Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Top Shot" 2/22

Team Challenge #3: Featuring the M1A rifle (U.S. in 1974) & some winds w/ gusts of 50 mph, this is an uphill relay race that will end w/ destroying an ammo dump. At each of the four stations are two exploding targets (one 75 yards away, while the other's 100 yds. from view); only two members per team can shoot at each pair of targets. The first duo from both teams will finish the course by shooting down both targets at the ammo dump.

We already have some bad news for the Red Team- John Guida has WITHDRAWN from this program due to some injuries. The Blue Team therefore chooses to bench Kyle Frasure.

Taking over the lead in challenge wins are...

...the RT! What played a part in the BT's loss was Jermaine Finks getting confused about his team's lineup order; he was so anxious in trying to get all the way up to the top of the hill to get to the ammo dump.


W/ a whopping five votes, Jermaine's in the Elimination Challenge. But since he votes for Kyle & Kyle shoots at Jay Lim's target, the deciding vote for the other spot will be cast by Maggie Reese. Jermaine's opponent will be...Jay.

EC #3: Using the Austrian Glock 17 (1982), Jermaine & Jay will be shooting at a brown wall w/ a black/blue target on it. Behind the wall are 20 friend plates & 20 black/white foe plates; they can only shoot at the foe ones. Each one hit in 30 seconds is worth a point, but nailing a friend one will cause a point to be deducted from one's score.

Jermaine goes first...he hits seven good targets & one baddie, for a total of six points. Not factoring any penalties, Jay's tied w/ him right now...

...he didn't get any penalty points. That's good news for him- because the tiebreaker for this challenge is having the fewest penalization points, he just ELIMINATED Jermaine!
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