Friday, December 10, 2010

"Top Chef: All-Stars" 12/8

Immunity Quickfire #2: Make a midnight snack for a sleepover in 45 minutes that had Nick Jonas as a guest, as well as the guest judge for this challenge.


Antonia Lofaso: White chocolate & cherry muffin w/ cinnamon & allspice
Richard Blais: White bread & spiced apples w/ whipped honey & crunchy chocolate
Spike Mendelsohn: Homemade potato & carrot chips w/ mascarpone & marshmallow dip
Tre Wilcox: Crackers w/ cranberry/cherry jam & apple-smoked bacon
Casey Thompson: Chocolate & bacon lasagna w/ apple juice & candy
Dale Levitski: Sweet Tart Nuggets & Caveman Boulders w/ chocolate sauce
Jamie Lauren: Mini Cheddar biscuits w/ homemade cinnamon apple sauce
Tiffany Derry: Coconut rice pudding w/ grapefruit sauce
Dale Talde: Corn cake w/ dried cherries & whipped maple topping
Fabio Viviani: Apple w/ white chocolate, caramel & blueberry and an apple w/ dark chocolate, marshmallow & candied ginger
Tiffani Faison: Rice Krispy Treat Snowball w/ malted milk & graham crackers
Angelo Sosa: Fried dough w/ white pepper, Old Bay Seasoning & Cheddar crumbs
Stephen Asprinio: Snickerdoodle w/ white chocolate, coconut ganache, apricot & mint
Jennifer Carroll: Bacon ginger taffy & honey-grilled peaches
Mike Isabella: Chocolate ganache corn bar & Coconut Horchata Chaser

BOTTOM THREE: Mike, Stephen & Tiffany
TOP TWO: Spike & Tiffani

Since Nick couldn't decide on a winner, the top two had to make their snacks for the kids & the youngsters would decide who would receive immunity...

...and by a landslide, it was Tiffani!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #2: Two eight-member teams had to fix a breakfast in the museum's kitchen for the kids & their parents that would be served starting at 7:30 AM. One team had to cook w/ meat & meat by-products (T-Rex), while the other squad were forced to work with fruits, vegetables & grains (Brontosaurus).

Guest Judge: Katie Lee (Comfortable Cookbooks author/Season 1 host)


Dale T. & Mike: Fresh corn grits & stewed peppers w/ salsa verde
Angelo, Marcel Vigneron & Richard: Banana parfait w/ seasonal fruit & Tandoori Maple
Carla Hall & Spike: "V9" Gazpacho
Fabio & Stephen: Potato Gnocchi w/ leeks, spinach & mushrooms


Antonia & Tiffany: Bacon/Cheddar & ham/cheese mini frittatas w/ Chevre
Casey & Tre: Salmon w/ shrimp & apple-smoked bacon sauce
Jamie & Jen: Braised bacon & hard-boiled eggs
Dale L. & Tiffani: Steak & eggs w/ Hollandaise

The winners were...

...Angelo (this is the second season in a row he's won the first two ECs!), Marcel & Richard! But the second cook eliminated was...

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