Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Top Chef: All-Stars" 2/23

Quickfire #10: Make a deep-fried dish in 30 minutes. This was the second Quickfire in a row to offer $5K.

This Week's Featured Guest Judge: Paula Deen


Antonia Lofaso: Fried avocado, shrimp & jalapeno-grilled corn w/ tomato & fried herbs- DISQUALIFIED (she didn't plate two portions of her dish in time)
Dale Talde: Fried steak-wrapped oyster w/ egg yolk omelet, parsley tips & chives
Richard Blais: Fried bacon w/ fried mayonnaise, tomato & cucumber
Tiffany Derry: Fried chicken & pickles w/ honey mustard sauce w/ cilantro & cumin salad
Carla Hall: Catfish w/ Dijon mustard, hushpuppies & coleslaw w/ mayo, hot sauce & mint
Mike Isabella: Fried chicken oysters w/ mustard gravy & oyster liquor

BOTTOM TWO: Carla & Dale
WINNER: Mike (had Antonia not gotten DQed, she would've won the bonus money instead of him)

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #11: Cook some kind of Gulf Coast seafood for 300 people w/ a previously eliminated chef. The winner of this challenge received a Barbados vacation.

Other Guest Judge for this Challenge: John Besh


Mike: Tiffani Faison- Brown shrimp
Richard: Fabio Viviani- Snapper
Carla: Tre Wilcox- Red grouper
Tiffany: Marcel Vigneron- White shrimp
Antonia: Spike Mendelsohn- Crabs
Dale: Angelo Sosa- Amberjack


Mike: Grit-crusted Gulf shrimp w/ sour cream & chive potatoes w/ pork & lobster sauce
Richard: Grispy Gulf Snapper w/ pulled pork & citrus grits
Carla: Fried Groupier w/ collard greens & Chow-Chow Pico
Tiffany: Honey-glazed shrimp & grits w/ jalapeno, cheese & shellfish sauce
Dale: Amberjack stew w/ Andouille sausage & potatoes & a creole mustard crouton
Antonia: Blue crab cake w/ corn, jalapeno & Andouille relish w/ crab sauce

TOP THREE: Antonia (fourth straight time & sixth overall), Mike (second) & Richard (second in a row & sixth overall)

The cook who DIDN'T qualify for the Top 5 was...


...Dale. But he definitely didn't leave us empty-handed; he got $30K & a trip to Napa.
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