Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Week in Review: December 6-12

Players of the Week:
WINNERS: Nat Chang & Kat Strand (first-ever all-female champions on "The Amazing Race")
RUNNER-UP: Brandy Kuentzel (10th "The Apprentice" winner)
3RD PLACE: Gayle DaCosta ($160,000)("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")

Other Big Winners & Notables:
Jessica Cupini- $100K (" Million Dollar Challenge")
Megan Newquist & Patrick Hammer- $63,600 for charity ("WWTBAM")
Vera Nelson- $51K ("Wheel of Fortune")

ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK: The Canada misclassification as a U.S. state

NOVEMBER '10 PLAYERS OF THE MONTH: Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough ("Dancing with the Stars XI" champs)
RUNNERS-UP: Allen Cunningham & Huck Seed ($1M "Doubles Poker Championship" winners)
3RD PLACE: Erin McLean (other "Jeopardy!" College Champion of the year)
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