Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve '10 Results

WoF: On our last night during the fourth week of episodes from Las Vegas, Around the House is the category of the $1,000 Toss-Up:

C _ _ _ P _ G _ E

G L A _ _ E _

This is the only time this week, I believe, that the opening TU had anything to do w/ this week's theme; Kristen solves CHAMPAGNE GLASSES in any case. Let's now go down the line in greeting our last three contestants this year:

Kristen Zosh (Cedar Grove, NJ)- Montclair State University graduate student studying International Literature/freelance writer
Holly Walczak (Vegas; originally from Erie, PA)- A woman who has been living in the Gambling Capital of the World for a decade & is celebrating her 15th wedding anniversary
Jym Bagtaz (Wilmington, MA)- An office manager by day & a punk rock drummer by night

The $2K TU is a Thing:

F _ _ _ Y

B _ N E

Jym tickles his FUNNY BONE to get control of the wheel.

After we hear from Mr. Thornton about a $5.5K trip to the MacArthur Place in Sonoma Valley, CA, the theme of the Wellgate Jackpot Round category is Event. He calls three A's while on Free Play, a $500 S & two T's for another $1,600, then he buys five E's, calls two H's for another $800 & a Y for the Wild Card & purchases an I before going for the solve...

_ A T _ H I _ _ / T H E

_ E _ / Y E A _ ' S / E _ E

_ A _ _ / _ _ _ _

...he'll be WATCHING THE NEW YEAR'S EVE BALL DROP after pocketing another $2,400 & $4,400 total.


Prize Puzzle Round category's Food & Drink. Kristen first calls a $400 R, but she immediately Bankrupts after that in between $600 & $900 to lose the four bills just like that. Secondly, Holly calls two S's for $1,400, buys an E at the end of the board & calls a $500 N, then she purchases three A's, calls a $900 L & buys two I's before calling an O while on FP & three C's to add $1,350. The layout now...

C R I S _ _ / C _ I _ S

A N _ / _ _ A C A _ O L E

...she chomps up $3,400 & some CRISPY CHIPS AND GUACAMOLE en route to her holiday at the Villa del Palmar Flamingos Beach Resort & Spa in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico worth $5,620, putting her on the board as the new leader at $9,020 in cash & trip.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: DM2061821 (Don M. from Oklahoma)

Onto the Gold Bond Mystery Round we go, and its puzzle category will be Show Biz. Holly, who just took the lead, begins this puzzle by calling three R's for $1,650 & buying four E's, followed by four S's for an additional $3,600, three I's, a $1,600 pair of N's & a set of O's. The story now:

_ E _ E _ I S I O N

& / R _ _ I O / _ O S _

R _ _ N / S E _ _ R E S _

She nails TELEVISION & RADIO HOST RYAN SEACREST (who has been co-hosting "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" w/ Dick Clark since a few years ago) for 61 hundred more dollars, so she's got $15,120 in cash & Mexico to smile about.


We then have to ask What Are You Doing? for 2010's last TU:

M _ K _ _ G

A / T O A _ T

Jym's MAKING A TOAST to go to $7,400.

On the next puzzle, a Phrase needs to be unraveled. While in the lead-off position, he runs right into Lose a Turn. Second, Kristen calls a $350 R, buys a couple E's & calls triple T's for 18 more Benjamins before we shift into the Last Chance Mode part of our match...

T _ E / _ R _ T _ _ _

_ _ / _ _ / T _ E / _ _ _ _

...and $1.5K will be deposited into anyone's bank every time they call one of the remaining consonanants & it shows up. After Jim inserts an H pairing...

T H E / _ R _ T _ N _

_ S / _ N / T H E / _ _ _ _

...he knows THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL, but he does make the $3K solve to finish w/ a total purse of $10,400! Kristen has a non-gooseegged grand to leave with & Holly takes the last maingame of the year w/ $15,120 in cash & vacation!

$26,520 in cash & Mexico was won upfront just before 2011 rolls around.



Final Maxwell House Big Money Round of the Year: NO duds were called in the front game this evening, so maybe that will bode well for Holly here as she spins the triple star of the Bonus Wheel. After we find out that the topic is going to be Thing, RSTLNE brings us:

_ _ _ _ _ R _ _ N _

_ _ S _ _

M, C, D & I gives her...

_ _ C _ _ R _ _ N D

M _ S I C

...after a few seconds preceding her big solve, we hear the BACKGROUND MUSIC play for the description of this- a Chevrolet Camaro LT (Fairly loaded) worth $30,719! Adding that to her $5K gas money bonus, her grand total as '10's final champ is $50,839 in cash & prizes!

To end this year's shows, Vanna takes us on a tour of some of the city's restaurants around The Palazzo & The Venetian.

J!: Will Ellen Kimmel finish as their last champ of '10 & the first carryover champ of '11? But these two female players have other plans:

Lyn Thomas (Redmond, WA)- Library assistant
Allysen Meijer (Santa Barbara)- A patient financial counselor who once worked as a gourmet pickle spokesperson for a pickle cart

Here are the first six categories of this NYE episode:



While both Kimmel & Meijer are $400 in the hole early on, Thomas goes Daily Double Hunting, beginning w/ the $400 clue in Wine From Where?...but she shortly whiffs on the middle answer from the same category, which was:

South Dagestan has this country's longest wine-growing tradition.

After saying her response prior to buzzing in & nearly running out of time, she ends up saying "What is Georgia?", which sounds more of a U.S. STATE, so she's also $400 in negative territory. Correct: What is Russia? At the first break, everybody's now in the positive, w/ Lyn leading at $400, while the rest of the lady panel has $200 each. The first DD of the evening goes to...Kimmel w/ the last Year Ending in 0; she's leading w/ $3,200, which is double Meijer's third-place score; Thomas' in second at $1,800. The champion's wager is two grand. To keep the lead (and move into Lock Game Territory) or drop to last for the time being, here's her clue:

Lord Roberts commands British troops in Africa during The Boer War.

"What is 1900?"...yes indeed to take her total to $5,200! However, she gives incorrect responses on each of the last three Element-ary School clues to drop to $2,800, meaning she only has a $600 lead over Meijer; her margin over Thomas is a thou.


The last dozen of subjects for the year look remarkably like these:

WORDS IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES (each correct response is within a country's name; the number of letters in the word is also provided on just the $400 clue)

Early in the second half of this round of play, Thomas finds a DD under the next-to-last Lost clue w/ $4,200; she's a C-note behind the champ for second place & $2,800 back of Meijer for first. Her wager's $1,300 on this:

Completes the Gertrude Stein quote about post-WWI young people: "You are all a..." this two-word phrase.

"What is lost generation?"...correct to move into second w/ $5.5K! W/ only Aix-La-Chappelle's Show left in full & less than a minute to spare, Meijer starts in the middle hunting for the last DD of this year...but time runs out before it can be found behind either the $1,600 or $2K clues.


Post-DJ! Scores:

Ellen: $7,200
Allysen: $10,200
Lyn: $7,100


Ellen: $6,200
Allysen: $10,200
Lyn: $7,400

There's both a 2/3 betting situation & Stratton's Dilemma that the girls need to consider just before the final clue this year gets unveiled.


Ellen: Less than $1,200 or more than $7K
Allysen: $4,201
Lyn: $101-$1,100

FJ! TOPIC: Political Terms.

A 1912 speech said the Bull Moose Party "comes from" these; " has grown from the soil of...people's hard necessities".

Lyn Thomas put down "What are grass roots?"...right, & she actually bet six big ones, so up to $13,100 she goes. Champ Ellen incorrect w/ the grapes of wrath & only gambled $3K anyway; she's finished w/ $4,200. And that's the last question anybody wrote, meaning Thomas will go into the new year as the titleholder. Kimmel leaves w/ $38K.

FGN: $17.5K and/or a trip to the Occidental Grand Aruba could be collected tonight by either:

Red Team: Kelsey (who loves to do ballet dancing), Kevin (a brother who plays the guitar & trombone in a band, as well as being a member of a youth hockey team), Marcy (a mom who can cook some great chili) & Clark (a dad who frequently takes his family to the beach)
Yellow Team: Camden, Kenna (sister; both children love to jump on their trampoline), Evan (dad) & Debra (a mom who can do very loud burping)

Guess Who?:

1. a graduate of Harvard Law School?
2. ...was born & grew up in Hawaii?
3. ...was a U.S. Senator before becomming Commander-in-Chief?
4. ...has a wife named Michelle & is the first African-American U.S. President?

Marcy: (Barrack) Obama

First Monopoly Crazy Cash Card Choices:

Kelsey: Piggy bank
Camden: Money bag

Sorry! Sliders Prize: XZipit video gaming chairs

Round 1:

YT: Three + Three = Six
RT: One + Three = Four

Round 2:

Both teams finish w/ only one point, meaning the YT WINS this game!

Camden's Second CCC Choice: Pretzel

Scrabble Flash Prize: Dippin' Dots
Letter Line: MSAET

Camden & Debra: SAME (4)
Kelsey & Marcy: TEAMS (5)
Evan & Kenna: MEATS (9)
Clark & Kevin: STEAM (10)
Camden & Debra: MATS (13)
Kelsey & Marcy: MATES (15)
Evan & Kenna: SEAT (17)

Clark & Kevin: EATS (19)
Camden & Debra: TAME (21)

Kelsey & Marcy: TASE
Evan & Kenna: EAT (24)
Clark & Kevin: TIME OVER (on TEAS)
Camden & Debra: SAT- WIN AT 27!

Camden's Third CCC Choice: Soccer ball

Bop It! Boptagon Prize: Karaoke machine


1. Camden (Bopped It in the middle of a Shout It)
2. Kevin (late Shout It)
3. Kelsey (missed a Crash It)
4. Clark (late Kick It)
FINAL ELIMINATION: Marcy (missed a Honk It)

Camden's Fourth CCC Choice: Plane

Cranium Prize: Goodyear Blimp ride
TOPIC: Creative Cat

Identify the Clay Object Round (up to 150 points):

Debra & Evan: Fire hydrant (their best guess was a heart)
Clark & Marcy: Saxophone (their best responses were hose & snake)

Blindfolded Drawing Round (same scoring applies):

Camden & Kenna:
1. Pretzel
2. Glasses (90)

Kelsey & Kevin:
1. Candy cane- 40
2. Cowboy hat

Camden's Fifth CCC Choice: Cell phone

Connect 4 Basketball Prize: Air hockey table
WINNERS: RT (diagonally)

Kelsey's Other CCC Choice: Soda


Piggy bank- $710
Soda- $1.5K ($2,210)

Money bag- $350
Pretzel- $530 ($880)
Soccer ball- $730 ($1,610)
Plane- $5K; WIN! ($6,610)
Phone- BREAK BANK; NEW RECORD!!! ($24,110)

Episode ratings:

10: "Family Game Night"
8: "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Jeopardy!"
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