Friday, March 04, 2011


TPiR: A Ford Escape XLT has been won during the Wednesday Showcase Round so far this week, but not a car Pricing Game. Therefore, we're in danger of having our first CAR GAME SHUTOUT of the season this morning. Let's hope it doesn't happen.

On a good note already, Tiffany Coyne's a model on this show today!

Today's First Four is made up of Stefanie DeJesus, Noah Fisher, Diamond Stephens & Pretty Gajiwala; leading off the one-bid prizes is a designer accessory collection (Manuela & Tiffany).

Pretty: $2,100
Diamond: $899
Noah: $700
Stefanie: $1K

ARP: $1,615

Stefanie plays the very winnable Cliff-Hangers (Manuela) for a trip to the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort in Australia worth $10,173 (Rachel at Door #4).

Oster can opener: $25- $18 (that's exactly how many are left on the board)
Yoga mat: $19- $25 ($12 left)
Salad spinner: $20 (AIR HORN ALERT)- $32; WIN ON THE VERY LAST STEP (& Hans slightly fell off the cliff)!

SOLE DQ: Underbidding second SP on final turn

Kyle McGee's fifth to come down & the second IUFB is his/her golf clubs/bags w/ the 10 one-hour golfing lessons (Manuela & Rachel in front of Contestant's Row).

Kyle: $450
Pretty: $999
Diamond: $1,300
Noah: $1,400

ARP: $2,020

Noah, a member of a group named Drew's Dudes (& celerating his sister Amber's birthday), this is your lucky day- you're playing Super Pushover for the Chevrolet HHR (Fairly loaded)(Tiffany at Door #3)! Board:


$21,899 is the price we're looking for. I know you can do it, Noah...YES! Happy birthday, Amber!

Video Bonus: Entire first segment

George Gray calls on Amelia Manzanares sixth & IUFB #3's some Cuisinart cookware/small kitchen appliances (Tiffany in the clam).

Amelia: $800
Kyle: $750
Pretty: $900
Diamond: BUCK

ARP: $1,645

Pretty could look beautiful standing next to this harmon/kardon home theater receiver & Panasonic portable DVD player (Rachel), as well as the Panasonic 50" 3-D plasma HDTV (Manuela), a prize package worth $3,587, if she wins 2 for the Price of 1. Win or lose, she'll spin The Big Wheel first.

First number: 2 or 9?
Second number: 4 or 8?
Third number: 1 or 9?

After she selects the last digit for free, which is a nine, she picks all the numbers on the top row, for a guess of $949...

$ 9 4 9

Pretty ($1,645): Dime + Half-Dollar = $.60
Stefanie ($11,863): $.70
Noah ($23,919): 45 + 90 = OVER; STEFANIE GOES TO SHOWCASE

Friday's seventh customer is Kellyanne Rude & the fourth one-bid gift's an Avanti Fitness treadmill (Rachel behind GPT).

Kellyanne: $850
Diamond: $901
Amelia: $950
Kyle: $1K

ARP: $1,499

Kyle, who's unemployed, plays Now or Then for dry cleaning, groceries & haircuts for a year (Manuela & Tiffany at Door #2) totalling $6,247. The Then date for this playing is January 2002; on the big pie are a box of MorningStar Farms Sausage Links marked at $4.89, Mentos Fruit marked at 99 cents, Genuine Bayer marked at $6.42, a box of Creamsicles marked at $3.49, Vicks VapoRub marked at $6.08 & those $2.39 Wheat Nuts.

1. Sausage: NOW- YES
2. Mentos: THEN- NO
3. Wheat Nuts: THEN

Curtis Drayton comes out of the Peanut Gallery next & the fifth IUFB's beach gear (Tiffany at Door #2).

Curtis: $750
Kellyanne: $700
Diamond: $799
Amelia: BUCK

ARP: $1,213

Diamond's not playing One Away (Rachel) for jewelry, but rather the Honda Accord Coupe (Std., Sensors, Lighting, Mats)(Manuela at Door #3). The base dud price:

$ 3 2 , 6 5 8

Her first try:

$ 2 3 , 5 4 9

That's such a good guess that the Mighty Sound Effects Lady gives Diamond...four honks. She changes the third digit...

$ 2 3 , 7 4 9

...but she's NOT a winner. Thanks goodness for Noah.

Our last PG winner of the week could be Nicole Rose (Note: As of this episode, the calldown window's been moved to the bottom right of our screens) & the last one-bid's the glass-door refrigerator (Manuela behind rising sign).

Nicole: $5,200 (STAGE WILLY)
Amelia: $1,200
Curtis: $1,800
Kellyanne: $2K

ARP: $1,699

Amelia plays Freeze Frame for an Almost Heaven Sauna (Tiffany at Door #3). The best prices rotating right now are $4,970, $5,529, $6,755, $7,049 & $9,249. She freezes $5,529...but it was the most expensive possibility of $9,249.

However, she does win $1K right away while going last in SCSD #2 & makes it to the Showcase. Her Bonus Spin stops on...$.65, making her the runner-up. Other results:

Diamond: $.90
Kyle: 30 + 40 = $.70

My Friday PG rundown:

1. Pushover
2. Cliff-Hangers
3. Freeze Frame
4. Two for the Price of One
5. One Away
6. Now or Then


Door #3- Ashley living room group w/ a Dimplex fireplace (Manuela)
Door #2- AquaCat catameran (Tiffany)
Door #1- Pair of Ski-Doos (Rachel)




Turntable- Chicago (Rachel)
In between Doors #1 & #2- Singapore (Tiffany)
Door #4- Florence, Italy (Manuela)



BID: $15,000
ARP: $22,192

BID: $28,000
ARP: $23,391- LOSS

Amelia wins $24,891 in cash & prizes.


LMaD: Episode 2067 could be starting out right, because we're playing Beat the Dealer! The next contenders are Roxanne (dressed as a happy pumpkin), Carl Payne (dressed as a tub of popcorn) & Pamela Gussi (dressed as a sailor).

$500 Round:

Roxanne: #3- THREE
Carl: #5- FOUR
Pamela: #9- FIVE

Either Pamela or Carl will add to their current winnings a $4,499 Honda motorscooter (Curtain #2).

Round 2:

Pamela: #6- SEVEN
Carl: #8- EIGHT

Now that he's on his own, Carl...will try to beat Wayne Brady for last year's KIA Rio (Curtain #1).

Wayne: #7- TWO

Karla (also dressed as a pumpkin) & Amanda (dressed as a 25-cent bag of gumballs) are the next two people to Dance Me a Deal. According to the audience, the winner of the $1.5K is...Karla. After being offered Curtain #3, she holds onto the money to pay for her college books...she missed out on having her ZONK fortune told- PERFECT DEAL #2!

Doing a Hula Hoop trick next is Michelle (who's also wearing a green wig & a pink scarf). Tiffany now has a stuffed kangaroo that may or may not have an Australian Adventure attached to it, while Jonathan Mangum gets the silver small box. Michelle hands over the box to Amber (dressed as a doctor) before the doctor checks out for $600...she also avoided being eliminated w/ some yellowing toothpaste. Curtain #2's taken by Michelle, so as the kangaroo gets put in the hands of Nancy (dressed as a scarecrow)...Michelle has the chance to sleep in a Pier 1 Imports living room valued at $4,520. Finally, Nancy turns down $700, so she's going...back to her seat, but w/ a smaller kangaroo w/ a $4K card on it- PERFECT DEAL #3!

The second half of this episode then kicks off as Ryan (dressed as a fork) sees the first two bills from a silver envelope that Mr. Brady's holding, which are both $10s. He doesn't think he's going to cash in big time, so he's risking it on Curtain #1...there were eight more $10s & two Benjamins, so instead of 300 bucks, he's won a video gaming package worth $2,530- PERFECT DEAL #4!

The mustard & ketchup couple of Curtis & Kimberly (who have been married for three decades) are playing the Four Keys Deal for the Hyundai Elantra (Curtain #2). The key they capture is #2 & we begin the Sure Thing Jackpot w/ a $1,900 home gym. But they stop w/ that right away...I wish they had gone on to add some money to their STJ, but they didn't make a bad bailout- #4 (Jonathan) would've won them the Hyundai today.

Out comes the Red/Green Cans Deal, where Kimberly, Joseph (dressed as a dodgeball player) & Anthony (dressed as a referee) may win some cash and/or the $7,749 Windjammer Landing getaway (Curtain #1).


Kimberly: #3- $1K
Joseph: #1- $500
Anthony: #2- OOPS

Kimberly bails at this point.


Joseph: #1- WINS TRIP!
#2- $1.5K

THE BIG DEAL: Michelle may win the week's last Big Deal of the Day priced at $23,615. She picks Door #3...not even close- she goes home w/ $2,345 from the Vault.

Door #1: Mediterranean Cruise & Spa (which I would've chosen)
Door #2: Sea-Doo ($8,699)

5th Grader: This is the last pair of episodes before their Spring Break. Today's first contestant is Jeff Hodge, originally from St. Thomas (who's a traffic school instructor who once got a $600 traffic ticket himself & had an elementary school nickname of "Ox" because he was so strong).

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade Cultural Studies
2nd Grade World Geography
2nd Grade Measurements
3rd Grade Math
3rd Grade Science
4th Grade Music
4th Grade Social Studies


What species of mammal known for its scented spray is in this picture?

He's not getting skunked yet, because he correctly identifies the skunk.

SUBJECT #2: World Geography

T or F: Every continent's connected to at least one other continent by land.

This Jeff quickly knows that's False.

SUBJECT #3: Math

25 divided by five is equal to two multiplied by what number?

He uses the Peek on Madison & keeps her answer...but she totally misread the question by locking in 12; the correct number was 2.5.

SUBJECT #4: Music

In a modern orchestra, the "concertmaster" is typically the first chair musician of what instrument?

Jeff guesses the violin...correct!

SUBJECT #5: Social Studies

In the U.S. Navy, what rank's immediately superior to a Commander?

Jeff would've guessed President or Admiral, but he Copies T.J...but that boy's guess of Lieutenant is wrong also. Madison had the right rank of Captain.

SUBJECT #6: Science

Pure chalk's a variety of which of the following- limestone, sandstone or gemstone?

He chooses limestone...yes.

SUBJECT #7: Measurements

T or F: Up & down are cardinal directions.

Jeff realizes that's False.

FINAL SUBJECT: Cultural Studies

What's the official language of France?

The language Jeff says is French...oui & he's done.


We last see Eric Wenschalag (a Navy analyst originally from Minnesota whose dad was his high school principal; Eric also played on the high school football team as an offensive & defensive lineman) report to the room.

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade Vocabulary
2nd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Nature
3rd Grade Art
3rd Grade Math
4th Grade Grammar
4th Grade U.S. Geography


T or F: In spelling out the word 40, the letters of the word are in alphabetical order.

That's True.

SUBJECT #2: Animal Science

T or F: Honeybees that leave the hive to collect pollen are male.

He says True...False.


On a color wheel, what color's complementary to violet?

He uses his Peek; he was thinking of indigo, but Ty wrote down purple. Eric keeps his indigo...they're both incorrect- the color needed was yellow.

SUBJECT #4: Grammar

What word's the direct object of the transitive verb in the following sentence- "John tickled Jill last Tuesday in the hallway after class"?

He puts the Copy in play...but Jordan picked the verb of "tickled" instead of any object; the right one was Jill.

SUBJECT #5: Nature

Complete the following analogy- a grape is to a raisin as a plum is to which of the following?

A: Cherry
B: Prune
C: Fig

He picks off a $1K prune.

SUBJECT #6: U.S. Geography

Together, The Great Lakes border a total of how many U.S. states?

The number he says is seven...but Danielle informs him he's one short.

SUBJECT #7: Vocabulary

What's the sensory word in the following sentence- "John ate the salty pretzel"?

$500's "salty" enough to be put back into John's bank.


In a standard 12 X 12 multiplication table, what's the highest number listed on the table?

He correctly multiplies his way to 144 & $4K...& then he plays on.


In terms of capacity, one cubic meter's equivalent to how many liters?

Eric's final answer is 100...but he left off a zero, so he leaves w/ the $2.5K card.

CC: There WON'T be a show on Monday, but tonight's first cabbies are Barbara & Linda; they're riding 31 blocks to Blue Smoke BBQ, located on Lexington & 27th.

$50 Round:
1. Meaning to vomit in public, the word "Bushusuru" was coined when George H.W. Bush fell ill in what nation?
Guess: Japan- CORRECT ($50)
2. In a famous 1980 April Fool's Day hoax, the BBC announced that what iconic London timepiece was going digital?
Guess: Big Ben- YOU BET ($100)(27 blocks left)
3. After the bell tolled for him in 1961, what novelist's Key West residence became a museum that houses nearly 60 cats?
Guess: (Ernest) Hemingway- RIGHT ($150)
4. Also an exclamation of surprise, what singing insect served as Pinocchio's conscience in the 1940 film?
Guess: Jiminy Cricket- RIGHT ($200)(24 blocks left)

$100 Round:
1. In 2002, what eco-friendly organization wrestled the initials WWF from the World Wrestling Federation, making the latter company World Wrestling Entertainment?
Guess: World Wildlife Find- RIGHT ($300)
2. Sharing its name w/ a Caribbean island, what blue liquor adds an orange kick to Muay Thai cocktails?
Guess: The Virgin Islands- STRIKE ONE (A: Curacao)(seven blocks to go)
3. Borrowed from "The Three Musketeers", what slogan of solidarity is the traditional motto of Switzerland?
Guess: "One for all and all for one"- RIGHT ($400)
4. Under the terms of its 1845 annexation, what U.S. state was given the right to divide itself into five smaller states?
Guess: Montana- STRIKE TWO (A: Texas)

Sole $200 Question: Although its name suggests otherwise, what famous 563-karat sapphire was actually mined in the nation of Sri Lanka?
Guess: The Hope Diamond- LOSS (A: The Star of India)

Dan's DOUBLE RIDE starts at 729 Seventh Ave. & ends at Seventh & Charles. He has $300 & a strike after his opening round.

$200 Round:
1. Familiar to fans of "Looney Tunes", what Australian marsupial has the strongest bite on a per-pound basis?
Guess: Tazmanian Devil- CORRECT ($500)
2. Succeeding Spalding, what sports equipment company became the official supplier of MLB in 1977?
Guess: Rawlings- RIGHT ($700)
$500 RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: According to, the region of Kurdistan is divided among five different countries. Name four of them.
Correct countries given: Turkey, Iraq, Syria & Iran ($1,200)
Unsaid: Armenia (18 blocks to go)
3. Captured by Francisco Pizarro in 1532, Atahualpa was the last leader of what South American empire?
Guess: The Incas- RIGHT ($1,400)
4. Nicknamed "Slowhand", what legendary guitarist's the only three-time inductee of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
Guess: Eric Clapton- RIGHT ($1,600)(approximately six blocks remaining)

$400 Round:
1. Founded in 1664 in Normandy, what famed order of Monks is known for the beers that it brews inside monastery walls?
Guess: The Trappists- RIGHT AGAIN ($2K)(four blocks to go)
2. Reported in 50% of young children, Somniloquy is an involuntary habit more commonly known as what?
Guess: Talking in your sleep- YES INDEED ($2,400)
Final Q: Also a Malcolm Gladwell book, what's the statistical term for data points that stray far from the rest of the pack?
Guess: Outliners- WINS $2,800!!!

After he reaches his target...he STOPS, but he's now the biggest winner of the season so far!

Also during the evening, David, Jack, Leslie & Stephanie are headed 43 blocks to a place on Ninth & 13th...once they finish, they have one strike & $400. They're going for the $800 doubler.

VIDEO BONUS: These Bighorn sheep are butting heads in order to establish a hierarchy before the all-important mating season. What's the term for the mating season for these horned beasts & other antlered animals?

After talking it out, they say truffling...NO- it was rutting, which Jack mentioned seconds earlier.


It's cold outside at the time of this game's taping, but Amy, Benji & Sam are starting out near a performance place & riding 42 blocks from there.

$50 Round:
1. Larger in land area than the U.S., what sub-Arctic region of Russia has tried to attract visitors w/ tours of Soviet-era gulags & nuclear facilities?
Guess: Siberia- CORRECT ($50)
2. Known for its high menthol content, what popular variety of mint's believed to be a hybrid of spearmint & watermint?
Guess: Doublemint- INCORRECT (A: Peppermint)(34 blocks remaining)
3. When it hit newstands in 1972, what feminist magazine featured the cover stories "Money for Housework" & "Body Hair: The Last Frontier"?
Guess: Mizz Magazine- RIGHT ($100)
4. Developed by a biologist at Merck, the MMR vaccine protects against measles, rubella & what third childhood disease?
Guess: Mumps- RIGHT ($150)

$100 Round:
1. Literally meaning "lord of the flies" in Hebrew, what synonym for Satan is immortalized in Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"?
Guess: Beelzebub- RIGHT ($250)(25 blocks left)
2. Controversially toasted by Richard Nixon in 1970, what autocratic general rules Spain w/ an iron fist for nearly four decades?
Guess: Francisco Franco- RIGHT ($350)
RLC: In 1989, the U.S. Postal Service issued a series of stamps immortalizing four dinosaur-era animals. Name these four prehistoric reptiles.
Correct animals given: Petrodactyl, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus & Stegosaurus ($600)
3. Sometimes sold on eBay, over 200 Dodge Chargers were used to portray what crash-prone vehicle on TV's "The Dukes of Hazzard"?
Mobile Shout-Out: Amy calls her co-worker Marcus, who's saying General Lee.
Guess: General Lee- RIGHT ($700)(nine blocks left)
4. Topped w/ spinach, butter & bread crumbs, what rich shellfish dish is named for America's first billionaire?
Guess: Oyster Rockefeller- RIGHT ($800)

$200 Round:
1. An independent nation since 1962, what North African colony served as the base for the French foreign legion for over 80 years?
Guess: Algeria- RIGHT AGAIN ($1K)
2. Written by Madeleine L'Engle, what classic children's book features a fourth dimension called a tesseract?
Guess: A Wrinkle in Time- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,200)
FQ: The city of Loma Linda, CA receives mail on Sunday instead of Saturday due to its close ties w/ what Protestant denomination?
Guess: Seventh-day Adventist- WINS $1,400; STOPS

Judd & Nina hope that they survive 38 blocks so that they can reach someplace on 2900 W. Belmont...but they lose in seven questions.

Brad, Matt & Mike are also taking a 38-block ride, save for one block (so that's a final total of 37 blocks)...they get to the VB decision w/ a strike to spare & $800, & they're going all-in.

LAST VB OF THE WEEK: The ominous droning tones of this instrument have been overheard in the Australian Outback for over a thousand years. Traditionally made from a trunk hollowed out by termites, what's the name of this aboriginal instrument?

All they can say for a final wrong answer is the aboriginal horn. Correct: Didgeridoo.

WoF: This extra episodes week has been just as agonizing as the one to start off this year. That being said, I have a really bad feeling that we're going to get SKUNKED for the third time this season, unless one of tonight's players can really bail us out.

For the last time this week, On the Map is what the first Toss-Up is all about:

_ _ A _ T _ _

W _ S _ _ N G _ O N

Steven solves SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, home of baseball's Mariners, the NFL's Seahawks & Drew Carey's MLS Sounders. Let's do some bios, if we may:

Steven Darroh (Austin, TX)- A UT-Austin part-time student/part-time speech therapy clinic worker who also plays on an Ultimate Frisbee team
Marisa Haire (Chicago; originally from East Greenwich, RI)- A Sophomore student at the Illinois Institute of Technology studying Chemical Engineering who just completed running her first marathon
Lauren Connor (NYC)- An executive assistant for a consulting firm who also freelances as a makeup artist

The first new TU category of the night is Show Biz:

T A L E _ T

_ C O U _

Marisa's NOT a TALENT SCOUT, but she's $2K richer.

The last showcased American trip is to the Union Station Hotel in Nashville worth $5,974; tonight's Capzasin Jackpot Round topic's Things. First in this round, she calls the S at the end for $500, two T's for the Million Dollar Wedge, but she then buys the only dud vowel on the board (E). Secondly, Lauren calls a $300 N but then a dud consonant of B. Third, Steven calls another dud of C. As we get back to Marisa, she calls an R for that Wild Card, buys three A's, calls a $600 L & buys three I's & two O's prior to putting up a $500 M. We see now...

_ A M I L I A R

_ _ O T A T I O N S

...I don't know how many FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS she remembers, but I do know she's up to three grand in addition to her keeping both of the very valuable cardboard pieces.

DUDS: $600 B (Lauren), $300 C (Steven), E (Marisa)

As a Before & After Round gets underway, Lauren calls first a dud of S. Second, Steven calls a $550 N, buys two E's & A's, lights up two L's for another $600, but he then hits the Bankrupt next to the $3.5K wedge to lose $650. Third, Marisa calls two G's for six Benjamins, purchases an O & the double I's, calls a $550 T & buys the leftover vowel of U before lighting a $900 C & a $600 F...



F I G U _ E

...& she picks up a LEGAL ACTION FIGURE that will be immediately cashed in for $1,900, giving her a new cash total of $4,900.

SOLE DUD: $300 S (Lauren)

Meineke Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round subject's What Are You Doing? As Steven leads off, here comes a $600 N, two I's, a $400 G, three E's, an A, an O, a couple C's for another $600 & the last vowel of U, followed by a $1,400 pair of H's, the same number of T's to add $1,200, a $1.5K trio of R's, a $550 P, a $3.5K L, a $300 D & an $800 S. Now, to the board...

C H E C _ I N G

T H E / D A I L _

S U R _ / R E P O R T

...he's going to be CHECKING THE DAILY SURF REPORT, because he's jumped into first place w/ another $9,600 & a trip to the Marriott Kauai Resort worth $5,830, a total now of $16,430 in cash & Hawaii.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: EF3266449 (Elaine F. from Wisconsin)

The week's TUs are closed out by a Song Title:

A _ _ / Y _ _ / _ _ _ D

_ S / _ O V _

Steven recalls this hit from The Beatles, "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE", to move to $19,430.

Last Chance Round category's Phrase & each consonant that we see is worth...$1,600 apiece; sorry, Marisa. Five S's are called for early on by Lauren...

_ S / S _ _ N / _ S

_ _ S S _ _ _ _

...& she solves this puzzle AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for her sole $8K payout of the evening! Marisa leaves w/ a check for $4,900 & Steven's going to Bonusland w/ $19,430 in cash & Hawaii.

With that, $32,330 in cash & vacation has been won so far tonight.

SOLE DUD: T (Steven)


Big Money Round: Should Steven become a hero, he'll win the $24K+ Challenger and/or bank more money. He gives a really big spin of that Bonus Wheel & it lands on the S in AMERICA'S. Here's how much of the RSTLNE we see in this Thing:

L _ _ _

_ _ _ T _ _ N

He calls C, P, Y & O and gets...

L O _ _

O _ _ T _ O N

...will we be hearing a LOUD OVATION from this audience about an endgame win?...

...NO, WE'VE BEEN SKUNKED AGAIN (third time overall this season) ON AN EXTRA EPISODES WEEK; IN FACT, ON THESE WEEKS, WE NOW HAVE HAD 11 ENDGAME LOSSES. And it wasn't the $45K or $100K he lost tonight- it was the $30K. Regardless, he goes home w/ $19,430 in cash & trip.

On a little positive note, Philip Cousin, who won a Chevy Cobalt on the last aired Season 34 episode of "The Price is Right", will be a contestant on "Wheel" this Thursday!

FGN: Nobody has picked the top dollar Monopoly Crazy Cash Card in a couple months. Tonight, it's worth $15K again. Let's hope one of these two clans can stop the curse:

Red Team: Joel, Sharon (mom), Daniel (brother/award-winning piano player) & David (dad)
Yellow Team: Nico, Jacob (brother; both of the boys like to play basketball), Patrick (dad) & Kelly (mom; this family also likes to ride on zip lines)

Guess Who?:

1. ...played himself on "The Simpsons"?
2. a Super Bowl-winning quarterback?
3. ...appeared in a series of "Priceless" commercials?
4. #18 for the Indianapolis Colts?

Patrick (on second clue): Peyton Manning

First CCC Picks:

Nico: Piggy bank
Joel: Car

Bounce 'N Boogie Boggle Main Prize: Popcorn cart
Digital MP3 Players Word: BALLOON



RT: LA, BALLOON (first time ever!), FACE, WIN, ALLOW, ARK, MOON = 33

Joel's Second CCC Choice: Hamburger

Connect 4 Basketball Prize: Nintendo Wii
WINNERS: RT (horizontally)

Joel's Third CCC Choice: Money bag

Cranium Prize: Dartboard
TOPIC: Word Worm

Kids' Backword-Spelled Words Round:

Theme: Animals

1. RT: CAMEL (10)
2. RT: SHEEP (20)
3. RT: ELEPHANT (30)
4. RT: COYOTE (40)

Adults' Backwords Spelling Bee:

1. GRILL (60)
2. RECIPE (80)
3. BETTER (100)
4. OUTSIDE (120)
5. GLACIER (140)
6. POINTING (160)
7. MAGICIAN (180)
8. LAWN MOWER (not enough time for it)

1. VISIT (30)
2. BASKET (50)
7. PASSWORD (70)

Joel's Fourth CCC Choice: Thimble

Yahtzee Bowling Main Prize: K-1 Speed experience

Round 1:

1. 2/4/5/5/6- KEEPS THE PAIR
2. 2/3/5- KEEPS THE FIVE

1. 2/2/3/4/5- SMALL STRAIGHT

Round 2:

1. 1/2/4/5/5- KEEPS THE FIVES
2. 2/2/6- KEEPS THE TWOS

1. 1/1/2/2/6- KEEPS THE TWOS
3. 3/4

Joel's Fifth CCC Choice: Wheelbarrow

Operation Relay Prize: Trampoline
WINNERS: YT, 225-150

Nico's Other CCC Choice: Soccer ball

TRIP AT STAKE: The Buccaneer


Piggy bank- $380
Soccer ball- $5K ($5,380)

Car- $720
Hamburger- $330 ($1,050)
Money bag- $555 ($1,605)
Thimble- $690 ($2,295)
Wheelbarrow- $510 ($2,805)

(Note: The YT's first bank card was revealed just before the RT's cards were revealed.)


DFtL!: This should be the last night of the series. Tonight's first female singing wannabe was Alaine McClenahan (who had her baby boy Cail just before she appeared on the show).

Specialty Categories: TV Themes & 1960s

1. 1960s
A: "(Love is Like a) Heatwave" by Martha & The Vandellas (1963)
B: "Game of Love" by Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders (1965)
PICK: "(Love is Like a) Heatwave"
PREVIOUS LINE: "It's like a heatwave..."

FINAL GUESS: SAME AS PREVIOUS LINE (A: "...burnin' in my heart")

2. TV Themes
A: "Three's Company"

B: "Movin' On Up"
PICK: "Movin' On Up"

PREVIOUS LINE: "We finally got a..."
FINAL GUESS: "...piece of the pie"

MySpace Karaoke Singer of the Night: Tina (Ossining, NY; "Material Girl")

3. Rock the Cradle
A: "Peace of Mind" by Boston (1977)
B: "Let Her Cry" by Hootie & The Blowfish (1995)
PICK: "Let Her Cry"
PREVIOUS LINE: "Let her walk right out on me and..."

BASE GUESS: "...if the sun comes up tomorrow"

A: "...if this love is not forever"
B: "...if she don't come back tomorrow"
C: Her guess


4. About to Pop
A: "Come and Get Your Love" by Redbone (1974)
B: "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson (2002)
PICK: "A Moment Like This"
PREVIOUS LINE: "For that one special kiss, oh, I..."
FINAL GUESS: "...don't believe it's happening to me" (A: "...can't believe it's happening to me")

She walked out w/ $2.5K.

ENCORE: "Dancing on the Ceiling" by Lionel Richie (1986)(About To Pop/Rock the Cradle)

The last player we got to see on this stage, at least for a while, was Felicia Mollinedo. Her 17-year-old son Noel (who's an artist/musician that just got a scholarship at a prestigious art program) got to watch her.

Specialty Categories: Country & Party Songs

1. Party Songs (both '80s songs)
A: "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang (1980)
B: "Get On Your Feet" by Gloria Estefan (1989)
PICK: "Get On Your Feet"
PREVIOUS LINE: "Get up and..."
FINAL GUESS: "...take some action" (A: "...make it happen", which was her second guess)

2. Pop
A: "Hard Habit To Break" by Chicago (1984)
B: "Hey Ya" by Outkast (2003)
PICK: "Hey Ya"
PREVIOUS LINE: "For sticking two together, 'cause we..."

FINAL GUESS: "...know right now" (A: "...don't know how")

Final MySpace Karaoke Singer of the Night: Tommy (Owensboro, NY; "Walking in Memphis")

3. Rock
A: "Cheap Sunglasses" by ZZ Top (1980)
B: "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand (2004)
PICK: "Take Me Out"
PREVIOUS LINE: "I say, don't you know, you say..."
BASE GUESS: " don't go"

A: " don't know"
B: "...that's for sure"
C: "...let's just go"


4. Country
A: "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight" by Hank Williams, Jr. (1984)
B: "How Do I Live" by LeAnn Rimes (1997)
PICK: "How Do I Live"
PREVIOUS LINE: "If you ever go..."
FINAL GUESS: " do I ever, ever survive?"

Last Trivia Question: What name did rapper Mohandas Dewese adopt as his stage name- MC Hammer, Sir Mix-a-Lot or Kool Moe Dee?
Hint: He was the first rapper to perform at The Grammys
ANSWER: Kool Moe Dee

Felicia tried to end this series w/ a $5K Encore Song win.

ENCORE: "Let's Dance" by David Bowie (1983)(Rock)
PREVIOUS LINE: "...would break my heart in two, if you..."
FINAL GUESS: "...should fall into my arms, crumble like a tower" (A: "...should fall into my arms, tremble like a flower")

Throughout this syndicated series, many people made it to the $50K Encore & most of them went for it. Several were unsuccessful & dropped to either $1K or $5K, but six lucky singers were, w/ two of them never using their Three Lines backup (Bo Bice, Felice Schaeffer). Also, most of those lucky few who successfully doubled their money in the Encore Song went home w/ $5K (except for one, who got $10K).

If this show never comes back, well, there's always "The Singing Bee".


Conclusion of Jan O'Sullivan's game
Start of Paul Ryan's game

(Also: Final Jeopardy! was a Triple Stumper once again, but Carl Bradshaw remained champion & now has a two-day total of $17,899.)

Episode ratings:

"Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?":
2 PM: 7
2:30 PM: 6
"Don't Forget the Lyrics!":
2 AM: 6
2:30 AM: 5
"Ca$h Cab":
NYC: 8
Chicago: 6
9: "Family Game Night"
8: "Millionaire"
7: "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Jeopardy!" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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