Thursday, February 24, 2011

2/24/2011 Results

LMaD: Yesterday's Around the World show was just off the charts (Chico Alexander, you got Krista & Shiva confused during The Big Deal in your recap)! In today's first deal, the three bronze envelopes come out so that they can be picked on by Amanda (dressed as a jogger/runner), Jesus (dressed as a sparkling pirate) & Joyce (dressed as a whoopie cushion). Two of the envelopes have $500, while the other has $750...& that's chosen by Amanda, so she'll go first.

Amanda's Round: Money or Big Box?
PICK: Money
BB: Electrolux washer/dryer w/ laundry pedestals ($4,136)

One of the two silver envelopes has $750, while the other contains a grand...that's gotten by Jesus.

Jesus' Round: $1.5K or Small Box (Jonathan Mangum)?

BOX: Mini hot tub- WALK THE PLANK

Joyce lastly keeps her $1,250 plus what's in the golden envelope...$50. That will cost her the Ford Fiesta Hatchback (Curtain #3) & she leaves w/ $1,300.

Lindsey (dressed as a bathrobe) & Christina (a birthday girl who's wearing a pink wig & boa) are about to play Ca$h Marbles.

Round 1:
Lindsey: $500
Christina: $500

Round 2:
Christina: ZONK
Lindsey: TRIPLE

Curtain #3's offered again & Lindsey bites for her $1.5K...NO car this time, but there's a Michael Amini Aico bedroom worth $6,339- PERFECT DEAL!

Jonathan's partner for the Interrogation Room Deal is Sarah (dressed as Ring Around the Rosie). The object in question is Curtain #2; it sounds like it could be game room furniture. But she's so confident that it's a ZONK that she immediately stops w/ $700...she's incorrect- it was $4,849 worth of game room. She also passes up this item behind Curtain #1...the two-story ping-pong table.

Here's another Joyce (this one's dressed as an iPad) ready to trade; her husband's named Ty, who made her outfit. She can either have the trip inside the two very small boxes (Jonathan; the first one has the words "Trip to..."), what's in the BB or some money. She definitely turns down the BB's was the Toshiba 47" LCD HDTV w/ the ASUS laptop & Sling box, all worth $3,300. But Joyce #2 hasn't been on vacation in a while, so she presses on after giving up $'s to Puerto Rico worth $6,559- PERFECT DEAL #2!

Christy (dressed as a pink/white fairy) is the first trader ever to go down the Deal Road.

Curtain #1: $300
Curtain #2: FOUR WHEELS

She plays it safe w/ #1...the middle curtain had that chicken cart. She can continue to go to #1 or get closer to the BB. She's staying w/ her curtain...& she just dodged another ZONK w/ the trio of J.M. scarecrows! The last obstacle standing in her way of her curtain is the red small box (Jonathan), which has some money in it this time. But she's going all the way w/ #1...ultimately for $200, she's bought the chance to drive down her own roads in the morning's other DEALER'S DELIGHT- the KIA Soul!

In the very next deal, Jana (dressed as a penguin) CAN'T win a car also w/ the silver small box (Jonathan), because what's inside weighs less than 20 pounds. But she purchases its item (s) for $900...there's a Hewlett-Packard laptop w/ the Dr. Dre headphones totalling $2,400. We then continue w/ Joshua (dressed as Mediterranean Avenue from Monopoly), who's given the chance to buy something from Curtain #3 that weighs over a hundred lbs. He declines $800, but he does accept $ doing so, he said goodbye to a 2011 Honda ATV worth $4,399.

THE BIG DEAL: Sorry, Ty- Christy's giving up your potential second honeymoon for a shot at a $27,379 Big Deal of the Day. She takes Door #2 for Tiffany Coyne...oopsie- she trades down to the $2,579 TuffStuff gym. I hope she can work it out w/ him after getting back home.

Door #1: Spa/sauna package ($7,969)
Door #3: Mediterranean Cruise & Trip to Thailand

TPiR: This is Episode 5434K; the First Four on it are Dana Driscoll, Amanda Potter, Taylor Eastman & new 75-year-old Betty Stardes. And the first one-bid's a single-umbrella tiki hut (Rachel at Door #2).

Taylor: $1,750
Amanda: $1K
Dana: $1,600
Betty: $1,200

ARP: $2,795

Taylor, a high school assistant speech coach, will move the $8,694 Beachcomber Hot Tub (Amber at Door #3) next to her hut if she can freeze the right price inside the Freeze Frame...but it doesn't happen w/ $6,538. Another notable possibility was $9,451.

Coming on out fifth is Matthew Mucci from Allegheny College (he gives Drew a big hug on his way to Contestant's Row) & IUFB #2's a stainless-steel refrigerator (Rachel behind splitting sign).

Matthew: $2K
Amanda: $2.5K
Dana: $2,300
Betty: $2,001

ARP: $2,999

Amanda plays Any Number for either three pieces of Dockers luggage (Amber) or the Accord Sedan (Rachel at Door #2).

1. 3- ACCORD ($ 2 _ , _ _ 3)
2. 1- ACCORD ($ 2 1 , _ _ 3)
3. 9- ACCORD ($ 2 1 , _ 9 3)
4. 4- Pig ($ _ . 4 _)
5. 7- Luggage ($ 7 _ _)
6. 5- Luggage ($ 7 5 _)
7. 8 (I hear the Peanut Gallery starting to chant 6 now)- Pig 
($ 8 . 4 _)
FINAL PICK: AT LAST, 6! ($21,693)

Luggage: $750
Unclaimed Piggy Bank Value: $8.42

Sixth is Shannon Carey (who's wearing a red T-shirt w/ a picture of the debut playing of Gas Money!) & third to be offered as an IUFB is a Cape Spade accessory package (Amber on the turntable).

Shannon: $2K
Dana: $2,100
Betty: $1,600
Matthew: $1,601

ARP: $2,075

Dana made a $25 overage, so Shannon has already made up it on stage to meet w/ Drew & gets to play One Right Price for a Golden West Billiards table (Amber) & a secretary (Rachel). Both models are holding the target price of $4,698; Dana has Amber put it on the podium for...the $3,595 table.

Dana ($2,075): 30 + 95 = OVER BY A QUARTER
Taylor ($2,795): 35 + 45 = $.80
Amanda ($24,692): 55 + 95 = OVER; TAYLOR MAKES IT TO THE SHOWCASE

Seventh is Kenneth Ruiz (who's wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey) & the fourth IUFB's the Mattracks electric powerboard (Rachel behind rising sign).

Kenneth: $1.5K
Dana: $2K
Betty: $2,001
Matthew: $1,501

ARP: $2,495

Betty plays Hi-Lo for a trip to Seidenhof, Switzerland valued at $11,909 (Amber at Door #4). The half a dozen groceries are the McCormick Oregano Leaves, Gold Bond Maximum Relief Cream, Tabasco Sauce, Morton Salt, Johnson + Johnson Reach Mint-Waxed Floss & the Ball Park Hot Dog Buns.

1. Cream- $4.61
2. Floss- $1.69
3. Leaves- $2.61

Sauce- $1.59
Salt- $.69
Buns- $3.29

Our second Pricing Game winner this morning might actually be Myles Aiello & the fifth one-bid gift's the stereo/rock speakers package (both models).

Myles: $1,200
Matthew: $2,300
Kenneth: $1,399
Dana: $1,550

ARP: $1,556

Dana, the last of the FF to leave CR, plays Pushover for a black Pearl River baby grand piano w/ those piano-playing lessons (Rachel at Door #2). The line of numbers:


She makes the push to $7,925, after originally considering $9,250...$9,250 was right, unfortunately.

Here comes a second Dana- Shaffer. The final IUFB offered's some crystal stemware (Amber in the clam).

Dana: $1,100
Myles: $2K
Matthew: $2,150
Kenneth: BUCK

ARP: $1,432

If the other Dana fares better playing the Rat Race (Rachel), she'll win the Howard Miller Total Home wine cabinet (Rachel), a stainless-steel gas grill (Rachel) and/or the Mustang (Amber). She's never owned a car in her life.

Rat Lane Assignments:

#1- Pink
#2- Green
#3- Yellow
#4- Blue
#5- Orange

1. Haagan-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream: $4- $4.29; PICKS PINK RAT
2. Pink hand mixer: $34- $70
3. T-Fal Acufry: $200- $300; PICKS GREEN RAT


Cabinet: GREEN- WIN

My Thursday lineup:

1. One Right Price
2. Any Number
3. Freeze Frame
4. Hi-Lo
5. Rat Race
6. Pushover

Dana S. also advances to the Showcase w/ one spin of $.95. Other results from SCSD #2:

Dana D.: 55 + BUCK = OVER
Betty: 35 + 20 = $.55


Turntable- Trip to Yosemite National Park (Rachel)
Door #4- Trip to Wyndham Sugar Bay (Amber)
In between Doors #1 & #2- Baja Bound Adventure in Mexico (Rachel)
In Door #1- Ladies' mountain bike, Honda Ruckus & Moto Guzzi V7 Classic motorbike (Rachel)




Door #3- Home gym, including 10 private trainer lessons (Rachel)
Door #2- Bayliner ski boat (Amber)



BID: $20,000
ARP: $35,154

BID: $27,000
ARP: $28,542

Taylor wins $31,437 in stuff.

5th Grader: Hoping that she's as smart as the three Fifth Graders we've got on stage today is Jennifer Fix (who's a political dietician that overachieved in school; she was on the Dean's List while she was at Cal Poly University).

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade English
2nd Grade Measurements
2nd Grade Grammar
3rd Grade Anatomy
3rd Grade Spelling
4th Grade Math
4th Grade Astronomy


Which of the following animals is primarily a scavenger- giraffe, vulture or zebra? She uses a vulture to pick up $500.

SUBJECT #2: Grammar

How many adjectives are in the following sentence- "Johnny will eat pizza on Friday"?

She's not dropping to zero just yet, because that's the number Jennifer correctly locks in for $1.5K.

SUBJECT #3: Spelling

How many times does the letter M appear in the following word, which means "to have left something out"- "omitted"?

All she needs to get to $5K is one M.

SUBJECT #4: Math

The numbers 20 & 24 have how many common factors?

She uses the Peek on T.J; he says one, which is incorrect, & Jennifer locks that in anyway. To make matters worse, her gut of three was correct.

SUBJECT #5: Astronomy

What was the name of the manned space station launched into space by NASA in 1973?

Jennifer's way off w/ Explorer 1; it was Skylab.

SUBJECT #6: Anatomy

The ulna's a bone located in which part of the human body- arm, leg or foot? She needs no help in locking in her arm for $3.5K.

SUBJECT #7: Measurements

How many total hours of a given day are in the P.M.?

Jennifer gets 12.


T or F: The word "their" is a contraction of the words "they" & "are". After she's right in knowing that's a False statement...Jennifer walks away w/ $5K to "Fix" her life somewhat.


WoF: In a few moments, we'll announce who's the winner of the "Vanna For a Day" sweepstakes. But first, we need to start playing Thursday night's game, beginning w/ a $1,000 Toss-Up under the category of Things:

M A S T _

& / S A I L S

Jared solves MASTS & SAILS in order to be interviewed first amongst this trio of players:

Jared Burwinkle (Wilmington, DE)- A lumber company worker who works out daily
Lori Jones (Shiloh, IL)- Organization consultant for her own business; she also does some volunteer work
Jenny Clark (Redlands, CA; originally from St. Louis)- An administrative assistant who's a reader for a blind couple named Jeff & Sandy

$2K TU category's Phrase:

_ F F / _ _ E

_ _ _ R _ S

I just called yesterday's "Let's Make a Deal" episode this; Jenny takes control w/ OFF THE CHARTS.

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round topic is Fictional Characters & the trip being offered right now is to Sicily from worth $10,212. First to come Jenny's direction is the left Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge. Secondly, Jared calls an S for that MDW, a $550 T & buys two E's, followed by an R for the Lobster Gram gift tag, a $500 D, two A's, two N's for another $600, but then a dud vowel buy of O. Third, Lori calls two L's for $1,200 & buys three I's to clean out the vowels, but she then goes Bankrupt next to the $2,500 wedge to get her remaining $950 cleaned out. After Jenny puts up two G's for eight bills, she hits the other regular Bankrupt to lose them back, allowing Jared...

G I L L I G A N / A N D

T _ E / S _ I _ _ E R solve GILLIGAN AND THE SKIPPER for another $1,900 in cash & Lobter Gram & $2,900 total; he also keeps the MDW.

SOLE DUD: O (Jared)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (two by Jenny, Lori)

And the winner of the "Vanna for a Day" contest is...Katie C. from Savannah, GA!

With that announcement out of the way, Jared will start a Before & After Round. He first calls a $500 N, buys two E's, calls two T's for another C-note & purchases three A's before lighting up a $500 R & an $800 G. After buying double the O's, he gets four L's to show up for $3,200 more, then comes two H's for another $800. Here's the board now...

T H E / G R E A T

_ A L L / O _

_ H _ N A _ O L L _

...he solves THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA DOLLS for another $6,050, bringing him to $8,950 in cash & gift certificate.


Going first in the ally bank Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round is Lori; category is Event. She first calls three T's for $2,400, purchases five E's & three A's, inserts two H's for another G, two O's while on Free Play, the same quantity of S's to add $900 & a $1,200 pair of P's. After she buys the last vowels of a couple I's, we have...

A / S O O T H I _ _

E _ P E _ I E _ _ E

A T / T H E / S P A

...she goes from zero to the lead w/ $4,750 & A ($7,720) SOOTHING EXPERIENCE AT THE SPA that's called the Maruba Resort Jungle Spa, for a total of $12,470 in cash & Belize.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: KT2090007 (Kevin T. from California)

The $3K TU's about some Living Things; it's a one-wordy:

_ R A S _ _ _ _ P E _ S

Jared catches these GRASSHOPPERS to be a much closer second place w/ $11,950.

Person's the next subject. First to come his way are two T's for $600 & his/her E's, but his turn ends w/ a dud of R. Second, Lori calls for the twin H's worth $600, purchases an A & an O (both of which are in the last word), lights up a $900 S & double N's for $1,200 extra & buys the last two pairs of vowels (the I's & U's). Afterwards for Lori are a $450 C & a ring-in from her...

T H E / U N _ I S _ U T E _

C H A _ _ I O N

...she's NOT THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPION yet, but we add $2,150 to her leading haul, which is now at $14,620 in cash & trip.

SOLE DUD: $300 R (Jared)

We reach the all-important Last Chance Round w/ Same Letter as its category...& $6K being the consonant value! After an M appears...

T _ M _ T _ N G

T R _ _ T S

...Lori's just devoured $18K in TEMPTING TREATS & heads to the endgame as a result w/ $32,620 in cash & Belize! In addition to forfeiting the MDW, Jared misses out on a $30K pot, but he still leaves w/ $11,950 in cash & gift tag & Jenny has the $2K in TU cash. $46,570 in cash & prizes was won in this thrilling maingame.

SOLE DUD: L (Jenny)


Big Money Round: Lori spins up the W; her BMR category this evening is Phrase. For starters:

_ _ S T

_ _ _ _ R _ T _

She calls J, C, D & A and gets...

_ A S T

_ A J _ R _ T _ Lori part of the VAST MAJORITY who got this puzzle w/ all of that showing...YES w/ about three seconds left! She nearly doubles her bank w/ an extra $30K & leaves this stage w/ $62,620 in cash & vacation; well done!

CC: A nighttime solo game leads off Thursday's NY episode. Jeff's mission is to make it 38 blocks to 8th & 34th...but he falls about five blocks short at the start of the $200 Round, losing $400.

Still at night, Nick & Vinny are out to go to a Mandee store on Broadway & 91st that's 36 blocks away. They don't quite get the $50 Round sweep.

$100 Round (22 blocks left):
1. Before it was Americanized, what pen name for children's book author Theodore Geisel was meant to rhyme w/ "voice"?
Guess: Dr. Seuss- YOU BET ($250)
2. Coined by astrophysicist Fritz Zwicky, what term for a massive, stellar explosion is abbreviated S.N.?
Mobile Shout-Out: Vinny calls his uncle Mike, who says Supernova.
Guess: Supernova- RIGHT ($350)(11 blocks to go)
3. In 2006, a Pittsburgh high school student proved that ironing your mail could kill the spores of what deadly bacteria?
Guess: Anthrax- YES INDEED ($450)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: As of 2009, name seven of the nine nations w/ the most companies on the global Fortune 500 list.
Correct countries given: U.S., Great Britain, France, Germany, China, Switzerland & Canada ($700)(other two countries not revealed on TV)
Final Question: Named for a Bing Crosby movie, what hotel franchise launched w/ four motels covering the corners of Memphis, TN?
Guess: Holiday Inn- WINS $800; GOES SHOPPING

Rebecca, Ryan & Sahar are completing the Thursday evening trifecta w/ a 35-block DOUBLE RIDE to Eighth & 116th Avenues. They're off to a $400 beginning.

$200 Round (18 blocks remaining):
1. Pronounced "ha, ha, ha" in Thai, "five, five, five" is Thailand's version of what common three-letter Internet abbreviation?
Guess: LOL- RIGHT ($600)
2. Inspiring the name of a brand of gin, The Smithsonian's Star of Bombay is a famous example of what gemstone?
Guess: Sapphire- RIGHT ($800)(five blocks left)
3. Due to its pungent algae, what colorful arm of Lake Michigan was once named "Bay of the Stinkers"?
Guess: Michigan Peninsula- INCORRECT (A: Green Bay)
$500 RLC: Receiving a bit of homefield advantage, six African nations have competed in the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament. Name four of them.
Correct countries said: South African, Ghana, Nigeria & Cameroon ($1,300)
Not given: Algeria & The Ivory Coast
FQ: In a 1964 interview, author Vladimir Nabokov took credit for parents no longer naming their parents' daughters what?
Guess: Lolita- WINS $1.5K!

Now, they're trying to become the first contestants this season to top the $3K mark. Here's their big Q:

VIDEO BONUS: For centuries, historians have been mystified by these monoliths in the remote regions of the Pacific. While Westerners call this destination Easter Island, what's the standard Polynesian name for this island & its people? Ryan's brother just visited that.

Ryan's final answer for the group is Croatoa...NO. Darn. Correct: Rapa Nui.


Someplace on 1235 West Randolph awaits John & Linda 38 blocks away.

$50 Round:
1. Alluding to the NY governor that supported its construction, what famed canal did detractors dub Clinton's big ditch?
Guess: Erie- CORRECT ($50)
2. Three feet shorter than a MINI, what brand of microcar merged from an unlikely marriage between Mercedes-Benz & Swatch?
Guess: SmartCar (because they own one)- OF COURSE ($100)(33 blocks left)
3. In 2007, the downtrodden town of Zitiste, Sebria tried to punch up its image by unveiling a statue of what legendary on-screen heavyweight?
Guess: Arnold Schwarzenegger- NO (A: Rocky Balboa)
4. What midwestern state's the only state w/ the postal abbreviation consisting of two vowels?
Guess: IA for Iowa- RIGHT ($150)

$100 Round:
1. Before it gained sharper "focus", what veteran ABC newsmagazine was described as "dizzingly absurd" by The New York Times in 1978?
Guess: "20/20"- RIGHT ($250)(17 blocks remaining)
2. The Johnnie Cochran of his time, what famed defense attorney worked both the Leopold & Loeb case & the Scopes Monkey Trial?
STRIKE TWO (A: Clarence Darrow)
3. In the 1950s, the grass on minature golf courses was often made from the dyed green hair of what cantankerous barnyard animal?
Guess: Goat- CORRECT ($350)(four blocks left)
RLC: When the NHL started out, there were only six teams in the league. Name all six of these North American cities.
Correct cities said: Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit & NYC ($600)
4. The High-Bouncing Lover & Trimalchio in West Egg were two of the many proposed titles for what Jazz-age novel?
Guess: Catcher in the Rye- LOSS (A: The Great Gatsby)

The other DR of the night's being taken by Laura, Paul & Stephanie, 41 blocks worth. They get past their opening Q's no sweat.

$200 Round:
1. Though Minnesota's the Land of 10,000 Lakes, what U.S. state takes first prize w/ more than three million?
Guess: Michigan- NOPE (A: Alaska)(25 blocks to go)
2. Supposedly the secret to fresh breath, retsyn is the trademark ingredient of what brand of mint?
Guess: Certs- CORRECT ($600)
3. Japan's answer to the Dow, what financial index tracks the ups & downs of the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
Guess: Nikkei- RIGHT ($800)(10 blocks left)
4. Meaning "causing trouble", what expression invokes the name of Adam & Eve's murderous son?
MSO: Paul phones somebody named Bhoomi; his guess' Raising Cain.
Guess: Raising Cain- RIGHT ($1K)

Sole $400 Q: In a famous paradox by physicist Erwin Schrodinger, what type of animal's locked in a chamber w/ poisonus gas?
Guess: Cat- WINS $1,400

Before Beth can take the rest of the night off, Cameron, Carolyn, Kyra & Tanya Woods all have to play a 35-block game...w/ two strikes, they get out of there at mom's request w/ $450.

J!: The first three teenage semi-finalists are as follows:

Raya Elias-Pushett
Idrees Kahloon
Brandon Welch

First Six Subjects:

R U "SHR"?

At the first break, all three are separated by $1K margins, w/ Brandon in first place at $2,800, followed by Raya w/ $1,800 & Idrees w/ $800. After Brandon takes the first "SHR" clue, Raya gets the $400 one just before locating the Daily Double in the middle square under that category. Of her $2,200, she risks $1,800. This clue could put her in front, at least for now:

In 1936, Adolf Ehinger improved upon this office device, fashioning it after a pasta-making machine.

"What's a shredder?"...that's the object for four grand & the lead! At round's end, she's barely leading Brandon $6,800-$6,200; Idrees' a distant last place w/ $1,400 & thus will begin Double Jeopardy!

SOLE TS OF THE ROUND: Attempted $800 U.S. History clue

Double Jeopardy! Agenda:

"Design squad Nation" (because it's National Engineers Week)

Behind the fourth clue of this round, the $1,600 one from It's All a Myth, is a DD for Brandon; Raya's just stolen his end of Round 1 score, but Brandon's now leading her by $600. His wager on the following data is THE WHOLE WORKS. This True DD's worth $14,800 & the Lock Game Territory position or nothing at all:

It's the answer to The Sphinx' riddle- "What walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon & 3 in the evening?".

"What is man?"...this boy's now in the lead w/ the DOUBLER! But when she breaks five figures on the nose, Raya hits the last DD attached to the $800 answer about Rivers; she's $9,600 behind Brandon, while Idrees' is all but out of it w/ $2,600. She'll also try a TDD! This is to take a $400 lead:

The traditional source of this river is marked by a stone in a field 356 feet above sea level & three miles southwest of Cirencester.


DJ! LACH TRASH (all attempted): $2K

Heading Into Final:

Brandon: $21,200
Idrees: $6,600
Raya: $25,600


Brandon: $15,400
Idrees: $6,600
Raya: $15,200

FINAL JEOPARDY! WAGERING SUGGSTIONS (4/5 & Intermediate Shore's Conjecture):

Brandon: $7,999
Idrees: ALL-IN or close to that
Raya: $3,601 or $16,801

FJ! TOPIC: The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The smallest ancient wonder, it was the only one ever moved, having been transported to Constantinople around 391 A.D.

Idrees Kahloon's revealed to have a response of "What is the Colusses of Rhodes?"...HE LOSES EVERYTHING, so he's leaving w/ 10 large. As it turns out, everybody wrote that down- the correct landmark was The Statue of Zeus in Olympia. Wagers from everyone else...

Brandon: ALL-IN
Raya: $19,940 default, Raya Elias-Pushett becomes a finalist!

Wipeout: The Winter finale has family teams competing.

Opening Qualifier Obstacle: Snowblower (the Polar Bear Express' also there near the end once again)


Dennis & John "Ding Dong" Ross: 7:51.1
Don Kemper & Tatiana Kelly ("Salt & Pepper"): 6:33.9
Amy Batten & Angela Medure (mother/sister): 7:28.1
Gary & Larry Lane (twin brother roomates who hate Algebra): 5:40.9

The other two qualifying teams for The Ski Lift are Bruce & Sally Aster & Britney & John Pulsifer.

Advancing to the Mt. Wipeout Chalet:

1. Amy & Angela
2. The Lanes
$1K BONUS WINNERS: Bruce (representing his team) & Sally Aster


1. The Lanes
2. The Asters

THE WZ: The Lanes combine for a time of...16:92.25. As for The Asters... ...because Bruce left Sally only 40 seconds to complete the whole course, they'll have to settle for $1K while the Lanes take home the $50K!

John Anderson's brother Jack appears at the end!

DFtL!: Folks, Candice Coke from Long Beach, NY (a clothing designer) has the same last name as a famous soft drink product; if she won any money on this episode, she might buy at least a year's supply of Coca-Cola (we may be just kidding, though).

Specialty Categories: 1960s & Let's Boogie

1. 1960s (both 1968 songs)
A: "For Once in My Life" by Stevie Wonder
B: "Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin
PICK: "For Once in My Life"
PREVIOUS LINE: "As long as I know I have love"
BASE GUESS: " make it"
FINAL GUESS: "I can make it"

2. Let's Boogie ('70s songs)
A: "Boogie Nights" by Heatwave (1977)
B: "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind & Fire w/ The Emotions (1979)
PICK: "Boogie Wonderland"
PREVIOUS LINE: "You say your prayers though, you don't care"

A: "You dance to fight the hurt"
B: "You dance and shake the hurt"
C: "You will not go to church"


MySpace Karaoke Featured Singer: Brittany (O'Fallon, IL; she sang Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi")

3. Rock (another pair of '70s tunes)
A: "Bad Company" by Bad Company (1974)
B: "Don't Do Me Like That" by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (1979)
PICK: "Don't Do Me Like That"
PREVIOUS LINE: "...don't do me like that"
BASE GUESS: "You said you loved me, baby" (after originally blanking out)
FINAL GUESS: "I said I loved you, baby" (A: "Someday, I might need you, baby")

4. Pop
A: "We've Only Just Begun" by The Carpenters (1970)
B: "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" by Michael Jackson (1983)
PICK: "P.Y.T."
PREVIOUS LINE: "You need some lovin', (T.L.C.) tender lovin' care"
FINAL GUESS: "And I'll take you there"

Trivia Question: What was the original name of Tom Petty's band, The Heartbreakers- Wailers, Marauders, Sundowners or Spinners?
Hint: They were also known as The Epics & Mudcrutch
ANSWER: Sundowners

Candice decided to try for the doubler to $5K.

ENCORE: "Best of My Love" by The Emotions (1977)(Let's Boogie)
PREVIOUS LINE: "Goin' in and..."
FINAL GUESS: "...out of changes that would feel so good inside" (A: "...out of changes kind that come around each day")

Putting his knowledge of the movie songs to the test on this day was Steve Earley from Pittsburgh, MA (who runs a roller skating rink & has been married to Donna for seven years).


1. '90s Movies
A: "Finally" by CeCe Peniston (1991) from "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"
B: "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion (1996) from "Up Close & Personal"
PICK: "Finally"
PREVIOUS LINE: "The way I feel about you, it just..."
FINAL GUESS: "...can't be wrong"

2. "Beverly Hills Cop" ('80s songs)
A: "The Heat Is On" by Glenn Frey (1985)
B: "Neutron Dance" by The Pointer Sisters (1984)
PICK: "The Heat Is On"
PREVIOUS LINE: "Caught up in the action"
BASE GUESS: "Baby, I don't know the rest"

A: "Keeping both my eyes on you"
B: "I'll be looking out for you"
C: "Never know just what is true"


MySpace Karaoke Featured Singer #2: Richard (Smyrna, TN; "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night)

3. Duets (both '80s songs)
A: "Somewhere Out There" by Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram (1987) from "An American Tail"
B: "Almost Paradise" by Mike Reno & Ann Wilson (1984) from "Footloose"
PICK: "Somewhere Out There"
PREVIOUS LINE: "And even though I know..."
FINAL GUESS: " very far apart we are"

4. '80s Movies
A: "On the Dark Side" by John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band (1984) from "Eddie & The Cruisers"
B: "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds (1985) from "The Breakfast Club"
PICK: "Don't You"
PREVIOUS LINE: "Love's strange, so real in the dark. Think of the..."
BASE GUESS: " and I'll help you in the park"
FINAL GUESS: "...good times and I'll be there, too" (A: "...tender things that we were working on")

TQ #2: What was the name of the feature film The Spice Girls starred in- "Girl Power", "Wannabe", "Spice World" or "Extra Spicy"?
Hint: Meatloaf played the girls' bus driver
ANSWER: "Spice World"

He also tried the double or nothing gamble, but he was trying for $10K.

ENCORE: "Fame" by Irene Cara (1980)('80s Movies)
PREVIOUS LINE: "Give me love and take all I got to..."
FINAL GUESS: "...take me away from the life that I've got now" (A: "...give. Baby, I'll be tough; too much is not enough")

That sent both players home w/ the MP3 player.

Millionaire (Million Dollar Movie Week, Day 4):

Episode ratings:

"Ca$h Cab":
NYC: 5
Chicago: 7
8: "Wheel of Fortune"
7: "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?", "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire", "The Price is Right" & "Wipeout"
4: "Don't Forget the Lyrics!"
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