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3/10/2011 Results

LMaD: Kortnee (dressed as a turkey) now controls three prizes that all start w/ HO behind Curtains #1 & #2 & the Big Box; I can tell you that at least one of them is a Honda product. She first gives away the BB to Ryan (dressed as a construction worker). Thinking it could be a house of some kind, he turns down both $600 & $800. Wow, you all are going to be so surprised over this result, but this man is absolutely...wrong- the HOCKEY-PLAYING DONKEY puts him in the show's penalty box. Kortnee carefully trades #2 to Katie (dressed as a fried egg) before she's tempted w/ $700, a C-note, $1,200 & $1,400. Alas, Katie wants to stay w/ the middle curtain...DEALER'S DELIGHT- it's the HONDA FIT! When we've come back to Kortnee, she also declines as much as a thousand dollars...NO Honda this time behind #1, but she has a $2,900 HOME GYM.

This morning's featured couple are Joseph (dressed as a clown) & Paula; Joseph's handed the VETO card in case Paula wants something he doesn't necessarily want.

Round 1: Blackberry Curb 8900 w/ a bonus (Jonathan Mangum)($400) or Silver Envelope (Wayne Brady)?
PICK: Envelope
ENVELOPE: Trip to Napa Valley ($2,367)

Round 2:
Curtain #3: YES
CURTAIN #3: French Empire-styled dining room set ($4,794)

Silver Small Box (Jonathan): YES
BOX: Dollhouse- ZONK OUT

Christy (dressed as a pirate girl) tells Jonathan to Rap Her a Deal regarding that same small box. The rap Jon gives all of us sounds like it has to do w/ a computer; Christy's confident it's specifically a laptop. But she then takes The Big Risk on Curtain #2. Yes, there was indeed such a $2,400 package from Hewlett-Packard...but she's been KNOCKED OUT of this game by the WHACK-A-ZONK contraption.

Michael Wilkes (dressed as a cow) receives the next Blank Check for him to complete.

1. Yellow
2. Red
3. Blue
4. Green

Green- FOUR ($4)
Red- ONE ($104)

He's keeping his cash for the time being...which totals $4,104! But what did he just leave inside the BB...a trip to the Windjammer Landing.

Mary needs to Keep On Rollin' if she wants to win either of these prizes:

Curtain #1: Samsung home entertainment package ($2,400)
Curtain #2: Kawasaki KLR650 ($5,999)
Curtain #3: Ford Fiesta Hatch

1. SIX
2. FIVE- WIN (11); STOPS

1. TWO
2. ONE

About to participate in the Head-To-Head Sound Effects Deal are Rita (a college student majoring in English who's wearing cat ears)(Jonathan) & Tamisha (dressed as a giraffe)(Wayne). Having to sit down w/ $100 because she wasn't more popular than the other is...Rita. As for Tamisha, she could have an experience w/ what's inside the small box (Tiffany Coyne in front of Curtain #2), unless she wants some money. Mr. Brady offers no more than $800 for that box back, but Tamisha's going the yogaworks package ($2,298)- PERFECT DEAL!

THE BIG DEAL: Kortnee missed out on a car by passing it to Katie at the top of this episode (who looks like Britney Spears in the face, I might add; she'll probably listen to some Britney songs while driving it), but maybe she could win one of her own as part of today's Big Deal worth $25,524; if the Toyota Yaris' not part of it, maybe the $15,885 Swedish getaway is. Her final choice's Door #3. I would've goofed w/ #1, but I would've won the $8,100 watches. But because she want w/ her own door...she's the second straight first-run BD winner! Not only is she going to Sweden, she's boarding the $9,639 Greek Isles Cruise! Had any trader gotten the small deal behind #2, they would've been making pizza w/ the $2,252 pizzeria extravaganza.

Today's grand total: $50,076!

TPiR: This has been a great week for the program so far, in-studio & at-home! For the record, we have a Home Viewer Showcase w/ a current combined value of about $50K in cash & prizes.

We'll add on to that during this hour, but George Gray has to fill out Contestant's Row first w/ these colorful strangers- Adria Hernandez, Tavis Dickerson, Nathan Tyre from the Coast Guard & latest birthday lady Lisa Christensen. Tiffany's standing to the first IUFB- an XBOX 360 Kinect package (rotating clam).

Adria: $450
Tavis: $750
Nathan: $800
Lisa: $615

ARP: $1,020

Nathan, who's been serving our country for about a year, plays Switch? for the $1,800 Panasonic 50" plasma (Rachel) & a $2,959 home speaker system (Manuela). Does he refuse the

Fifth is Jeffrey Grant & IUFB #2's three pieces of Atlantic luggage (all in front of CR).

Jeffrey: $550
Lisa: $695
Adria: $750
Tavis: BUCK

ARP: $720

49-year-old Lisa plays the Range Game for a Tahiti trip to the Le Taha'a Island Resort & Spa worth at least $14,900 (Manuela at Door #4). She stops the big board at $15,136-$15,286...NO happy birthday for her on "Price", at least not yet. The price was $15,344.

Sixth is Yvette Reta & this third one-bid coming down from the ceiling is part of the HVS, a Michele tri-tone ladies' watch.

Adria: $1,300
Tavis: $1,850
Jeffrey: $1,851

ARP: $2,095

Jeffrey of a Drew Squad, whose family's expecting a baby, may be about to clean up in Master Key, because he's playing that particular Pricing Game for the MOST EXPENSIVE CAR OF ANY KIND EVER OFFERED on this game...a CR-V EX-L 4WD worth $27,895 (Manuela)! Also waiting to be won are a Danby wine cooler (Rachel) & an Ivanko dumbbell set (Tiffany).

1. Meatball grilling basket
SETUP: 350

2. Taylor USA fruit/vegetable juicer/processor
SETUP: 469

Surprisingly, #2...IS THE MK- OVER $30K IN PRIZES FOR THE GRANTS!!!

Lisa ($720): 15 + 60 = Three Quarters
Nathan ($1,020): 45 + 90 = OVER
Jeffrey ($31,958): Trio of Quarters

Lisa: $.75 again
Jeffrey: WINS W/ $.85!

Kitch, I'm sure you're rooting him on in the Showcase so that your accounting for this episode won't be ruined. No matter what, though, his CR-V will NOT appear again at the end of the show.

Afterwards, Seattle Sounders fan Janet Harris walks on down & One-Bid #4's his/her iPad 3Gs (Manuela & Tiffany).

Janet: $1,100
Yvette: $1K
Adria: $1.5K
Tavis: $1,501

ARP: $1,553

W/ that extra singleton, aspiring pediatrician Tavis from the Keck School of Medicine plays Hi-Lo for a bedroom w/ The Maids' service every other week for a year, all worth $11,299 (Rachel at Door #3). Thursday's grocery items are a bag of Cheetos Puffs, Voskos Greek Yogurt, Color Oops, those Glad OdorShield Trash Bags, a jug of Florida's Natural Orange Juice & a bag of Roman Meal Multigrain Bread.

1. Coloring- $10.85
2. Bags- $7.29
3. Juice- $3.99

Rest of the stuff:

Cheetos- $2.99
Yogurt- $1.49
Bread- $2.56; WIN!

The next customer's Cristina Bernardo & the next-to-last item on the one-bid list appears to be a Palm Springs country club golf getaway (Rachel behind splitting sign).

Cristina: $800
Janet: $1,400
Yvette: $1,225
Adria: $1,401

ARP: $2,342

Adria's finally qualified to play a PG, which in her case is Make Your Move. This golf edition's prizes are Titlist golf balls (Manuela), ladies' golf clubs (Manuela) & a red E-Z Go ST Sport 2+2 golf cart (Tiffany at Door #2). The line of numbers:


Let's see if she's scored a hole in one w/ the following...


...NO- the first two prizes' sliders were flip-flopped. Tough luck.

Christopher Davidson's going to the Row last & the final IUFB's a ladies accessory package from Diane von Furstenberg (Manuela in the regular clam).

Christopher: $1.5K
Cristina: $1,300
Janet: $1,600
Yvette: $1,601

ARP: $1,821

Yvette plays Pocket Change for the Accord LX-S (Std., Sensors, Lighting, Mats)(Rachel's Crazy Car Lot).


Second Digit:
1. 8 (Half-Dollar)
2. 4 (Three Quarters)
3. 5 (BUCK)
4. 7 ($ 2 3 , _ _ _; $1.25)

Third Digit:
1. 4 ($1.50)
2. 5 ($ 2 3 , 5 _ _)

Fourth Digit:
1. 7 ($1.75)
2. 8 ($ 2 3 , 5 4 _; $2)

Last Digit: 8 ($23,547; $2.25)- TIES ALL-TIME HIGH PRICE


1. Nickel ($.30)
2. Dime ($.40)
3. Dime (Half-Dollar)
FINAL ONE: Quarter

My lineup:

1. Master Key
2. Hi-Lo
3. Switch?
4. Make Your Move
5. Range Game
6. Pocket Change

Yvette ($1,821): WINS $1K
Adria ($2,342): Half-Dollar + Dime = $.60
Tavis ($12,852): 40 + 20 = SAME SCORE AS ADRIA

Yvette's Bonus Spin happens to freeze on...$.95. Regardless of what happened, she's today's Showcase runner-up.


Door #3- Lloyd Flanders Savannah wicker outdoor living room w/ a Jaipur rug (Rachel)
In between Doors #2 & #3- Bull Luxury Q BBQ island (HVS Prize #8) w/ a BBQ-tasting tour of the South (Rachel)
Door #2- Fit (Tiffany)




In between Doors #1 & #2- Snow at sleds & toboggans & a trip to the Sorell Hotel Seidenhof in Switzerland
In Door #1- Two Ski-Doos



BID: $22,500

ARP: $27,408

BID: $27,000
ARP: $37,611

Yvette wins a total of $30,229 in cash & stuff. But Jeffrey still leaves as the day's top winner w/ $31,958 in winnings, including the Honda SUV that he won.


CC: Because of severe weather, I'm unable to do a full recap of the first NYC game of the night that involves a couple of women named Gina & Anna at nighttime. They're booked to travel to Third & 116th. At the $300 mark early on in Round 2, here comes:

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: In the 2009 fiscal year, the highest number of newly-naturalized Americans were from Mexico & four Asian nations. Name these four Asian countries.
Correct countries given: India, The Philippines, Vietnam & China ($550)

They don't have time for a $200 Round of questions...but they still run the table & walk w/ $850.

Brian has a 46-block DOUBLE RIDE to McSorley's...but he also falls just short of the final round & loses $900 thanks to an unsuccessful Street Shout-Out while in the East Village; prior to that, he successfully made a Mobile SO to Jimmy.

W/ police car sirens being heard just before Ben Bailey activates the "Cab" for their game, Jen, John, Melissa & Rebecca are headed straight for the next 38 blocks to Fifth & 17th. They sweep their opening questions.

$100 Round:
1. Meaning "rough" in French, what term's commonly used to designate dry bottles of champagne?
Guess: Brute- CORRECT ($300)
RLC #2: In 2007, Britain's Total Film Magazine published a list of the 100 greatest movie directors of all-time. Name four of their top five on the list.
Correct directors said: Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg & Francis Ford Coppola ($550)
Other director: Howard Hawks (20 blocks left)
2. According to a WebMD article, what Bee-Gees soundtrack song sets the proper pace for CPR chest compression?
Guess: "Stayin' Alive"- RIGHT ($650)

3. Passing up Luxembourg, Snoop Dogg attempted to rent what tiny Alpine nation in its entirety for a 2010 video shoot?
Guess: Switzerland- STRIKE ONE (A: Lichtenstein)(14 blocks left)
4. Originally called Sextillis, what month's named after the adopted son of Julius Caesar?
Guess: June- STRIKE TWO (A: August)(eight blocks to go)

$200 Round:
1. The subject of a Foreigner song, the perception problem Diplopia's more commonly known as what?
Guess: Double vision- CORRECT ($850)(five blocks remaining)
Final Question: In the game of golf, an eagle is two strokes under par, while what symbolic seabird's three under par?
MSO: Rebecca puts Paul on the line; they go w/ what he says.
Guess: Albatross- WINS $1,050


It's an instant daylight DR for Chris & Dave; starting near a Citgo, they're on a 39-block trek to 14th & 17th North Damen.

$100 Round:
1. To raise money for the base, what landmark's right arm was put on display at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia?

Guess: The Statue of Liberty- CORRECT ($100)
2. According to The White House's website, James Garfield was the last U.S. President to be born in what humbled style of house?
Guess: Log cabin- RIGHT ($200)
3. Named for its color & taste, what popular variety of apple originally had the less appetizing name Mullins' Yellow Seedling?
Guess: Green- NO (A: Golden Delicious)
4. Sometimes described as animal dandruff, what allergen's defined as the minute scales from hair, feathers or skin?
Guess: Pet dandruff- YES INDEED ($300)(25 blocks to go)

$200 Round:
1. Last year, boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao became a political heavyweight after getting elected to the Congress of what nation?

Guess: The Philippines- RIGHT ($500)
2. In 2005, British Columbia scientists determined that it would require at least two people to perform what livestock-related prank?
Guess: Cow-tipping- RIGHT ($700)(16 blocks left)
3. Often linked to Hip-Hop, what form of vocal percussion employs three basic sounds called the kick drum, the hi-hat & the snare drum?
Guess: Beatbox- RIGHT ($900)
$500 RLC: The four big cities of Tennessee each top 150K in population. Earn more cash by "Volunteering" the names of these four Volunteer State cities.
Correct cities given: Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville & Chattanooga ($1,400)(four blocks left)
4. In 1989, what Dr. Seuss classic was challenged in a California school district due to its alleged indictment of the logging industry?
Guess: Green Eggs & Ham- STRIKE TWO (A: The Lorax; their second guess was Oh, The Places You'll Go)

Sole $400 Q: Official supplier of NBA game balls, what sporting goods company lost 30 cases of golf clubs & tennis rackets on The Titanic?
Guess: Spalding- WINS $1,800!

For the second straight night, we have a chance to see possibly Beth's biggest winners to date on this show!

$3,600 VIDEO BONUS: This colorful crawler belongs to a category of snakes that use heat-sensing organs to hunt for prey. Named for the deep depressions on the side of its head, what's this venomous sub-family of snake?

Their first guess of Cobra would've been wrong, but their actual final answer's the Python...ALSO WRONG- FOILED AGAIN. Darn. That was a Pit Viper.

Sach only needs to ride 25 blocks so that she can get to Union Station. She uses both SOs during her first three Q's (Street on her very first one within the downtown loop)...& she gives back $250.

The area of North & David anxiously await Chad & Mark, 48 blocks away...& they leave w/ $1,050 after nearly striking out themselves.

WoF: Tonight, one former "Price" contestant is here! Before we remind everyone of who he is & his opponents, we need to do a $1,000 Toss-Up that's a Thing:

_ _ R B _ C _ E

_ I _

Sheri is incorrect w/ BARBECUE RIB; it might've been if the category had actually been Food & Drink.

B A R B _ C _ E

_ I _

Here's the guy I'm talking about, Philip, solving BARBECUE PIT to get off the zero mark first! Let's get to know this gang:

PHILIP COUSIN (Las Vegas)- A UNLV Math tutor/teaching instructor who loves to go on road trips & previously won $14,953 in prizes, including a Chevy Cobalt, on the June 27, 2006 episode of "The Price is Right"!
Marla Wokurka (St. Louis)- Stay-at-home mom/church volunteer
Sheri Cook (Missoula, MT)- A medical historian who works at a plasma donation center

The $2K TU's identity is Phrase:

_ _ T _ / _ S

_ / _ U _ _ _ N

Philip's CUTE AS A BUTTON for the tripler.

The first Hilton vacation's to Amsterdam worth $10,450 (remember, the Hilton gift tag's available all week long); category of the Eggland's Best Jackpot Round is Around the House. Philip starts by calling two T's for a grand, buying two E's, calling for three R's while on Jackpot for another $1.5K & purchasing two A's & three I's before calling two N's for another $1,200, but he next hits the Bankrupt next to the $2,500 wedge to lose $2,950. Secondly, Marla calls a $400 B & a $600 C, then we have...

_ _ R T A B _ E / A I R

C _ N _ I T I _ N E R

...& she solves PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER to keep the C-note & start the next puzzle.


It's Same Letter Round time. Marla opens by quickly calling a dud of T while on the gift certificate. Second, Sheri calls three N's for $1,200, buys a single A & E, calls a $900 R, but she then buys the only dud vowel on the board (O). Third, Philip puts up the SL of four F's for 14 big ones &...

F A _ _ _ _ -

F R _ E N _ _ _

F _ N N _

F _ _ _

...he locks in FAMILY-FRIENDLY FUNNY FILM...YES to jump to $17K!

DUDS: O (Sheri), T (Marla)

Sheri starts the Meineke Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round; topic's Fun & Games. First to come her way are four T's for $2,400, two $550 H's to make that $3.5K, then after she purchases two singleton vowels of E & A, she gets the other natural Bankrupt to lose the remaining three thou. Second, Philip calls five I's while on Free Play but then Bankrupts the same way as Sheri; that's his second one tonight. Third, Marla lights up three N's for $900 & buys the rest of the vowels (three O's & a U), followed by a $400 F & the board now...

_ H I _ _ I N _

O U T / A T / T H E

I N F I N I T _ / _ O O _

...she's won another eight Benjamins & she'll be CHILLING OUT AT THE INFINITY POOL, located at the $6,200 Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa, so her second-place score's now worth $8K.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Sheri, Philip)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: LS01257 (Lucia S. from New York)

We need the Proper Name of an actor/actress right now:

_ O B E _ T

_ _ / _ I R O

He starts to say the name just as he buzzes in, but after catching his breath for a second, Philip does say ROBERT DE NIRO to reach the $20K plateau!

The next puzzle's a three-word Quotation; there's an apostrophe in the middle of the first word & the other two words end w/ exclamation marks. First up for Philip this time are a $10K pair of N's, the purchase of a trio of I's, but then comes the Bankrupt next to that $5K spot to take away the leftover $9,750; that's his third & hopefully final one this evening. Marla secondly calls the double G's for $1,800, buys the two E's to already clean out the vowels for this round & puts up trip M's while on FP for $1.5K extra, but then comes a D for dud. After Sheri calls for two L's worth 10 G's...

I ' M / M E L _ I N G !

M E L _ I N G !

...she recalls that famous quote "I'M MELTING! MELTING!" from The Wicked Witch of the West in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" to go from zero to second!

SOLE DUD: $300 D (Sheri)

People's the theme of this Last Chance Round & consonants are all worth...$1,400 a pop. After Philip gets an S quartet to pop up...

_ _ S _ N _ S S

_ _ R _ N _ R S

...before Vanna could finish putting them all up, he says BUSINESS PARTNERS to ice his cake to the tune of $5,600 & an all-cash sum of $25,600! Sheri's leaving $10K happier & Marla collects $8K in money & Costa Rica.

Thus, $43,600 in cash & vacation was won in this match.


Big Money Round: Philip spins the R & his final topic will be Person. All the RSTLNE can do is:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ R _

Cousin calls DCMA & gets...

_ _ D _ _ _ A R D there any doubt he can get BODYGUARD? I think NOT! And...

...after going this far without one, we have two $40K winners in a row! Philip, your all-cash grand total on this show is $65,600, making your new lifetime GS winnings $80,553 in cash & stuff! Congratulations!

More importantly, we've now given away $343,290, which is already A NEW SEASON-HIGH WEEKLY TOTAL, & we get our second opportunity this season for a PERFECT BONUS ROUND WEEK tomorrow!!! Don't miss it!

Video Bonus: Footage of Philip's second GS success!

J!: It was another Triple Stumper during Final Jeopardy! last night, but Quinn McDonald still had a lock game win & did alright in the money department. But the two men I'm about to describe want to do even better than she did this evening:

Evan Bastian (Clovis, CA)- An electrical engineer who has driven to all 58 counties of California & taken a picture of every county line
Tim Maas (McAlester, OK)- Army ammunition inspector

Thursday's First Categories:



On the ninth clue of the night, McDonald picks the Daily Double under the $800 "Thing" w/ $1,400 & trails Maas for the early lead by $400; Bastian's close behind w/ $600. Her wager is $500, so this clue could give her a $100 lead if she gets it right:

This Shakespeare comedy's set in Messina.

She can't come up w/ Much Ado About Nothing, so back to $900 she goes. But she gets back up to $1.5K before we go to break & she's just a hundred behind Maas for first place; Bastian's slightly up to $800.

Time runs out before we can reach the last H.G. Wells answer.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $2,200

Scores After Opening Round:

Quinn: $6,300
Tim: $3,200
Evan: $2,600

Double Jeopardy! Topics:

ARGONNE NATIONAL LABORATORY (Clue Crew clues from that place in Chicago)

At the end of the second completed subject, New Englanders, Maas has a DD & the lead back to himself w/ $8,400; he's leading the champion by $2.5K & Bastian by $2,600. He'll wager three biggies. To add to his lead or drop to last by a margin by $400, here's his clue:

During a canoe ride in 1839, he realized rather than teach, he wanted to be a poet of nature.

"Who is (Henry David) Thoreau?"...he got him to break five figures w/ $11,400! When it counts on its middle clue, McDonald's gonna have to Learn Some German while she's back in third w/ $8,300; Bastian's second at $10,600 & Maas has a solid lead w/ $17,400. She'll also gamble three G's on this answer to try to re-gain second place:

It's grown in a garden; Die Sonnenblume.

"What is a rose?"...NOT correct. The right one was the sunflower, dropping the champ to $5,300.

SOLE TS OF THE ROUND: Unattempted $1,600 clue on Sibling Sports Rivalries

After DJ!:

Tim: $20,600
Evan: $15,800


Quinn: $7,200
Tim: $19,600
Evan: $15,800

FINAL JEOPARDY! CATEGORY: 20th Century Presidential Elections.

The last time the Democratic & Republican nominees had once been governor of the same state, this was the Senate.

Everybody wrote down a response of "What is New York?"...right! How much did the group risk?...

Quinn: $3K = $6,700 (she'll probably go home w/ $21,600)
Tim: $11,001 = $31,601
Evan: $15,799 = $31,599

...Tim Maas' the new champ by two bucks!


Game 1
Game 2

Episode ratings:

"Ca$h Cab":
NYC: 6
Chicago: 5
9: "Wheel of Fortune"
8: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "The Price is Right"
6: "Millionaire"
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