Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Top Chef: All-Stars" 3/23- SEMI-FINALS

Final Quickfire: For the three remaining finalists, they must assign their opponents what they need to work w/ in 45 minutes out of the following seven- Canned Goods, Dry Goods, Hot Dogs, Potatoes, Burgers, Tacos & Desserts. Also, they must assign one of these three stipulations to each other- cooking w/ one hand, finishing their cooking without using any knives or hand tools or being forced to cook w/ Carla Hall.

Antonia Lofaso (assigned by Mike Isabella): CANNED GOODS & CARLA
Richard Blais (assigned by Antonia): HOT DOGS & ONE HAND
Mike (assigned by Richard): ONE POT & NO UTENSILS

This Week's Guest Judge: Wolfgang Puck

(Note: Padma Lakshimi's now a consulting producer in addition to hosting this show.)


Antonia: Curry coconut soup w/ shrimp, Andouille sausage, peanuts & fish sauce
Richard: Hot dog on handmade Roti bread w/ curry ketchup, mayo & mint leaves
Mike: Pork shoulder w/ black beans, chili paste, ginger & cabbage salad

$5K WINNER: Mike (he also controls everyone's fate in the next challenge)

FINAL ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: The semi-finalists now have to cook for one of these three cooking icons- Wolfgang, Masaharu Maurimoto or Michelle Bernstein.

Mike: Michelle (partly because she was a judge for his season)
Antonia: Maurimoto
Richard: Wolfgang


Antonia: Tuna Sashimi w/ picked Daikon mushrooms, eggplant, Miso soup & rice
Mike: Fried chicken w/ pea puree & an egg yolk empanada w/ mustard gravy
Richard: Beef Goulash Spaetzle w/ sour cream & apple strudel w/ tarragon cream

The first of the two finalists is...


SUDDEN DEATH: 45 minutes are on the clock for the other two chefs to make something; they must hand out seven servings.

Antonia: Seared grouper in coconut lobster broth w/ a yam, apple & dill pollen relish
Mike: Tempura lobster over beef tartare w/ caramelized olives & Chimichurri Sauce

Facing Richard in the $200K championship next week is...


...Mike! As the last female cheftestant ousted this season, Antonia drives away in the Toyota Highlander Hybrid w/ $2.5K in possible gas money.
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