Tuesday, February 08, 2011

"The Biggest Loser" 2/8

As of right now, the contestants representing Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels (the latter of whom is now a Go Daddy.co girl) are the Black Team (they could've been the Blue Team instead), while everyone else makes up the Red Team.

Temptation Challenge #2: Everybody has three minutes to eat as many chocolates as they desire. The winner, who will be kept a secret, will get the opportunity to trade two members of their team for two members of their opponents.

I can tell you now that the top eater is...

...Arthur Wornum, & he has decided to send Jay & Jennifer Jacobs to the RT in exchange for Deni Hill & Sarah Nitta.

Main Challenge: Both groups are competing in a six-phase challenge. After completing each of the first five tasks, they will receive a present which will contain something that's necessary for the final assignment. The winners will receive video messages from home.

Endurance (Courtney Crozier & Olivia Ward vs. Jen & Kaylee Kinikini): Push a rock up a hill while being blindfolded.
Speed (Irene Alvarado & Marci Crozier vs. Austin Andrews & Rulon Gardner): Build a six-foot tower of bricks so that it reaches the big red line & have it stand for five seconds.
Agility (Deni & Sarah vs. Justin Pope & Ken Andrews): Put these five foods in order from the least amount of calories to the most- BBW w/ skin & corn on the cob, S'Mores, a hot dog w/ baked beans & some fixings, a bowl of chili w/ cheese & a cheeseburger w/ some kind of BBQ potato chips.
Strength (Arthur & Jesse Wornum): Walk across a telephone pole while holding a log.
Knowledge (Hannah Curlee) : Hit your team's giant colored heart w/ an arrow via a bow.
FINAL TASK: Put together a heart-shaped puzzle.

As you can see, the BT wins easily, as Justin & Ken NEVER got past the third part of this challenge.

Correct Answers for Task #3:

267- Chili
775- Hot dog
830- S'Mores
1,295- Cheeseburger
1,365- BBQ chicken



Jay: 317 lbs, 14 pounds lost, 4.23%

Jen: 218 lbs, 14 pounds lost, 6.03%

Austin: 316 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 3.07%

Ken: 307 lbs, 14 pounds lost, 4.36%

Q Allen: 378 lbs, seven pounds lost, 1.82%

Rulon: 382 lbs, 12 pounds lost, 3.05%

Justin: 282 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 3.42%

Kaylee Kinikini: 190 lbs, five pounds lost, 2.56%

Moses (he needs to lose at least 11 pounds to break the weekly 100-pound speed record at six weeks, but twice as much so that he can guarantee himself immunity in case his team loses): 340 lbs, 11 pounds lost, 3.13%- NEW RECORD!

Their overall weight percentage is 3.43%.

BT (needs to have lost a combined total of at least 78 lbs.):

Deni: 201 lbs, nine pounds lost, 4.29% (69 pounds to go)

Sarah: 212 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 4.5% (59 pounds to go)

Arthur: 435 lbs, nine pounds lost, 2.03% (50 pounds to go)

Jesse: 246 lbs, 11 pounds lost, 4.28% (39 pounds to go)

Courtney: 265 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 3.64% (29 pounds to go)

Marci (who's currently 49 years old): 187 lbs, 13 pounds lost, 6.5% (16 pounds to go)

Olivia: 208 lbs, 16 pounds lost, 7.14%- GOAL TEMPORARILY MET ON THE NOSE!

Irene: 204 lbs, 12 pounds lost, 5.56%

Hannah: 201 lbs, nine pounds lost, 4.29%

Their winning percentage this week is 4.38%!

ELIMINATION: The next person to be voted out of this game, by a tally of 8-1, is...

...Q, so The Allens are done.
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