

Puree Choices:

Jillian, Nona & Russell: Yam
Trev: Carrot (he originally also used the yam)

Garnish Choices By Everybody: Celery root & cabbage

Cabbage Mix Choices:

Jillian, Russell & Trev: Bacon
Nona: Pancetta

Sauce Choice By Everybody: Chicken stock (although Trev also used some wine)

Trev LEFT OUT the carrot puree in his dish. The actual winner was...

...Nona, so she went on a retreat to the Hands-On Boutique Spa, plus she won a copy of Chef Ramsay's new book & some of his cookware! Russell was the runner-up, but Nona chose him to join her on the reward! The other half of the group had to do the laundry.


JILLIAN (Garnish):
1. Lack of confidence before this service even started
2. Lack of pepper in three risottos

1. Raw scallops
2. Undercooking a piece of halibut twice in a row
3. Procrastinating on a salmon piece

NONA (Appetizers):
1. The risottos

TREV (Meat):
1. Too nervous cutting some Beef Wellingtons- PLACED IN 30-SECOND PENALTY BOX
2. Procrastinating on some of the later BWs- SENT TO PENALTY BOX AGAIN

Notable Guests: MacKenzie Phillips ("One Day at a Time") & Brian Bosworth (former NFL linebacker)

ELIMINATION: Russell (second time) & Trev (third time in a row & fourth overall) were on the hot seat...

...but since that DS was a BIG improvement from last week, NOBODY got the boot!
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