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3/9/2011 Results

TPiR: This is Day 3 of the Home Viewer Showcase extravaganza; for at least this week only, all cars offered will be Hondas. In the HVS so far is about $40K in goodies.

After George Gray informs Brent Chasteen, Jermaura Wright, Luke Pepin & Michelle Ekre that they all need to "Come on Down", the morning's first IUFB is a sailboarding package (Manuela at Door #3).

Michelle: $1,200
Jermaura: $1.5K
Brent: $1,250
Luke: BUCK

ARP: $1,599

For Jermaura, if the price is "Wright" in Money Game, she'll win the Accord LX (Std., Sensors)(Tiffany at Door #3). Board:


MIDDLE NUMBER: 6 ($ _ _ , 6 _ _)

Mike wanted to be a little cute on the other two columns for this playing, eh? Jermaura MAXES OUT on the front of the car for $39 (first pick was 20)...but she then nabs the back of the $21,693 Accord on her very next choice to win both!

(Note: Jermaura only grabbed by herself her first incorrect pair of numbers.)

Fifth is Shannon Fluegal & the second one-bid prize's the Fagor dishwasher (Rachel & Tiffany).

Shannon: $750
Brent: $760
Luke: $800
Michelle: $801

ARP: $890

Michelle from Minnesota plays Cliff-Hangers (Rachel) for the fifth prize in the HVS- a SteamShowersInc. steam shower/infrared sauna combination worth $6,485 (Manuela at Door #3).

18 app magnets: $14- $16 ($23 left)
Three-speed blender: $39- $22 ($6 left)
Red toaster w/ six different design plates: $28- PAINFUL LOSS BY A BUCK ($35)

Sixth is a second Michele (Riddle) & the third IUFB turns out to be worn by Manuela- a 14-karat gold diamond tennis bracelet.

Michele: $800
Shannon: $1,100
Brent: $1,200

Luke: $1,201

ARP: $2,890

Luke plays the Race Game for a Dell desktop computer system (Rachel), a classical-style loveseat (Manuela & Rachel), a small white ATV (Manuela & Tiffany) & a stainless-steel propane gas grill (Tiffany). The price tags:



Computer: $2,699
Seat: $830
ATV: $1,599
BBQ: $2,049



Computer: $1,599
Seat: $830
ATV: $2,049
BBQ: $2,699

ALL WRONG- EIGHT SECONDS LEFT (the number of right prizes indicator was late in displaying how many he had right, though, w/ :11 left; this may lead to a Technical Win)


Computer: $2,699
Seat: $1,599
ATV: $2,049
BBQ: $830

For now, he's only won the loveseat. No matter what, he's spinning The Big Wheel second. The rest of the correct prices:

Computer: $830
ATV: $2,699
BBQ: $2,049

Upon further the end of the show, he's given the TW!

Michelle E. ($928): 45 + 55 = WINS $1K
Luke ($10,067): Quarter + 40 = $.65
Jermaura ($23,331): 75 + 40 = OVER BY $.15

The current Michelle gets in her Bonus Spin...the $.15 for 10 large- nice turnaround so far after that Pricing Game heartbreaker of hers!

Seventh is a THIRD Michelle (Shaver) & the fourth one-bid's some crystal stemware (Tiffany in the clam).

Shaver: $1.5K
Riddle: Grand
Shannon: $2,100
Brent: $1,501

ARP: $1,320

"Riddle me this, riddle me that"- Michele #2's celebrating a birthday & plays Pushover for a rustic dining room group w/ 60 pieces of porcelain dinnerware & a one year Dinner of the Month Club membership (Manuela & Rachel at Door #2). The number line of the day:


She locks in $4,396, which is NOT enough- the whole thing totalled $6,036.

Now, to somebody else not named Michelle, Bonnie Labay; IUFB #5's snowboarding equipment (Rachel on the turntable).

Bonnie: $580
Shannon: $1,650
Brent: $1,651
Michelle: $600

ARP: $1,520

The last of the Michelles plays Stack the Deck for the CR-Z (Std., EBH, Tray)(Manuela at Door #3). The next board:


1. Pine-Sol & a three-bottle pack of Mountain Dew
PRICE: $3.50
PICK: Pine-Sol; SELECTS THIRD DIGIT ($ _ _ , 3 _ _)

2. Udderly Smooth Udder Cream & Sanka Coffee
PRICE: $6.69
PICK: Cream ($4.99)

3. Duracell Ultra-Advanced AA Batteries & a bag of Gorton's Classic Grilled Shrimp
PRICE: $4.99
PICK: Shrimp ($6.19)

It was just NOT bound to happen for her, as she OVERBIDS at $21,379; it was just $19,376.

W/ GG's calldown window for the last called player being moved to the right for the second time now, Otto comes out of the Peanut Gallery last; the final IUFB today will be the Samsung 55" LCD HDTV (Manuela behind splitting sign). Brent's been here the whole show, but he's bidding last.

Otto: $2.5K
Bonnie: $1,100
Shannon: $1,875
Brent: $1,900

ARP: $2,099, so Brent has finally made it!

After he butt-bumps w/ Drew, he plays One Wrong Price for these game room items- a touchscreen digital jukebox marked at $2,882 (Rachel), the Whack-a-Mole machine marked at $3,479 (Manuela) & a soda vending machine marked at $3,516 (Tiffany). He tries to score a hit on the W-a-M...he does, since it actually costs $4,895!

My Wednesday PG lineup:

1. Cliff-Hangers
2. Pushover
3. Stack the Deck
4. One Wrong Price
5. Race Game
6. Money Game

Michelle S. ($1,320): 15 + Dime = Quarter
Michelle R. ($1,520): $.55
Brent ($13,392): $.55

Michelle R.: Half-Dollar
Brent: $.30


In between Doors #1 & #2- Stainless-steel draft beer cooler (Manuela)
Door #1- Beachcomber Hot Tub (Manuela)
Door #4- Trip to Ireland (Tiffany; includes a Guinness Brewery factory tour)




Left of Door #2- Nintendo Wii w/ "FIFA Soccer 11" (Rachel)
Right of Door #2- Trip to Seattle (Rachel; includes tickets to a Seattle Sounders game & $500 spending money)(HVS Prize #6)
In Door #2- Catalina sailboat (Tiffany)



BID: $17,200
ARP: $22,692

BID: $22,500
ARP: $23,540

The answer to Riddle's total winnings question is $25,060. Ekre leaves w/ $11,928 in cash & prizes (had she won her Showcase, we might've seen the wheel behind Door #3 at the end of a show for the second time).

TODAY'S PG RECORD: 3-3 (w/ one TW)

WoF: So far on what has already been a much better week than last, we've given away $185,565 in cash & prizes & last night's champion, Sandy Schenk, took away $98,695 of that, including a new Winnebago!

We're about to find out if we can build on the first two shows w/ the help of the given contestants. The identity of the first Toss-Up is Phrase:

T E S _ _ N G / _ _ E

_ A T _ R S

As of right now, Seth's successfully been TESTING THE WATERS of this game for $1,000. Now, to the short biographies:

Seth Swoboda (Jackson Heights, NY; originally from Kansas)- A fitness trainer, exercise trainer & 30-year tap dancer
Kristin Behm (Argusville, ND)- Fargo insurance company worker/high school girl's basketball coach
Felicia Tapia (Long Island, NY)- A 10-year U.S. Navy member stationed at Point Loma in San Diego

$2K TU category is Food & Drink:

I _ _ / C _ _ A M

S A _ D _ _ _ _

Felicia eats an ICE CREAM SANDWICH to start the wheel-spinning off.

But first, we must reveal that the Eggland's Best Jackpot Round category's Quotation & tonight's first trip is to the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort worth $6,060. First, she calls two T's for $1,200, buys four A's, but she then loses the $950 remainder to the Bankrupt next to the $2,500 wedge. Secondly, Seth calls a dud in R while on the Wild Card. Third, Kristin calls another dud in S. As we get right back to Felicia, she calls a $400 L & a $900 N, but her next vowel purchase of I is a dud. On Seth's second turn, he calls two H's for $800 & buys five E's before we get...

_ H / _ H A T / A

T A N _ L E _ / _ E _

_ E / _ E A _ E

...he solves the Sir Walter Scott line "OH WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE" for his second thousand bucks, a share of the early lead & the right to start the second main round.

DUDS: I (Felicia), R (Seth), $500 S (Kristin)

Before we get to the very important trip round, we need to try & solve a decently-sized Show Biz puzzle. He calls a quick dud of S. Second, Kristin calls another baddie in T. Third, Felicia calls three N's for $2,700, buys two O's & three I's, asks for two R's to add $1,200 to her current bank & buys two A's before calling a couple D's for another six bills, two L's for an extra $1,600 &
buying five E's. After she calls the two J's for the vacation, she tries to solve w/ the following up there for the outright lead...

A _ E R I _ A N

I D O L / J _ D _ E

J E N N I _ E R

L O _ E _

...she does w/ "AMERICAN IDOL" JUDGE JENNIFER LOPEZ for another $11,160 in cash & Ariozona & a new total of $13,160. Towards the end of this round, her nametag falls off & Pat gets it for her just before the second commercial break! Whether she's about to pull a Barry Williams at show's end is anybody's guess.

DUDS: $300 S (Seth), $400 T (Kristin)

Onto the Meineke Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round we go w/ Song Lyrics as the topic. After Kristin calls three T's for $1,650, buys four E's, lights an obvious $900 H & three L's for an extra $1,050, she buys an I & A, followed by a $500 R, five O's to clean out the vowel department, a $500 G, two M's while on Free Play for another grand, a $450 S, a $500 D, a $400 N, but she then gets the other normal Bankrupt to lose nearly $6K & the bonus trip. Ouch. Felicia then tries for the bonus...

_ O M E / O N / _ A _ _

L E T / T H E / G O O D

T I M E S / R O L L

...from Shirley & Lee, she knows the song as "COME ON BABY, LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL" to complete her Hilton double play w/ a holiday at the Rose Hall Resort & Spa valued at $6,965, giving her total winnings now of $20,125.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: MF1729469 (Melissa F. from Oregon)

Two locations On the Map are what the $3K TU's asking the panel for:

_ _ _ E _ T I N A

& / _ H _ _ E

Kristin finally makes it on the board w/ ARGENTINA & CHILE.

Last Chance Round subject's Around the House & each consonant on this board's priced at...$1.5K. After she inserts a $6K L quartet...

B _ S _ B _ L L / _ _ R _

_ _ L L _ _ T I _ N

...she redeems a BASEBALL CARD COLLECTION for a quadrupler, so she takes home 12 big ones! Seth leaves w/ two & Felicia's hung tight w/ $20,125 in cash & trips!

$34,125 in maingame winnings was totalled up this evening.


Big Money Round: After Felicia marches to that Bonus Wheel, she lets it slip to the apostrophe at the very last second. The topic for this bonus puzzle's Phrase & the RSTLNE shows:

_ _ _ E

_ _ _ T _

She calls D, H, M & O & now comes...

H _ _ E

_ _ _ T H

...I DON'T HAVE FAITH in her too much when it comes to solving this...but she does! Has she just pulled a Barry as a result?...

...NOPE, but she's the first $40K BR winner all season long! She goes back to her Naval base w/ $60,125 in cash & travel, which makes this week's new overall total $259,690!

To end this episode, we see footage of Pat & Vanna's recent experiences at some of the Hilton hotels across the country (the one Pat first worked at was the PalmerHouse; this package also included clips from some Vegas & Hawaii road trips)!

J!: Mike Nelson continues his championship reign tonight w/ these challengers coming in:

Quinn McDonald (Lowville, NY)- A inventory control manager & Loyal Friend & True who found a very small office-themed "Jeopardy!" game set in the restaurant she was going to for lunch the day before she flew to Studio City, CA to play this game
Harley Savage (Hamtramck, MI)- Computer programmer/cookie baker

The first six subjects lit up:


Underneath the $800 Of Order clue is the first Daily Double of the match; Nelson finds it first w/ $1,200 & trails Savage by $600, while McDonald's got 200 clams. His wager is the face value, so this clue could put him ahead by $200 just before the initial timeout:

Writers, from earliest to latest: C.S. Lewis, Sir Walter Scott & Christopher Marlowe

"Who is Scott, Lewis, Marlowe?"...NONE of those names are in the correct order; Marlowe was instead first, followed by Scott & finally Lewis. He's back to $400 for the time we're done w/ Round 1, he's multiplied that amount by four but will start in Double Jeopardy! Elsewhere, McDonald's leading at $6,800, which is twice Savage's second-place score.


DJ! Lineup:

YAD VASHEM (video clues from said place in Israel)

While she's in the middle of being In the Bookstore, McDonald's in Lock Game Territory to the tune of $10K & has a DD under her power; Savage's a distant second w/ $3,800 & only is $200 ahead of the champion. The only woman among tonight's trio will go for an additional $2K on this answer:

The second book in a bestselling trilogy is The Girl Who Played With this.

"What is Fire?"...that was my guess too & she's correct to get to $12K! And she also spots the other DD from the $1,600 Drop a Letter window while at $19,200; Nelson's in second w/ $6,400 & Savage's down to last place w/ $4,200. Again, to add $2K and put her over 20:

...from a word for a long, vehement speech to get this synonym for "swap".

"What is trade?"...the base word was "tirade" & she's right once again for $21,200! To end this round, the High School Strategy's activated on the Israel clues.

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $5,600

After DJ!:

Mike: $10K
Harley: $7,800
Quinn: $25,600 (LG)


Mike: $10,800
Harley: $7,800

Quinn: $24,400


After the death in combat of the previous King, he became the last one to win the crown while on the battlefield.

Response: "Who is Henry VI?"

Wager: $2,201
Final score: $5,599

The rest of the group wrote "Who is Henry V?"...they both went one in the wrong direction, though- the right ruler was, you guessed it, Henry VII. The other two bets:

Mike: $5,601 = $4,399 (he leaves w/ $21,800)
Quinn: $5K = $20,600

MTWI: Hoping to maybe leave w/ $125K tonight are Jennifer & Ryan McCall from Detroit (who have been married for eight years) and Leila Jelloule & Marcus Williams (a Kindergarten teacher) from L.A (they've been together for two years).

1. "Brew Ha-Ha"- Place four coffee cups on a slotted table before rolling the top one down & creating a chain reaction that should lead to the bottom cup falling into in a bin.

Jennifer & Marcus are competing in the first two challenges...w/ Marcus winning by about half a second.

2. "Paper Dragon"
WINNER: Jennifer (TIED at 1)

The other teammates take on the third task.

3. "A Bit Dicey"
WINNER: Leila (2)

4. "Tipsy" (back to Jennifer & Marcus we go)
WINNER: Jennifer (TIED at 2)

5. "Bouncer" (men)
WINNER: Marcus (3)

6. "Bottle Neckin' (still w/ the guys)
WINNER: Ryan (TIED at 3)

SUDDEN DEATH TASK: "Paddle Poppers" (Leila & Ryan)
$50K WINNERS: Leila & Marcus

Leila & Marcus DON'T win any more money on "Ker-Plunk or Plunk!", however.

CC: Although it's raining, here comes an instant NYC DOUBLE RIDE for Lori, Mikam, Myesha & Wilzak; they're riding 39 blocks to Sixth & 26th.

$100 Round:
1. Sometimes known as male menopause, Low T is a condition characterized by reduced levels of what hormone?
Guess: Testosterone- CORRECT ($100)
2. Founded by Don Cornelius, what rival of "American Bandstand" billed itself as "The hippest trip in America"?
Guess: "Soul Train"- RIGHT ($200)
3. Dubbed "The King of Football" in the 1960s, what Brazilian soccer legend claims his nickname sounds like "baby talk" in Portuguese?
Street Shout-Out (Soho): The nearby lady is UNABLE to help.
Guess: (Diego) Maradona- STRIKE ONE (A: Pele)(32 blocks left)
4. Doled out in dispensers that resemble lighters, what classic candy was originally intended as an alternative to smoking?
Guess: PEZ- RIGHT ($300)

$200 Round:
1. Co-opted by an Oscar-winning Kevin Spacey film, what variety of rose was the official flower of the District of Columbia?
Guess: Red- STRIKE TWO (A: "American Beauty")
2. Inserted in a trumpet to reduce its volume, what device has varieties known as plungers, buckets & wah-wahs?
Guess: Muzzle- LOSS (A: Mute)

John, his wife Vivi & Jessica Scandone are set to ride 48 blocks to Fifth & 53rd. They're off to a $200 start.

$100 Round:
1. Famously favored by Hannibal Lecter, what variety of beans were used to cast votes in Ancient Rome?
Guess: Fava- CORRECT ($300)(28 blocks left)
2. An alternative to "Snowpocalypse", what omnius nickname did Obama use to describe the massive blizzard that hit D.C. last year?
STRIKE ONE (A: "Snowmageddon")
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE (Beth Melewski's gotten a little better at announcing the start of these as of last night): Spelled PEGLAGS, that acronym is used to remember The Seven Deadly Sins. Name six of the seven.
Correct sins given: Pride, envy, lust, greed, sloth & gluttony ($550)
Unsaid: Anger
3. Because of government subsidies, drivers in what South American nation could buy gas for as little as six cents a gallon last year?
Guess: Venezuela- RIGHT ($650)(19 blocks to spare)
4. Inspiring a 1990 film, what nickname for a famous WWII bomber alludes to the pilot's beautiful Tennesseean girlfriend?
Guess: "Memphis Belle"- RIGHT ($750)

$200 Round:
1. Co-opted by pro-life advocates, what Dr. Seuss book, which was later made into a cartoon & a feature film, features the line "A person is a person, no matter how small?
Guess: Horton Hears a Who!- YOU BET ($950)
2. Providing surveillance for casinos, pan-tilt zoom cameras are more commonly known by what rhyming nickname?
Guess: "Eye in the Sky"- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,150)(3.5 blocks left)
Final Question: Founded in 1882, what Arizona city's name alludes to the trunk of a Ponderosa Pine that was once used to fly Old Glory?
Guess: Flagstaff- WINS $1,350

At the end of this NY episode, while Burkett, Elizabeth & Paul play a 31-block game to Madison & 61st...they run into this after their $100 Q's are through w/ $450 & two strikes to their credit:

RLC #2: In 2009, CNBC compiled a list of the nations w/ the largest supply of proven oil reserves. Identify five of the seven nations which topped that list.
Correct countries given: Kuwait, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Canada & Iraq ($700)
Others: Iran & United Arab Emerates

But Elizabeth's Mobile SO Lawrence DOESN'T do them any good on their very last Q worth $200, so they lose it all at the last minute.


Kevin & Roderick, while starting near Mike's Bar & Grill, want Beth to direct them 40 blocks to the block of Clark & Addison.

$50 Round:
1. Labeled both a dangerous loon & a freedom of speech fighter, Julian Assange founded what whistle-blowing website in 2006?
Guess: WikiLeaks- CORRECT ($50)
2. Far less urgent than 911, what three-digit phone number for non-emergencies made its debut in Baltimore in 1996?
Guess: 311- YES INDEED ($100)
3. In his wide-ranging 2008 divorce settlement, actor David Hasselhoff was granted legal rights to what shortened version of his last name?
Guess: "The Hoff"- YOU BET ($150)
4. The RC of the high seas, what company operates the five largest cruise ships in the world?
Guess: Royal Caribbean- RIGHT ($200)

$100 Round:
1. Allegedly named for the young attendants of knights, what hairstyle was sported by Prince Valiant & Buster Brown?
Guess: Squire- WRONG (A: Pageboy)
2. To avoid confusion w/ other schools, what Midwestern university added the words "in St. Louis" to its name in 1976?
Guess: Washington University in St. Louis- RIGHT ($300)(20 blocks remaining)
3. Often called the Royal Game of India, what board game was allegedly played by emperors using Harem Girls as life-sized playing pieces?
Guess: Chess- STRIKE TWO (A: Their second guess of Parcheesi)
4. In 1989, the U.S military blasted the Rick Astley song "Never Gonna Give You Up" to flush out what ousted Panamanian general?
Guess: (Manuela) Noriega- RIGHT ($400)(14 blocks from target)

$200 Round:
1. Not to be confused w/ a form of Japanese animation, what term did Carl Young coin for the feminine unconscious of the male mind?
MSO: Kevin calls a Ben whose last name definitely isn't Bailey, but he's USELESS.
Guess: Monga- LOSS (A: Anime)

This is music to the ears of Allen Fredland, Constance "Connie" Green, Connor & Mia- they're starting a 36-block DR from 1000 North LaSalle to Wreckless Records. Their first round of questioning's perfect.

$200 Round:
1. The main ingredient in Baba Ghanoush, what vegetable in the nightshade family's actually a type of berry?
Guess: Eggplant- YES INDEED ($600)
$500 RLC: Last year, The Atlantic ranked the top movie franchises of all-time. According to revenue & critical acclaim, name five of the top seven franchises.
Correct franchises given: "The Godfather", "Star Wars", "Harry Potter", "Indiana Jones" & "Lord of the Rings" ($1,100)
Not given: "Spider-Man" & "Toy Story" (15 blocks to go)
2. Often described as the world's biggest insect, what massive beetle gets its name from a giant Biblical bully?
Guess: Goliath- RIGHT ($1,300)
3. Upstaging the Sears Tower in 1996, the 88-story Petronas Towers punctuate the skyline of what Malayasian capital city?
Guess: Sri Lanka- INCORRECT (A: Kuala Lumpur)
4. Neither too hot or too cold, what's the fairy tale-inspired term for a planet that's just right for human life?
SSO (Lincoln Park): The group of three ask a pair of ladies; they're saying Utopia.
Guess: Utopia- NO (A: The Goldylocks Planet)

Sole $400 Query: Named for the pediatrician that developed it, what sleep-training technique for babies is loosely known as the "Cry It Out Method"?
MSO: Connie's calling Ray, who's guessing Spock.
Guess: Ferber (their first instinct)- WINS $1,700!

But they're NOT done! If they're successful on their big-money question, they'll be the biggest winners on either version of the show this year.

$3,400 VIDEO BONUS: These charismatic seabirds swim for miles along the South American coastlines searching for tasty snacks of sardines & anchovies. Because he spotted them in 1520, what Portuguese explorer lends his name to this personable penguin species?

Their very last answer's Bartholomew Diaz...NO! OUCH. Correct: Ferdinand Magellan.

That means the sole winners of this Windy City episode are Jeff, Kate & Katie w/ $1,200 during a 39-block game; they RAN THE TABLE & used both SOs.


Conclusion of David Hankins' game
Audience Game

Episode ratings:

8: "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Ca$h Cab"
5: "Minute to Win It"
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