Thursday, December 09, 2010

"Survivor: Nicaragua" 12/8

Reward Challenge: This was divided into three parts. In the first one, the contestants needed to go through a roped mud pit and find a ball inside a haystack before bouncing it off a shield into a barrel. The first four castaways that did that advanced to the second phase, where they had to use a stick to retrieve a key from above their heads and unlock a treasure chest w/ four sandbags. The two that tossed all of their sandbags onto a barrel battled it out in the final round, where their mission was to dig up three rope rings from a giant dirt pit using a paddle and toss them onto their board. The winner at the end got to spend a night at a private resort w/ two fellow players.

Round 1 Winners: Chase Rice, Jane Bright, Benry Henry & Holly Hoffman

Finalists: Chase & Benry

WINNER: Chase (who then took along Jane & Holly on reward)

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: There were two rounds to this. In the opening round, the seven castaways started being attached to a hitching rail, and they had to go over & under the railings before stretching out to retrieve one of three bags filled w/ golden coins. For the deciding part, the three remaining players had to solve a gold coin puzzle.

Finalists: Fabio Birza, Benry & Sash Lenahan

The new immunity winner was...


TRIBAL COUNCIL #12: Holly got one of the seven votes, Fabio received a couple, but the other four meant this unlucky person was the sixth jury member of the season...

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