Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"The Biggest Loser" 3/15

All 12 remaining contestants are placed on the Blue Team this week. If they can combine for a weight loss of at least 65 pounds, nobody will be eliminated on this episode.

Pop Challenge: Six teams of two will have a half-hour to cook for "America's Next Great Restaurant" judges Curtis Stone & Lorena Garcia. Whoever has the best dish will win the show's meal plan.


Jennifer Jacobs & Kaylee Kinikini: Ground turkey tostada- 350 calories
Moses Kinikini & Olivia Ward: Baked cod- 170 cal
Irene Alvarado & Justin Pope: Steak & cauliflower mash- 330 cal
Hannah Curlee & Ken Andrews: Steak & salad (230 cal) & a chocolate shake (75 cal)
Marci Crozier & Rulon Gardner: Cod w/ cajun seasonings- 200 cal
Austin Andrews & Courtney Crozier: Chocolate strawberry tortilla (170 cal) & a chocolate almond shake (75 cal)

WINNERS: Moses & Olivia

Main Challenge: Everybody has to follow a yellow rope while on a canyon to the finish line while teams of two dig up & answer four questions along the way. If this is completed in 1 1/2 hours, a five-bound bonus will be awarded at the WI; otherwise, a five-pound penalty will be incurred.

Irene & Rulon: How much weight was lost by this entire cast in the first week- 418 or 481?
Guess: 481- NO

Dan & Ken: At the first WI of the season, which of the Evans members weighed more- Dan or Don?
Guess: Don- YES

(Note: Hannah broke a finger while digging & had to sit out the rest of this challenge.)

Moses & Olivia: T or F: To date, the U.S. cast of this show has lost more than 12 tons.
Guess: True- YES

Austin & Courtney: At the first WI, how much dud Arthur say he weighed at his heaviest- 638 or 646?
Guess: 646- YES

They only get through their first two Q's after about an hour. Do they make the comeback in time?...


WI #12:

Jen: 191 lbs, five pounds lost, 2.55% (55 pounds left)

Hannah: 176 lbs, four pounds lost, 2.22% (51 pounds left)

Olivia: 185 lbs, three pounds lost, 1.6% (48 pounds left)

Justin: 249 lbs, five pounds lost, 1.97% (43 pounds left)

Rulon: 335 lbs, seven pounds lost, 2.05% (36 pounds left)

Ken: 270 lbs, seven pounds lost, 2.53% (29 pounds left)

Austin: 275 lbs, eight pounds lost, 2.83% (21 pounds left)

Courtney: 237 lbs, four pounds lost, 1.66% (17 pounds left)

Irene: 178 lbs, two pounds lost, 1.11% (15 pounds left)

Moses: 303 lbs, six pounds lost, 1.94% (nine pounds left)


Kaylee: 176 lbs, TWO POUNDS GAINED- LOSS

ELIMINATION: Obviously, the bottom two this week of Kaylee & Marci are the only ones at risk of being voted out. Only two of the votes go to...


...Kaylee, meaning Marci's GONE. Unless I find out otherwise, she'll be replaced next week by a previously eliminated player as we go to four three-member teams.
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