Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"Top Chef: All-Stars" 2/2

Quickfire #7: Make a plate in a half-hour that will be judged on presentation & aesthetics only.

Guest Judge: Isaac Mizrahi


Carla Hall: Borscht & sandwich w/ a lattice of cucumber
Tre Wilcox: Smoked salmon w/ beets, curry noodles & food coloring
Fabio Viviani: Tuna w/ a sidewalk of caramel, mushroom umbrellas & lemon juice
Dale Talde: Beet puree w/ cantaloupe, maple syrup meringue, avocado & mango
Mike Isabella: Carrot puree w/ roasted eggplant & egg yolk
Richard Blais: "Black Sunday"- Black chocolate ice cream w/ menthol crystals, herbal salad & mint ice cream dots
Antonia Lofaso: Yuca potato w/ lentils, nuts & seeds
Tiffany Derry: Almond gazpacho w/ grapes & dirt made of rye bread
Angelo Sosa: Pineapple skin w/ a curry-salted egg & dill

BOTTOM THREE: Angelo, Dale & Tre
TOP THREE: Carla, Fabio & Richard

The next immunity winner is...


ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #7: Three teams of three are ordered to make something inspired by the Rao's family, but everybody will be judged individually.

Dino the Chef (Dino Gatto): All three ladies
Frankie No (Frank Pellegrino): Angelo, Fabio & Richard
Junior (Frank Pellegrino, Jr.): Dale, Mike & Tre


Carla: Minestrone soup w/ basil oil, tomatoes & homemade Focaccia
Antonia: Mussels w/ fennel, white wine, garlic & parsley ciabatta
Tiffany: Polenta Terrine w/ Italian sausage, roasted peppers & kale
Mike: Spicy Calamari w/ fresh Rigatoni & tomato sauce
Dale: Fresh pasta w/ pancetta, Brussels Sprouts, Chanterelle mushrooms & Pecorino Romano
Tre: Grilled vegetable risotto w/ marinated tomatoes & fresh basil
Fabio: Pollo Anna Cacciatora w/ Pollo Al Pecorino
Angelo: Sauteed pork chop w/ cherry peppers, green olives, tomatoes & pancetta
Richard: Fresh pancetta cutlet w/ broccolini & picked cherry tomatoes

TOP FOUR: Antonia, Carla, Fabio & Tiffany
WINNER: Antonia
BOTTOM THREE: Dale, Mike (second time in a row) & Tre (fourth)

The first chef eliminated this month is...


...Tre. But he still leaves w/ $25,000.
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