Thursday, February 17, 2011

2/17/2011 Results

TPiR: Thursday morning's First Four is made up of Tiffany Young, Tatiana Echevarria, Anthony Feltcher & Madalyn Evans. The first one-bid prize is a Fuego BBQ (Amber & Rachel).

Tiffany: $800
Tatiana: $750
Anthony: $900
Madalyn: $1,200

ARP: $2,100

Madalyn takes on that Punch-a-Bunch gameboard (Rachel w/ the big bill, Manuela w/ the SPs).

1. Benefit makeup travel kit
IS NOT: $25

2. Viante vegetable chopper/broth simmer
IS NOT: $175

3. Vacuum sealer
IS NOT: $79

4. DeLonghi coffee maker
IS NOT: $270

The Holes Madalyn chooses to punch out are #27, #33, #4 & #50...but she only wins $50 on each of her last three punches. Tough break. #27 was worth $100.

Fifth is Aimee MacSween & the second IUFB is a pair of exercise bikes (Amber behind splitting sign).

Aimee: $2K
Tiffany: $2.5K
Tatiana: $1,400
Anthony: $2,501

ARP: $1,720

Tatiana from Hawaii plays Switch? for some designer accessories marked at $4,095 (Rachel) & a Yamaha Vino 125 marked at $2,899 (Amber). I hope she refuses the swap...yes!

Player #6 is Charles Benitez II & the third IUFB's a pair of nookcolors brought to us by Rachel.

Charles: $480
Anthony: $500
Aimee: $390 (STAGE GARF)
Tiffany: $499 (STUPID BID)

ARP: $568

Tiffany just forfeited her chance to play the Card Game; Anthony instead has it & could win the Chevrolet HHR (Manuela at Door #2). The drawn range is $2K.

1. 5 OF HEARTS- $15.5K (Note: The 4 of Clubs was inadvertantly exposed on this draw, so it's out of play for the rest of this game)
2. 5 OF SPADES- $16K

3. 2 OF HEARTS- $16,200
4. 8 OF DIAMONDS- $17K
5. 7 OF DIAMONDS- $17,700
6. 6 OF HEARTS- $18,300 (his wife wanted him to stop here)
7. 10 OF CLUBS- $19,300; STOPS! (ARP: $19,635)

Madalyn ($2,645): 15 + 90 = OVER BY A NICKEL; SHE JUST HAD NO LUCK TODAY
Tatiana ($8,714): $.80
Anthony ($20,203): 15 + Half-Dollar = $.65; TATIANA GOES TO SHOWCASE

Steve White says that we next need Annette Gant & the fourth IUFB will be four touch cameras (Rachel in the clam).

Annette: $550
Aimee: $600
Tiffany: $601

Charles: BUCK

ARP: $720

Tiffany completes another FF Sweep; she'll play Pick-a-Pair for a trip to Bangkok w/ a price tag of $8,466 (Amber at Door #4). The grocery items are the Sunsweet Ones, Krusteaz Blueberry Pancake Mix, Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer, Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue, Cheez-It Scrabble Juniors & Genuine Bayer. The first two items she wants are the glue & the aspirin...they're both $6.42 for the third win in a row!

Our next winner may be named Manjit Bhasin & IUFB #5's the Park & Sun Sports game table (Manuela on the turntable).

Manche: $500
Charles: $600
Annette: $550
Aimee: $601

ARP: $587

Charles was over by $13 & Aimee by $14, meaning Annette plays More or Less for a Northstar gas generator marked at $2,400 (Amber), a dinette marked at $2.5K (Amber & Manuela), the Samsung 50" 3-D LCD HDTV marked at $2,600 (Manuela) & the Jeep Wrangler marked at $23,800 (Rachel at Door #3).

Generator: LESS ($1,700)
Dinette: LESS ($2K)
TV: MORE ($3,300)
JEEP: MORE ($22,795)

Last to come out of today's studio audience is birthday lady Christina Ruiz & the final one-bid's a freestanding electric range (Amber behind rising sign).

Christina: $1,300 (originally $1,600 & $1,200)
Aimee: $800
Manche: $750
Charles: $751

ARP: $1,769

It was never in doubt for Christina to play Double Prices for a Beachcomber Hot Tub as a 30th birthday gift (Manuela at Door #2). It's either $7,244 or $8,823. Her answer's...$8,823.

Here would've been my Pricing Game rundown:

1. Card Game
2. Switch?
3. Punch-a-Bunch
4. Double Prices
5. Pick-a-Pair
6. More or Less

Christina ($1,769): 55 + 30 = $.85
Annette ($7,587): 20 + 15 = $.35


Behind Race Game Curtain- Living (Ashley) & play rooms (Manuela & Rachel)
Door #3- Ford Taurus (Amber)




Door #4- Trips to Saratoga, NY & Scotland (Rachel)
Door #2- Catalina sailboat (Amber)



BID: $21,231
ARP: $29,264

BID: $35,000

ARP: $37,666

Including a boat she can sail back to The Aloha State, Tatiana leaves w/ $46,380 in merchandise.


LMaD: Trader #1 is Malorie. Her choices are:

Envelope: $$$
Small box (Jonathan Mangum): SOMETHING THAT HELPS YOU SHOP
Pinata (Tiffany Coyne): ???

She trades in each of the first two rounds before leaving w/ the money.

CURTAIN: Luxury spa day w/ skin care products ($2,015)
BOX: Dell mini laptop & shoedazzle shopping spree ($3,778)
PINATA: Greek Isles Cruise ($9,639)

One of the next three traders could be the next one to Beat the Dealer- Shelliey (dressed as a whoopie cushion), Roshonda & Lee (dressed as a St. Bernard).

Round 1:

Shelliey: #7- EIGHT
Roshonda: #5- ZONK (ONE)
Lee: #3- NINE

Round 2:
PRIZE: Suzuki Boulevard M50 motorcycle ($7,799)(Curtain #3)

Lee: #2- FIVE
Shelliey: #4- SEVEN

Shelliey QUITS w/ the motorcycle & the $500, so she won't be facing Wayne Brady for the KIA Rio (Curtain #2).

Shelliey: #1- CAR (SIX)
Wayne: #9- ZONK (TWO)

The next trader dressed as a bunch of grapes to make a deal on this program is Cora (who's a BBQ restaurant server). She's playing the Guess the Money in the Envelope Deal & makes a guess of $1,200. But she then makes a purchase of Curtain #1...she could've won twice her amount, but she has a big home gym worth $7,668- PERFECT DEAL!

Here's Wayne's next chance to be a psychic. His first customer is Marlies (dressed as a boxer). At her request, the good news behind Curtain #3 is that there's a snow lover's paradise. She goes for a possible ski trip at the cost of $1K...but she's been KNOCKED OUT of the game w/ the snow globe. Ricardo (dressed as a skunk) is hoping that he doesn't get skunked himself. The bad news is that what's in the envelope is something he can only take w/ one other person. But he also gives up a C-note to receive...a trip to The Big Apple at The Gem Hotel valued at $6,051!

Alberto & Raquel are the first couple to play Pair of Dice for as much as $1.5K and/or the Nissan Sentra (Curtain #1). They first capture the sixes behind #7 & #3 and the fours in #1 & #6...but they then find both ZONKS in #4 & #8. Luckily, they stop w/ the one thou after picking out the first yellow die.

It's Hollywood Squares time.

Karen's Round (Box): ZONK
AGREE/DISAGREE: DISAGREE (highest offer was $800)
BOX: Dining room w/ groceries for a year ($6,225)

William's Round (Big Box): ZONK
BB: Giant hot dog w/ big ketchup & mustard bottles- PERFECT DEAL #2!

THE BIG DEAL: A $25,065 Big Deal of the Day could be coming on a silver platter for Cora. She picks Door #2...NO- she goes down from a gym suite to a room for video gamers valued at $2,540.

Door #1: Trip to Banff, Alberta, Canada & Chevy Colorado
Door #3: $6,162

5th Grader: Not related to singer James, Keri Blunt's an office manager who owns a Bassett Hound named Bosley (who's wearing a T-shirt that says "...but I'm smarter than Jeff").

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade Measurements
2nd Grade World Geography
2nd Grade Music
3rd Grade Anatomy
3rd Grade World History
4th Grade Math
4th Grade U.S. Geography


What's the name of the animal pictured here?

The hungry, hungry hippopotamus brings her $500.

SUBJECT #2: World Geography

T or F: If Jack sails east from Baltimore, MD to Lisbon, Portugal, he will be sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. worth a tripler.

SUBJECT #3: World History

Named for the inventor who created it in the 1830s, what code breaks down the alphabet into dots & dashes for sending messages?

Keri & Danielle know it's the Morse Code for a $5K start.

SUBJECT #4: U.S. Geography

The Schuylkill River flows through the city of Philadelphia, PA & then empties into what river?

Only knowing the Hudson & the Mississippi herself, she uses the Peek. She goes w/ Danielle on the Shenandoah. The correct river is named after...a state, so that's automatically incorrect. It was the Delaware, which neither of them said.

SUBJECT #5: Math

How much is four to the third power?

She doesn't need any help in coming up w/ the Hal March number of 64!

SUBJECT #6: Anatomy

The gallbladder's a part of what system in the human body- circulatory, digestive or muscular?

She's got the gall to answer the digestive system...which is right to reach the $11K mark!

SUBJECT #7: Music

Castanets belong to which of the following musical families- brass, percussion or woodwind?

Keri correctly places that instrument in the percussion group for $12K.

FINAL SUBJECT: Measurements

If Jane has a bowl w/ three pears, two apples & four oranges, how many total pieces of fruit does she have?

Nine adds up to $12.5K...for Keri to take home. But we need to see if that could've turned into a six-figure jackpot for her.


Apollo 17 was the last mission to land a man on The Moon. In what year did it take place?

Keri would've guessed the year as 1975. Actual year...1972.

Stay-at-home mom & former soccer goalie Jackie Dobson next enters the classroom.

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade Math
2nd Grade Earth Science
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
3rd Grade Science
3rd Grade Music
4th Grade Measurements
4th Grade World Geography


How many times does the letter A appear in the following word- "alphabet"?

Two A's turn into five Benjamins.

SUBJECT #2: U.S. Geography

What's the only U.S. state whose name begins w/ the letter P?

Home of Pittsburgh & The Liberty Bell, she gets Pennsylvania.

SUBJECT #3: Music

The Grand Ole Opry, a weekly country music stage concert begun in 1925, is located in what U.S. state?

Yee haw- Jackie goofs by saying Texas; it's instead found in Tennessee.

SUBJECT #4: Measurements

Tom can make three model airplanes in four hours. At that rate, how long will it take him to make five model airplanes?

After doing the math, Jackie locks in six hours & 40 minutes (aka 6 2/3 hours)...exactly!

SUBJECT #5: World Geography

What European country's a volcanic island located on the Mid-Atlantic ridge?

Jackie wastes her Peek, because Antonio has U.S.A. written down. Her final answer for this question is Iceland...doubler!

SUBJECT #6: Math

If John adds up all the sides in a triangle, square & rectangle, how many sides does he have- 10, 11 or 12?

She puts in the double ones (11) to inch to $15.5K.

SUBJECT #7: Earth Science

T or F: The only mineral strong enough to cut a diamond is another diamond.

Both girls believe that as True...yes for $16.5K.


On the Periodic Table of Elements, hydrogen is classified as which of the following- solid, liquid or gas?

Everyone's betting it's a is! She Drops Out of here at $20K.

BONUS QUESTION SUBJECT: U.S. History (the entire world of History was her worst subject)

WoF: May I have the first Toss-Up category tonight- Food & Drink.

M O U _ _ _ A _ E _ I _ G


Bridget & Minh could buy a ton of MOUTHWATERING TREATS w/ the $1,000 they've just gotten on the board with. Let's get to know these teen teams a little bit better:

Bridget Gosis & Minh Wynn (Seniors)- Minh's a school treasurer; these student council members have been friends since 7th Grade
Payton Burke & Sabrina Bonchristiani (Seniors)- Two sign language girls who have known each other for six years; Payton's also a dance team member, while Sabrina plays softball & volleyball
Quinn Bushman & Tyler Pashada (Sophomores)- A pair of cross-country boys who have known each other for 2.5 years; Quinn's also the VP of his school's class level

We've got an interesting $2K TU for you, which is a Fictional Character:

_ U Z _

L _ G _ _ _ _ _ R

The last time some Teen Best Friends won $100,000, it was w/ BUZZ LIGHTYEAR; Bridget & Minh solve it to triple up.

Following the description of two Cedar Point trips worth $7,238, the category of the Ally Bank Jackpot Round's Person. The same team first calls a $550 R & three T's for another $900, buys three E's but then the sole dud vowel of the round (A). Secondly, Payton & Sabrina spin Lose a Turn. Third, Quinn & Tyler call two S's for the amusement park journeys, three N's for $900 & buy the rest of the vowels (an O & two I's & U's), then we have...

S T U _ E N T

_ O U N _ I _

_ R E S I _ E N T

...too bad Bridget & Minh didn't get this one, but at least Quinn & Tyler solve STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT for $7,388 in cash & Cedar Point.

SOLE DUD: A (Bridget & Minh)
SOLE LaT: Payton & Sabrina

Prize Puzzle Round topic is fittingly Place. We start this time w/ Payton & Sabrina, who first light up two N's for the Wild Card & a $700 T, purchase an E & four I's and call for a $300 S, two L's for another $700 & an $800 D before buying five A's & dudding out w/ the only negative vowel of O. After that, Quinn & Tyler light a $300 H & hit Lose a Turn. Bridget & Minh next ring in...

_ E A _ T I _ _ L

H A _ A I I A N


...& they take the lead; they've each won a trip to the BEAUTIFUL HAWAIIAN ISLAND of Maui at The Westin Resort & Spa totalling $11,600, bringing them to $14,600 in cash & Maui.

SOLE DUD: O (Payton & Sabrina)
SOLE LaT: Quinn & Tyler

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: LJ5968763 (Linda J. from Florida)

The theme of the Meineke Mystery Round's gonna be What Are You Doing? Quinn & Tyler attempt to re-gain first place in this round, beginning w/ three N's for $1,800, two G's for another $600 & the obvious three I's, but that's followed by a dud in S. Second, Bridget & Minh call a couple R's for $600 but then Bankrupt on the left part of the Million Dollar Wedge. Third, Payton & Sabrina call three C's for the gift tag, a $500 H & buy quad O's & a pair of A's prior to lighting a $600 L & hitting LaT for the second time in this match. As Quinn & Tyler regain control, here comes a B while on the Mystery Wedge in between Free Play & LaT. They gamble their $2,150...but they go Bankrupt. After Bridget & Minh LaT, Payton & Sabrina try to get on the board...

C H A N G I N G / _ _

_ R O _ I L _

_ I C _ _ R _ / O N

_ A C _ B O O _

...they solve CHANGING MY PROFILE PICTURE ON FACEBOOK for $1K in cash & the same amount in ticket gift certificates.

SOLE DUD: $700 S (Quinn & Tyler)
LaTs: 2 (Payton & Sabrina, Bridget & Minh)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Bridget & Minh, Quinn & Tyler)

$3K TU topic's Fun & Games:

R _ _ _ Y

R _ C E

Quinn & Tyler are incorrect w/ RALLY RACE, allowing Bridget & Minh to solve RELAY RACE to increase their lead w/ $17,600 in cash & Hawaii.

Now into the Last Chance Round we go, w/ Thing being the topic & consonants are worth...$1,350 each. After they call the twin N's...

_ _ T R _ / _ R _ _ _ T

_ S S _ _ N _ _ N T

...they've completed their EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT to the tune of $6,750 more, so they seal the win w/ $24,350 in cash & vacations! Quinn & Tyler are going to Cedar Point w/ $150 to shsare while they're over there & Payton & Sabrina leave w/ $2K in cash & gift tags.

$33,738 in cash & prizes has been won so far on this Thursday.


Big Money Round: Minh spins the Bonus Wheel for him & Bridget & it lands on the solo star; their category right here is People. RSTLNE reveals:

_ _ N _ _ R / _ _ R S _ T _

S _ _ _ _

They call MPBA...

_ _ N _ _ R / _ A R S _ T _

S _ _ A _

...but they're wrong w/ JUNIOR VARSITY STARS. It was JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD & they give back $35K. They leave w/ $24,350 in cash & travelling.

CC: The first game tonight's being played solo by Emily; she's going 36 blocks to 96th & Central Park West.

$50 Round:
1. A classic makeover musical, "My Fair Lady" takes its name from a nursery rhyme about the demise of what British landmark?
Guess: London Bridge- CORRECT ($50)
2. Barack Obama is the first President to host what Passover feast at The White House?
Guess: Seder- RIGHT ($100)
3. Sharing its name w/ the Gold Rush region & an ice cream bar, what's the most common form of Solitaire?
Guess: Solitary Confinement- ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE (A: Klondike)
4. Familiar to fans of "Gilligan's Island", what synonym for sea captain derives from the Dutch word for "ship"?
Guess: Skipper- RIGHT ($150)

$100 Round:
1. As implied by its name, what exercise requires you to rest on your forearms & toes while keeping your body straight as a board?
Guess: Plank- YES INDEED ($250)
2. Dubbed The Berlin Wall of Asia, the Wagah border separates India from which of its nuclear neighbors?
Guess: Pakistan- RIGHT ($350)
3. With the chemical formula ZnO, what sunscreen additive gives lifeguards their distinctive white noses?
Guess: Zinc oxide- RIGHT ($450)

4. Launched in 2008, what Google operating system for Smartphones features a lime green robot as its mascot?
Guess: Android- RIGHT ($550)

$200 Round:
1. In a practical joke craze called icing, victims are required to kneel down & consume what sugary brand of malt beverage?
Street Shout-Out (CPW): A man on a bench immediately tells her to say Smirnoff Ice.
Guess: Smirnoff Ice- RIGHT AGAIN ($750)
Final Question: Reflecting its climb to the top of the industry, what GPS manufacturer adopted the slogan "Follow the leader" in 2008?
Mobile SO: Emily calls her boyfriend Matt, who says Garmin.
Guess: Garmin- WINS $950

At the risk of maybe having a breakup, she's risking her winnings.

VIDEO BONUS: According to its namesake, this vast canyon in Utah is one hell of a place to lose a cow. Famous for exotic formations called hoodoos, what's the name of this picturesque national park?

She guesses Prarie Canyon...Matt, I hope you're NOT watching this- it's a LOSS. Answer: Bryce Canyon.

The next DOUBLE RIDE is taken by Alex, Amaka, Jack & Lucas. They need to make it 44 blocks to a location on 52nd between Fifth & Sixth. After their first strike on their third question, here's their last Q of the $100 Round:

Also a 1980s TV series, what variety of ocean current causes about 100 drownings per year in the U.S. (& is also one of professional wrestler Angel Orsini's former ring names)?
SSO #2 (Garment District): The guy they have stop by thinks it's riptide.
Guess: Riptide- CORRECT ($300)

$200 Round:
1. Proving that love's indeed universal, what romantic ritual's known as "luna de miel" in Spain?
Guess: Honeymoon- RIGHT ($500)
2. Called "scorbutus" in Latin, what disease isn't suffered by most animals because they can synthesize their own Vitamin C?
Guess: Scurvy- RIGHT ($700)
$500 RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: According to 2008 Census data, seven of the 10 most populous cities in the U.S. are west of the Mississippi. Name all seven of them.
Correct cities given: L.A., Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego...& San Jose ($1,200)
3. Resembling soda in name only, what by-product of coal is commonly used to fuel industrial-sized furnaces?
Guess: Sodium bicarbonate- STRIKE TWO (A: Coke)
4. Allegedly coined by Rob Reiner, what hybrid word refers to satirical movies that pretend to document real life?
Guess: Mockumentary- YES ($1,400)

$400 Round:
1. Named for a famed advocate of AC Power, what Silicon Valley startup introduced an all-electric sportscar in 2006?

That means the only winners of this episode are Howard & Susan. In the middle of their 48-block night ride to Rockefeller Center, they encounter this:

RLC #2: As of the first quarter of 2010, five tech companies have dominated the worldwide market for Smartphones. Name four of the five.
Correct companies given: Apple, HTC, Nokia & Motorola ($750)
Not given: RiM

By ride's end, they leave w/ $1,250.


Hoping to get to Clark Street & Armitage Avenue on a 33-block trip are Jake & Justin.

$50 Round:
1. Posing in a red bonnet, a local Fresno woman named Lorraine Collett Petersen became the face of what raisin company in 1916?
Guess: Sun-Maid- YOU BET ($50)
2. Slightly less mainstream than MLB, the MLL is a major league for what sport of Native American origin?
Guess: Lacrosse- CORRECT ($100)
3. Appropriately enough, what famed three-foot, two-circus performer owned a summer home on Connecticut's Thimble Island?
Guess: Tom Thumb- RIGHT ($150)
4. Consisting of high school juniors, what employees of the U.S. Congress are kept in line on weekdays w/ a 10 o'clock curfew?
Guess: Congressional pages- RIGHT ($200)

$100 Round:
1. Until 1938, toothbrush bristles were commonly made from the hair of what wild, pig-like animal?

Guess: Boar- RIGHT ($300)
2. Known as "The Puzzle Globe", the logo of what popular website is meant to represent the world as a work in progress?
Guess: Microsoft- STRIKE ONE (A: Wikipedia)
RLC: In 2009, Business Week compiled a list of the "100 Best Global Brands". Name seven of the 10 foreign car makers that made the list.
Correct companies given: Audi, Porsche, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen & Lexus ($550)
Not said: Ferrari, Hyundai & Mercedes-Benz

3. Meaning "the smoke that thunders", Mosi-oa-Tunya is the local name for what massive African waterfall?
MSO: Jake puts Lenny on the line, who eventually comes up w/ Victoria Falls.
Guess: Victoria Falls- RIGHT ($650)
4. The co-anchor of CNBC's "Closing Bell", financial reporer Maria Bartiromo filed to trademark what rhyming name in 2007?
STRIKE TWO (A: Money Honey)

FQ For $200: Until the Seventh Century, what capital of Jordan had the more familiar name of Phildelphia?
Guess: Oman- WINS $850

Their $1,700 query:

VB: This aerial footage provides a glimpse of the Pennsylvania Class battleship that burned for 2.5 days after the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. Still leaking visible amounts of oil to the surrounding waters, what's the name of this famous sunken ship?

They're quickly right on the U.S.S. Arizona for the 17 Benjamins!

After Manish & Marianne lose $250 in seven questions during a 33-block journey in fairly bad weather, a place on 1266 North Milwaukee is calling Bruce, John, Lisa, Rob, 41 blocks away at night; they're taking a DR. They're right on all of their $100 Q's.

$200 Round:
1. Described as Disneyland for nerds, what annual fanboy convention has been held in San Diego since 1970?
Guess: COMICON- CORRECT ($600)
$500 RLC #2: While most Americans knew our first four Presidents, #5-#10 are more obscure. Name four of these six Commanders in Chief.
Correct Presidents said: John Quincy Adams, James Monroe, John Tyler & William Henry Harrison ($1,100)
Not said: Andrew Jackson & Martin Van Buren
2. Named for the Greek god of dreams, what addictive plant-based opiate occurs naturally in cow's milk?
MSO #2: Rob phones Sam, who takes a guess of morphine.
Guess: Morphine- YES ($1,300)
3. What nickname for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway alludes to the new surface its track received in 1909?
Guess: The Brickyard- OF COURSE ($1.5K)
FQ: In what card game can a losing player be skunked, double-skunked or left in the stinkhole?
Guess: Euchre- NO (A: Cribbage); WALKS

Wipeout: I think there's two weeks to go in this Winter series (including tonight's episode).

Winter Wonderland Qualifier: The first obstacle this week is the Snowman Suprise. Also, the Snowplow Sweeper has become the Polar Bear Express for at least this show only.


Anthony Blake (who lost 55 lbs. before getting here): 5:18.2
Kyle "The Hairy Beast" Greilich: 3:32.2
Alison "Puke & Rally Ali" Ault: 4:11.7
Anthony "Baby Daddy" Traficante: 1:52.4- THE WEEK'S BEST TIME
Shannon "The Pretty Piggy" Rohan: 3:12.1
Asure "The Quitter" Williams (former three-day pro soccer player; she's now married): 2:35.4

Also having to get on The Ski Lift are Tina Wilke, Amber & Kip Stolberg, Tyler "Booty Pop" Pechak, Rick Conlon, Jennifer Brown & Dustin "Stuntly Student" Brower.

Advancing to the Mt. Wipeout Chalet, also known as the Ice-O-Rina:

1. Asure
2. Kyle
3. Shannon
4. Dustin
5. Anthony


1. Anthony
2. Asure
3. Dustin

WZ: Anthony sets the bar quite high at 7:59.26. Asure is UNABLE TO CONTINUE because of dislocating the knee that she previously injured while she was playing soccer...

...& Anthony hangs on for the win!

The season finale next week is Family Week.

J!: The first three Teen Tournament participants of 2011 are:

Brandon Welch (Grayson, GA)- Senior
Kate Wadman (Tucson, AZ)- Junior
Christian le (Redmond, WA)- Senior

(Note: All contestant intros are displaed on a laptop screen, as is the logo for this tourney.)

First Six Categories:


Wadman's deep in Lock Game Territory at halftime w/ $5,400; le's doubled up Welch for second place w/ $800. On the next-to-last clue of the opening round, le picks off the Daily Double under the $1K Chemistry clue w/ $1,200 & in a distant third place; Welch's in second w/ four grand & Wadman's still in front at $6,600. He'll bet it all on this clue:

Olympiadane is a molecule so-named because it's composed of this many interlocking rings.

"What is four?" is NOT quite enough; he needed one more. Wadman gets the last $800 off the board & finishes the round at $7,400.


Double Jeopardy! Topics:



Knowing that he's way behind after that unsuccessful True DD, le goes DD Hunting right out of the gate, beginning in the center of's actually behind its $2K clue, but it's found by Welch instead, currently at six G's; Wadman's back in LGT w/ $14,600 & le's back up to $800. He'll also try a TDD, this time on:

As Vice-Admiral, this circumnavigator helped command the fleet that beat the Spanish Armada in 1588.

"Who is (Sir Francis) Drake?"...GOT HIM for $12K! Three answers later, Wadman has a DD of his own pop out of the middle monitor under Words & Phrases. Of her $15,800, she wagers $5K. To remain in first place, here's her clue:

Meaning to be skeptical, to take something "with" this comes from an old Roman recipe for a poison antidote.

"What is a grain of salt?"...ABSOLUTELY to make her score $20,800!

SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS OF THE ROUND: $2K (What Kids Are Reading Thes Days)

Heading Into Final Jeopardy!:

Christian: $4,400
Kate: $24,800
Brandon: $17,600


Christian: $5,600
Kate: $21K
Brandon: $13,600

FJ! SUBJECT: Events of 2010.

A piece of custom-made equipment called The Phoenix played a key role in an October event in this country.

"What is Germany?"
Wager: $4,399

Final score: BUCK

Response: "What is Chile?"
Wager: ALL-IN!

Final score: $35,200

Response: "What is Russia?"

Wager: $10,400
Final score: $14,400- BRANDON WINS

DFtL!: You'll never believe this- a tomboy named Melissa McLaughlin was a contestant on this show.

Specialty Categories: 1990s & R & B

1. Pop
A: "Penny Lover" by Lionel Richie (1983)
B: "Run-Around" by Blues Traveler (1995)
PICK: "Run-Around"
PREVIOUS LINE: "When all it does..."
BASE GUESS: " tear me down"

FINAL GUESS: " slow me down"

2. Rock
A: "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen (1978)
B: "Talking In Your Sleep" by The Romantics (1983)
PICK: "Fat Bottomed Girls"

PREVIOUS LINE: "Heap big woman, you made a..."
BASE GUESS: "...big man out of me"

A: "...bad boy feel so good"
B: "...bad boy out of me"
C: "...good boy go so wrong"


MySpace Karaoke Singer of the Night: Anne (Old Lyme, CT; "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover" by Sophie B. Hawkins)

3. 1990s
A: "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn (1991)
B: "Jump, Jive An' Wail" by Brian Setzer Orchestra (1998)
PICK: "Walking in Memphis"
PREVIOUS LINE: "Walking in Memphis, but do I..."
FINAL GUESS: "...solid ground" (A: "...really feel the way I feel?")

4. R & B
A: "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder (1976)
B: "One Hundred Ways" by James Ingram w/ Quincy Jones (1982)
PICK: "I Wish"
PREVIOUS LINE: "...could come back once more, why did..."
FINAL GUESS: "...those days end...before?" (A: "...those days ever have to go?"

Trivia Question: Who's the only singer to turn "The Star-Spangled Banner" into a Top 20 pop hit- Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston or Lee Greenwood?

Hint: They also starred in a movie w/ Kevin Costner
ANSWER: Whitney

Melissa ran out of steam by the time she reached the $2.5K mark, so she walked away.

ENCORE: "Heaven is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle (1987)
PREVIOUS LINE: "And the world's alive..."
CORRECT ANSWER: "...with the sound of kids on the street outside"

Sole "Millionaire" game of the day
Audience game

Episode ratings:

"Ca$h Cab":
NYC: 6
Chicago: 8
8: "Jeopardy!" & "Wipeout"
7: "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?", "Millionaire", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal"
5: "Don't Forget the Lyrics!"
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