Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"America's Next Top Model" 3/23

This Week's Guest Judge: Rachel Zoe

Tyra Mail #10:
"Every good lesson starts with a good foundation."

Challenge: At the Hollywood Wax Museum, three teams of three are given one minute to make a presentation of one of the following three looks- Bold/Colorful Eyes, Daytime/Casual or Night/Red Carpet. The winning team's video will be posted on the CoverGirl website.

1. Alexandria Everett (talent), Molly O'Connell (writer) & Monique Weingart (director)- DAYTIME/CASUAL
2. Brittani Kline (director), Kasia Palewicz (writer) & Mikaela Schipani (talent)- NIGHT/RED CARPET
3. Dayla Morrow (talent), Hannah Jones (director) & Jaclyn Poole (writer)- BOLD/COLORFUL EYES

WINNERS: Brittani, Kasia & Mikaela

TM #11: "Tomorrow, get ready to take a walk on the wild side."

PHOTO SHOOT #4: At the older version of the Los Angeles Zoo, the ladies have to pose w/ a baby leopard named Murato.

Photographer: Baldomero Fernandez


1. Hannah
2. Brittani
3. Mikaela
4. Kasia
5. Jaclyn
6. Dalya
7. Monique
8. Molly
9. Alexandria


BEST PHOTO- Hannah (first two-time winner this season)
2. Brittani
3. Jaclyn
4. Monique
5. Alexandria
6. Kasia
7. Mikaela

Dalya's in the bottom two for the second time this season. The past two weeks somebody has made their second trip to the bottom, they've been cut. She's hoping that the streak won't go to three...


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