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3/21/2011 Results

LMaD: To celebrate the start of Spring, we're playing Beat the Dealer!

Deborah (dominoes): #3 (for her sisters)- FOUR
Charla (strawberry): #7- SEVEN
Lori: #1- NINE

The Round 2 prize is a $7,300 trip to Banff from The Journeymasters (Curtain #3).

Charla: #5- EIGHT
Lori: #2- ONE

Charla...will go for the Nissan Sentra (Curtain #2). Which means the two's replaced w/ ZONK & six w/ CAR.

Wayne Brady: #9- ZONK!!!
Charla: #4- CAR!!!


Walking into the Honorable Judge Tiffany Coyne's courtroom is Deandre (dressed as a construction worker).

Wayne: Curtain #1
Jonathan Mangum: Silver Small Box (in front of Curtain #2)

After overhearing that there's a game room inside the curtain, Deandre buys that for $700...there's indeed one worth $7,997- PERFECT DEAL #2! Left in the box was the shipwreck cruise.

Amber, who's wearing a lot of red, gets the next chance to run the Small Box Gauntlet.

Red- Digital fitness package ($1,528); STOPS IMMEDIATELY (because she lost her iPod about six months ago)
Green- California Wine Country trip ($4,102)
Blue- Two bottles & a jar of mayonnaise sunscreen

But we're not quite done w/ Amber yet, because Curtain #3 opens up to reveal The Bank Vault. Alas, she keeps her previous prize package for good...if she had gone for the money, she would've gotten a lousy $162 (which still would've been enough to buy an iPod).

The base item for the next deal that Courtney starts out w/ is a box of Cracker Jack (Tiffany). Shannon (dressed as a lingerie football team's quarterback) has that passed to her, which means Courtney must settle for what's behind Curtain #2...a small video gaming suite valued at $2,540. Jonathan secondly brings out the small box that Lillian (dressed as Pikachu) currently owns, but not for long. This is what Lillian just gave back for five Benjamins...a dining room worth $4,202. Finally, w/ the Big Box now in play, Shannon stays w/ the CJ...she just threw away four giant playing jacks & a sure thousand dollars from Mr. Brady in order to retrieve the key to the DEALER'S DELIGHT of the morning- the $15,185 KIA Rio (Curtain #1)!

Now that we're assured of giving away at least one of the automobiles, let's see how much of the $10,000 we can award to the pirate team of Jillian & Tyler as they play the Staircase to Money Deal.

Round 1:

Jillian: #2- $3 ($1K)
Tyler: #6- DOUBLE ($6; $2K)

Round 2:

Tyler: #8- $2 ($8; $3K)
Jillian: #4- ZONK

Tyler will go on for the team.


5. #3- BUCK ($9)
6. #1- BUCK ($10)
7. #9- LOSES $2,900

Since they didn't win that much in the end, let's see if Andrew can cash in a lot himself w/ the Guess the Money Amount Deal. His answer's $400 before he risks it on Curtain #3...he could've asked for as much as eight large, but he does leave w/ the Polaris Phoenix 200 ($3,299).

THE BIG DEAL: Let's try yet again to give away the $26,345 Dodge Challenger Big Deal of the Day, maybe to Deandre. Should he be successful at that, we'll have the second-largest daily total ever at just over $76K (since we've given away $39,772 in cash & prizes so far). He picks Door #2. Behind the third door was... golf equipment worth $2,920. That means he actually leaves w/ a stay at the Tamarind in Barbados worth $6,749.

Today's final total: $46,521!

TPiR: Even though the Home Viewer Showcase's over with, a Prize of the Week sweepstakes starts as of today; more on that later.

But today's First Four consists of Anthony Lopez, Christina Hamor, Leslie Swan-Mier & Bradley Johnson from Concordia College. The first one-bid's the Mitsubishi 46" LCD HDTV (Rachel behind splitting sign).

Bradley: $950
Leslie: $1K
Christina: $1,100
Anthony: $1,400

ARP: $2,600

Anthony doesn't have to go that far to play a Pricing Game; in fact, he's playing Double Prices (Amber) in front of Contestant's Row for a trip to the Grand Hyatt Kuantan Resort in Malaysia (Manuela at Door #4). Either that holiday costs $6,628 or $7,882. He goes for $7,882...nope.

After he sits down for now, Cassandra Hale stands up & comes down fifth; the second IUFB's a trio of Gucci sunglasses (George, Manuela & Rachel in front of CR).

Cassandra: $850
Bradley: $450
Leslie: $900

Christina: $901

ARP: $1,030

Christina has to play Punch-a-Bunch (Amber holding the big bill, Rachel stands next to the SPs).

1. Thermal coffee pot
IS NOT: $130

2. 14-liter paper shredder
IS NOT: $29

3. Hand mixer
IS NOT: $21

4. 900-watt microwave
IS NOT: $49

She punches out Holes #7, #34, #49 & #1...the first two holes hide $250 & $50 slips respectively. #49 is pretty much her last chance to win big...and she does w/ $10K (the punchboard does light up, but the clangs/whoops don't sound); she's the first five-figure winner on this game in a little over two years! For the record, the last hole had a $100 card.

Going orange second is Karen Vilcsek & the third IUFB's a paddleboarding package (Manuela at Door #2).

Karen: $1,400
Cassandra: $1,675
Bradley: $1,700
Leslie: $1,701

ARP: $3,174

After Drew Carey knocks off his banana joke (inspired by Karen), Leslie plays Lucky $even for the Honda CR-Z (Std., Radio, Tray)(Amber). Her first guess is eight, which will cost her a dollar. She secondly says five...

$ 1 9 , 6 _ _

...another buck goes away. Leslie then takes a risk by saying three, so this fourth number can't be eight or nine...

$ 1 9 , 6 1 _

...she has $3 left heading into the last door. She goes back to five to wrap up this playing...

$ 1 9 , 6 1 2


Anthony ($2,600): $.85
Leslie ($3,174): 55 + 75 = OVER
Christina ($11,271): 20 + 40 = $.60

Even if we actually had a perfect first half, Anthony's still going to the Showcase.

Leaving The Bob Barker Studio audience seventh is 25-year Air Force medic Lavalle Boswell from the front row & fourth on Monday's IUFB agenda is a trio of Alice & Olivia cocktail dresses (all models at the turntable).

Lavalle: $1,150
Karen: $1,700
Cassandra: $1,850

Bradley: BUCK

ARP: $1,265

Lavalle then has the duty of playing Pick-a-Pair for a Knabe & Co. ebony upright piano w/ the 10 one-hour playing lessons, a prize package worth $8,740 (Manuela at Door #3). This morning's groceries are Udderly Smooth Udder Cream, Land O' Lakes Cheddar Cheese, a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch, Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour, ArmorAll spray & a 12-pack of Lipton Brisk. His first choices are the $3.49 flour & the tea...which is actually $4.99. Lavalle then keeps the tea & needs to pick the cream right now...but he picks the $5.99 cheese instead. The other $3.49 item was the dressing & the second $5.99 product was the spray.

The next blue podium recepient's Rebecca Marquez (who's celebrating a birthday) & next to be offered as a one-bid prize's a Kenwood 170W car stereo system (Amber in the clam).

Rebecca: $1,100
Karen: $1,200
Cassandra: $1,300
Bradley: $1.5K

ARP: $1,890

Bradley, the last of the day's FF, plays One Away (Manuela) for the Hyundai Genesis (Std., Prot, Mats, Cable)(Rachel at Door #3). The base board:

$ 3 2 , 8 5 7

First guess:

$ 2 3 , 9 4 6

The Mighty Sound Effects Lady gives him only...two honks. Does he change the last three digits immediately after hearing that bit of news?...

$ 2 1 , 7 4 8


Our last chance for an outright winner may come at the hands of Deborah Nelson & the final one-bid of the day's the two patio heaters (Manuela at Door #3).

Deborah: $1,600
Rebecca: $1,601
Karen: $800
Cassandra: $500

ARP: $518

Cassandra plays Switch? for these additional patio-related gifts- a Beachcomber Hot Tub marked at $5,235 (Rachel) & a Cal Flame Pavillion BBQ island marked at $3,995 (Amber). Does she make the swap...NO. But does she at least make the Showcase?...

Cassandra: 55 + Quarter = $.80
Lavalle: 30 + 80 = OVER BY A DIME
Bradley: 65 + 40 = OVER BY A NICKEL

...yes, making her the runner-up.


In front of Door #1- Canon digital camera package (Manuela)
Inside Door #1- Trip to Jamaica (Manuela)(Prize of the Week)
Door #2- Sea-Doo Speedster (Amber)




In between Doors #2 & #3- Apple music package (Amber; includes the $500 iTunes gift card)
Door #4- Trip to New Orleans (Rachel)(includes three days worth of tickets to the city's Jazz Fest)
Door #3- 2011 Acura ZDX (Manuela)



To enter the PotW sweepstakes, enter your bid for the Jamaican vacation at; all entries must be received by this Wednesday at 11:59 PM PST.

BID: $32,500
ARP: $54,120

BID: $22,300
ARP: $22,120

I thought Anthony was toast the minute he made that bid; instead, he's won a total of $56,720 in stuff! But that point's kinda bitterwseet when I reveal that if Cassandra hadn't added that $300, she would've been the season's fifth Double Showcase Winner. Oh well.


CC: While the NYC front's still on hiatus, Chicago's still going strong & the week begins w/ Adam on a 30-block ride to Michigan & Madison Avenues.

$50 Round:
1. According to the Curtiss Candy Company, what candy bar was named for the daughter of President Cleveland & not a baseball player?
Guess: Baby Ruth- CORRECT ($50)
2. Losing a war w/ Warner Bros., New Zealand amended its labor laws last year to enable the filming of what prequel to "The Lord of the Rings"?
Guess: "The Hobbit"- RIGHT ($100)(23 blocks remaining)
3. Despite his name, Chubby Checker lost 30 pounds in the early '60s by demonstrating what swiveling signature dance?
Guess: "The Twist"- RIGHT ($150)
4. Exemplified by the open collar of its President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, what nation frowns upon neckties because they're too "Western"?
Guess: Iran- RIGHT ($200)

$100 Round:
1. The birthstone for September, what precious gems give their brilliant blue color from trace amounts of titanium & iron?
Guess: Sapphire- RIGHT ($300)
FIRST RED LIGHT CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: According to Smithsonian, six of the top 13 U.S. Winter Olympians in history are figure skaters. Name four of the six skaters.
Correct Olympians given: Dorothy Hamill & Brian Boitano
Not given: Dick Button, Kristi Yamaguchi, Peggy Fleming (he replaced Peggy w/ Gail, which is actually her middle name) & Scott Hamilton (16 blocks left)
2. A staple of AP English classes, The Things They Carried is considered one of the great works of literature about what war?
Guess: Vietnam- YES ($400)
3. According to the experts at, what liberal Congressman from Ohio is one of our nation's five most powerful Vegans?
STRIKE ONE (A: Dennis Kucinich)(9.5 blocks to go)
4. While .tr is the Internet domain for Turkey, .tm is controlled by what former Soviet republic?
Guess: Turkmenistan- CORRECT ($500)

$200 Round:
1. I hope you get this next question right, but others may take pleasure in your misfortune- spell the word "schadenfreude".
Guess: Schadenfreuden- STRIKE TWO (two blocks left)
2. Meaning "to deceive", what term alludes to an old practice in which highway men would blindfold victims before robbing them?
Guess: Blindside- LOSS (A: Hoodwink)

Attempting to order some really nice pizza from a Damon Pizza Restaurant located on North & Winchester courtesy of Beth Melewski are Chaz, Johnny Douglas & Sam Tennenbach; they've got to endure 40 blocks worth of questions. They begin w/ a couple hundred bucks.

$100 Round:
1. Too late to help soldiers in the South Pacific, what key ingredient in insect repellent was developed by the U.S. military in 1946?
2. Coined by a Wall Street Journal writer in the 1920s, what colorful term's commonly used to describe high-quality, low-risk stocks?
Guess: Blue chip- CORRECT ($300)(19 blocks to pizzeria)
3. During The Pope's 1987 visit to L.A., pranksters covered up one letter from the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign to make it say what?
Guess: "HOLYWOOD"- RIGHT ($400)(14 blocks to spare)
4. Launched in 2006, Operation Broken Crown was a three-year federal investigation of what Chicago-based street gang?
Guess: Latin Kings- YES INDEED ($500)

$200 Round:
1. Funded by the founder of The Home Depot, the world's largest aquarium opened in what Southern city in 2005?
Guess: Atlanta- RIGHT ($700)(three blocks to the pizza)
2. Named for its new capital, what puppet regime ruled France during the Nazi occupation?
Guess: Vinchy- YES ($900)
Final Question: What Mexican muralist married artist Frida Kahlo not once, but twice during their tumultuous relationship?
Guess: Diego Rivera- WINS $1,100

But they're going to try to top off their good game w/ a doubler.

$2,200 VIDEO BONUS: These relatives of the goldfish have been bred for centuries in Asia for their bright colors & Feng Shui-friendly symbolism. Meaning "carp" in Japanese, what's the name of these cultivated cold water fish?

They're saying Koi...also sounding like the last name of frequent "Chelsea Lately" roundtable panelist Jo Koy, THAT'S IT TO MAKE THEM THE BIGGEST CHICAGO WINNERS TO DATE BY $100!

In the last game of the evening, we go from three guys to three gals named Amy, Rachel & Sheila; their 42-block ride could help them reach Halsted & Willow. The good news is that heading into this, they have $300, but the bad news is that they also have two strikes against them:

RLC #2: As of 2010, seven African-American men have received Oscars for acting. Tell me five of them.
Correct actors given: Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Forest Whitaker & Morgan Freeman ($550)
Others: Jamie Foxx & Louis Gossett, Jr.

It all comes down to this final $200 query. For $1,350 or nothing:

Abbreviated EMP, what Seattle museum boasts a soaring Rock & Roll sanctuary called The Sky Church?
Final answer: Electronic Music Performance- LOSS (A: Experience Music Project)

WoF: Before we finish up this season's Las Vegas run, let's bring Jimmy back into the Sony Pictures Studios to announce a week called "Vacation of a Lifetime"; as soon as we see the names of various trip locations during the animated intro & Vanna gets to a temple in China, Pat strikes the gong to turn it into the show's logo.

And this Monday night is ladies night! The $1,000 Toss-Up category's Thing:

F _ _ _ _

_ M P R E S _ _ _ N

Allie's made a good FIRST IMPRESSION on us. Let's meet her & the other two girls:

Allie Britten (Ft. Collins, CO; originally from Carlton, MN)- Customer service representative at a major wireless carrier
Dominique Thomas (Metairie, LA)- Attends nuring school at Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans
Danielle Odenbach (Thompson, ND)- Part-time dental hygenist/full-time mom

Then comes the $2K TU category of On the Map:

E _ _ T _ R N

_ _ R _ _ _

Danielle's correct w/ EASTERN EUROPE.

ally bank Jackpot Round category's Show Biz & the first featured trip worth $7,500 is to Paris from (this week's category wipe is a jet ski); the Monday/Wednesday/Friday gift tag represents the $1K gift certificate. First, Danielle calls three T's for $1,650, buys an A, calls four N's for another $2,400 & purchases four I's before picking up the Wild Card w/ an R call & buying an O & five E's...


_ E N _ A T I O N

_ _ _ T I N / _ I E _ E R

...& she solves TEEN SENSATION JUSTIN BIEBER for another $3,050 & a new cash sum of $5,050.


BTW, Katie Cantrell will get to act as Vanna for a Day this Thursday night & will even control one of the puzzles!

Allie's starting a Prize Puzzle Round that has the subject of Fun & Games attached. She initially calls two T's for $7K, buys an O, calls a $500 S & purchases two E's & three A's, then she inserts a $500 R & buys the other two vowels (I & U). Following that are a $300 L, three N's for $1.5K extra, but then the right Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge stops her dead in her tracks & costs her $8,550. Dominique afterwards goes for the bonus trip w/ the following...

_ A N _ I N _ / T O / A

S T E E L / _ R U _

_ A N _

...she'll be DANCING TO A STEEL DRUM BAND at the Galley Bay Resort in Antigua worth $8,490; in addition, she'll lead off in the next round.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JW8637716 (John W. from Tennessee)

Once we've revealed the IHOP Mystery/Before & After Round puzzle, Dominique calls a $900 N but then the first dud of the match in G. Secondly, Danielle calls an unfortunate dud of R while on the $3.5K wedge. Third, Allie calls two T's for $600 but hits the MDW's other Bankrupt. After Dominique & Danielle both land on Lose a Turn, Allie lights up four S's for $1,800, purchases four E's & three A's, puts up a $2,100 trio of L's, buys a couple of I's, but she then gets the regular Bankrupt next to the top dollar space to forfeit $3,150; that's her third Bankrupt of the night. On Dominique's third go-round, she lights a $300 H, a $700 D, but she then buys the sole dud vowel of the round (O). Afterwards, coming Danielle's way is the same normal Bankrupt that was just landed on, so she's gotta give back the WC. Allie then calls a $300 P, W, M & F & we have...

I / S P E A _

F L _ E N T


M E A T _ A L L S

...she gets us out of that rough round w/ "I SPEAK FLUENT SWEDISH MEATBALLS" to inch up to $2,200.

DUDS: $700 G (Dominique), O (Dominique), $3.5K R (Danielle)
LaTs: 2 (Dominique, Danielle)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (two by Allie, Danielle)

Now for a Song Title:


W R _ _ _ R

Danielle's incorrect w/ "PAPERBACK WRAPPER", which is one too many letters. That allows Allie to steal "PAPERBACK WRITER" by The Beatles & move into second place at $5,200.

The next puzzle's category is People. First to come down her alley are a $600 T, three E's, a $1,200 S pair, an A at the start of the puzzle, a $500 R, an O & two N's for another grand before we go to Last Chance Mode...

A _ S O _ _ T E

_ E _ _ N N E R S

...& each of the remaining four consonants pay $1.5K each. After she calls the L...

A _ S O L _ T E

_ E _ _ N N E R S

...she proves to be one of the ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS for another $4,050 & the victory at $9,250! Dominique's going to Antigua & Danielle's headed home w/ $5,050.

Tonight's maingame winnings add up to $22,790.


TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $12,300

Big Money Round: This week's car is a 2011 Mazda RX-8 Sport. Allie spins the I in SPIN & the bonus board has a Place. Beginning w/:

_ _ _ L _ _

_ _ L _ _ _ _

She calls P, M, D & O and gets...

P _ _ L _ _

_ _ L _ _ _ _

...& she will NOT be walking down a PUBLIC WALKWAY w/ $30K. That means she'll have to settle for only $9,250.

J!: I hope Tom Kunzen doesn't let us down big time tonight. At this rate, he needs one more win to move up to third place on the Tournament of Champions Leaderboard, three more for second & he'll need to run the table this week if he wants to knock off Mr. Nissley. Here are tonight's spoilers:

Erin Maxwell (Chicago)- High school English/Drama teacher
Stephen Huey (Arlington, VA)- Lawyer

The first six categories of the week are:

NETWORKING (a TV show is given on each clue, so the correct response is a TV network)

First SA:

In Hollywood, it's the major street two blocks north of Sunset Boulevard.

Tom: "What's Hollywood Boulevard?"- CORRECT ($200)

He's only at $800 & in third place as a result by halftime in this round; Huey barely leads over Maxwell, $2,400-$2,200. W/ five clues to go, before we get to the rest of this episode's SAs, Maxwell finds the Daily Double to close out the Offbeat Museums w/ $3K & is $800 off Huey's second-place score. As for Kunzen, he's in the lead w/ $5,400. Her wager is double the face value of this clue:

Get a whiff of the Bridgestone Museum in Southwest Louisiana & learn all about mining for this element.

"What is sulfur?"...correct to reach the $5K level!


A 2009 study recommended treating heroin addicts w/ diacetylmorphine, the active ingredient in this.

Erin: "What is heroin?"- RIGHT ($5,400)

Middle clue:

This lubcricant's name means "Water displacement, 40th attempt".

Tom: "What is WD-40?"- RIGHT ($6K)


If today's January 14, 1952, this show's premiering on NBC.

Tom: "What is 'The Today Show'?"- YES INDEED ($6,800)

Final Clue of the First Round:

China's Song Dynasty was noted for its contributions to the Tz'u, a form of this.

Tom: "What is music?"- NOT ACCEPTABLE ($5,800)
Erin: "What is a song?"- RIGHT FOR THE LEAD ($6,400)


The Board for Double Jeopardy!:

AMERICAN FACES (all picture clues)

Just after getting the champion out of Lock Game Territory, Huey finds a DD behind the $1,600 "Ah" clue (only one clue before the halfway mark in this round) while trailing $14,200-$7,800; Maxwell's sitting at $5,600. He plays it safe by betting this answer's face value:

Three-dimensional figure w/ eight plane faces.

"What is an octahedron?"...that happens to be the right shape to move him up to $9,400. As only the last three clues off this board remain in Neil, Earthling, Maxwell picks off the last of the DDs in the center square w/ $6,800 in her bank; Kunzen's leading Huey $15,400-$11,400. She's gambling four grand this time; here's the clue:

Neil Estern sculpted him w/ his dog Fala for his Washington, D.C. memorial.

"Who is FDR?"...this game just got even tighter w/ her jumping to $10,800!


Scores Heading into the Final:

Tom: $19K
Stephen: $9,400
Erin: $7K


Tom: $19K
Stephen: $9,400
Erin: $7K

FINAL JEOPARDY! CATEGORY: Comic Book Characters Onscreen.

From 1966 to 1968, this role was played by two different actresses in a TV series; it was also the title role in a 2004 film.

Erin Maxwell's final question was "What is Catwoman?"...GOOD FOR $10K! She finishes w/ $20,800 as a result. Stephen Huey...DOUBLES to $22,800! Now, is Tom Kunzen the next five-time champ?...

...YES W/ $22,801!!! That gives him a new grand total of $133,402!

(Note: "Millionaire" is in repeats as of this week.)

Episode ratings:

8: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "Ca$h Cab Chicago" & "The Price is Right"
4: "Wheel of Fortune"
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