Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4/13/2011 Results

LMaD: Whatever the first two traders pass up in today's first deal could go to Trader #3, Katherine (dressed as a fried egg).

Angelina's Round (she's dressed as a robot): $700 or Small Box (Jonathan)?
PICK: Cash
BOX: Pentax digital SLR camera ($1,300)

Erin's Round (she's dressed as Tippi Hedren): $700 or Curtain #1?
PICK: Cash
CURTAIN #1: Baking package ($4,334)

KATHERINE'S BIG RISK (Curtain #2): YES- Trip to Thailand ($11,763)

Deal #2 is a newbie- the Late-Night Talk Show Deal!

Victoria's Round (who's wearing a fruit bouquet on her head): Silver Envelope or SB (Tiffany in front of Curtain #2)?
BOX: Two-piece jigsaw puzzle

Shakira's Round: SE or Curtain #3?
PICK: Curtain
SE: Luxury spa day w/ skincare products ($2,015)
CURTAIN: Strong spa ($7,999)

About to play the Lotto are Aimee (dressed as a clown), Megan (dressed as Little Red Riding Hood) & Cameron from Alabama (dressed as a whoopie cushion).

Aimee: Green- $250
Megan: Blue- $100
Cameron: Red- WIN

Now, to this morning's pay scale:

Waynes: $3K
Tiffanys: $5K
Jonathans: $152 (originally $112, but Jonathan & Wayne each pitch in an additional $20)
CARS: Jeep Patriot (Curtain #2)

Cameron chooses #3, #1 & #8.

1. #3- WAYNE
2. #1- JEEP

If he wants to quit, he can do so w/ a recumbent bike & weights worth a total value of $2,501 (Curtain #1), but he doesn't.

#6- JEEP

Kristine & Paul, who got married the night before this episode was taped, have their choice of three SBs- His, Hers or His & Hers. They pick the H & H & turn down $1K to maybe pay towards a second honeymoon...but they drop to $200 & his & her coffee mugs that have been morphed together into one.

His- Grand Prix racing experience ($4,338)
Hers- flowers & candy for a year ($2,871)

Kimberly (dressed as a leopard) will try to Keep On Rollin' for:

Curtain #1: BBQ ($2,049)
Curtain #2: Small entertainment lounge ($5,368)
Curtain #3: Hyundai Accent GL

2. ONE (5)
3. TWO (7)


Because she doesn't have a car, she's going all the way.

1. ONE

Whitney (dressed as a princess) has the choice of a big fortune cookie (Tiffany) or the Big Box. She goes for the BB...she left a $77 message in the cookie, so she's going on a trip to the Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta worth $5,370- PERFECT DEAL!

THE BIG DEAL: Shakira gets to pick one of those three doors, one of which has a $24,780 Big Deal of the Day behind it. She states my pick of Door #1. #2 had a bedroom worth...$7,194. #3 held...$2,525 in the Bank Vault! Which means she's WON the KIA Rio & a Ducati motorcycle!

TPiR: Wednesday's First Four are Katherine Miller, Richard Marr, Robin Tapia & Margaret Coleman; the morning's first IUFB is a Honda TRX-90 (Rachel behind splitting sign).

Margaret: $2,300/Robin: $1,100/Richard: $1,333/Catherine: $850

ARP: $2,999

Margaret plays the Money Game for the Chevrolet Colorado (Std., Audio, SRadio, Prot, Hitch)(Gwendolyn at Door #3). Board:


MIDDLE NUMBER: 2 ($ _ _ , 2 _ _)

1. 39- $
2. 21- $
3. 20- $
4. 19- FRONT ($ 1 9 , 2 _ _)
FINAL PICK: 85 (ARP: $19,244; wins $165)

Fifth is Stephen Collins from not too far away & the second IUFB on the train (Manuela) is a Samsung Blu-Ray Disc home theater system (George).

STEPHEN: $750/Robin: $1,350/Richard: $333/Catherine: $1,200

ARP: $849

Stephen will place the electronics near this contemporary leather seating trio (Gwen) & a Mitsubishi 73" DLP HDTV w/ 3-D glasses (Manuela) if he can get Rachel to place the One Right Price of $4.5K on the The TV package was $2,798.

Plugging in the red third is Alyssa Escaareno & the third one-bid's a pair of FujiFilm digital cameras (Gwen & Rachel).

ALYSSA: $1,350/Robin: $700/Richard: $900/Catherine: BUCK

ARP: $1,040

Richard could take pictures of himself in our nation's capital on a trip to the St. Gregory Luxury Hotel & Suites worth $7,883 (Manuela at Door #3) if he's a good enough shopper playing Check-Out. The five grocery items are Zatarain's Creole Mustard, a Bounce lint roller, a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch, a small can of 30 Jelly Belly jellybeans & a big bag of 10 Gorton's Beer-Battered Fish Fillets.


Mustard: $3.50
Roller: $7
Dressing: $2
Jellybeans: $5.99
Fish: $5


Mustard: $2.49
Roller: $4.99
Dressing: $3.49
Jellybeans: ON THE NOSE
Fish: $5.19 (when's the last time the last grocery item in line for this Pricing Game wasn't more expensive than any of the first four?)


Stephen ($849): Quarter + 55 = $.80
Margaret ($3,164): $.80
Richard ($8,923): 40 + Quarter = $.65

Stephen: $.85
Margaret: $.65

Player #7's an old lady named Josephine Meniscalo & the next one-bid's a ESP Phoenix 2 bass guitar w/ the 10 private playing lessons (Gwen behind GPT).

Alyssa: $1,100/Robin: $1K/JOSEPHINE: $2.5K/Catherine: $600

ARP: $3,090

82-year-old Josephine plays Squeeze Play for one of those International Outdoor Furnishings kitchen islands (Rachel at Door #2). Board:


If she removes that seven, that $9,359 island's hers...nope, she takes out the three.

Taking her place in Contestant's Row is Tyler Tapia & the next IUFB's a Liquid Shredder package (Manuela behind rising sign).

Alyssa: $650/Robin: $700/TYLER: $895/Catherine: $450

ARP: $838

Robin plays Punch-a-Bunch (Gwen holding the big bill, Rachel stands next to the SPs).

1. Breadman Pro maker
IS NOT: $59

2. Emerson microwave
IS NOT: $50

3. Moen Home Care bath accessory
IS NOT: $79

4. Non-stick omelet pan
IS NOT: $29

Her Holes are #14, #37 & #9...after $1K & $100 comes a $100 Second Chance slip. She then goes right in the middle w/ #25 to add...the previous $1K for a total of $1,100.

Tatiana Tensen gets chosen last & the final IUFB's a selection of B's handbags (Gwen in the clam). Catherine's still in CR.

Alyssa: $801/TATIANA: $800/Tyler: $1,100/Catherine: $1,600

ARP: $1,477


Tyler, who just turned 21, plays Any Number for either 32 pieces of Hamilton Beach kitchenware (Manuela) or the Nissan cube (Std., Designer, Guards, PProt, Armor)(Rachel at Door #2).

1. 8- CUBE ($ 1 8 , _ _ _)
2. 7- Butt Bank ($ 7 . _ _)
3. 4- CUBE ($ 1 8 , 4 _ _)
4. 5- Cookware ($ _ _ 5)
5. 0- Butt Bank ($ 7 . _ 0)
6. 9- CUBE ($ 1 8 , 4 9 _)
7. 3- LOSS (Wins $7.30)

CUBE: $18,492
Cookware: $615

(Notes: He made the wrong choice on his last pick between two & three. Also, the losing horns didn't play when he pigged out.)

Personalized Wednesday lineup: One Right Price/Punch-a-Bunch/Money Game/Squeeze Play/Any Number/Check-Out

SCSD #2:
Tyler ($1,484): Two 60s
Robin ($2,170): 15 + 45 = $.60
Josephine ($3,090): $.60

Robin: $.35
Josephine: $.65


Door #1- Inspire cage gym system w/ a GoFit package & the glass-door refrigerator (Gwen)
Door #3- Pair of Kawasaki STX- 15F jet skis (Rachel)




Left of Door #2- iMac system w/ art supplies
Right of Door #2- Trip to Paris
In Door #2- Sonata (Std., Guards)



BID: $24,500
ARP: $28,852

BID: $34,000
ARP: $34,374 (I would've DSWed)

Josephine didn't quite DSW, but she still wins her Paris/Hyundai Showcase & a total of $37,464 in prizes.


CC: In the first Chicago game of the evening, Michael's riding 35 blocks.

$50 Round:
1. Although an NFL team logo suggests otherwise, what Scandinavian warriors are believed not to have worn horned battle helmets?
Guess: Vikings- CORRECT ($50)
2. At Memphis International Airport, what shipping giant maintains a super hub that boasts 300 miles of conveyor belts?
Guess: FedEx- YES INDEED ($100)
3. Released in 1991, "Public Enemies By the Time I Get to Arizona" protested the state's refusal to adopt a holiday recognizing what American icon?
Mobile Shout-Out: He calls Jenny for some possible help.
Guess: Geronimo- STRIKE ONE (A: MLK, Jr.)(25 blocks left)
4. England's equivalent of the Ivory Tower, the term Oxbridge mashes up the names of what two British institutions?
Guess: Oxford & Cambridge- RIGHT ($150)

$100 Round:
1. Alluding to its two-man crews, the name of what 1960s NASA space program means "twins" in Latin?
Guess: Apollo- STRIKE TWO (A: Gemini)(20 blocks remaining)
2. To write his expose The Jungle, what author spent seven weeks undercover in the depths of the Chicago meat-packing district?
Guess: Upton Sinclair- CORRECT ($250)
3. Giving goulash its kick & color, what reddish spice's made by grinding dried peppers into a fine powder?
Street SO (River North): She asks a woman who's trying to warm up.
Guess: Paprika- RIGHT ($350)(nine blocks to goal)
4. Boldly displayed throughout the 2010 World Cup, what's the traditional color of both The Netherlands & its royal family?
Guess: Green- LOSS (A: Orange)

George, Mike & Steve are also riding 35 blocks in this "Cab", but to an eatery caled Quartino. They're perfect through two rounds.

$200 Round:
1. Abbreviated EBV, what extremely widespread virus is the main culprit behind mononucleosis?
MSO #2: Michael phones his brother Dr. John McGinnis.
Guess: Epstein-Barr Virus- RIGHT AGAIN ($800)
Final Question: When it erupted in 1883, what Indonesian volcano released energy equivalent to 200 megatons of TNT?
SSO #2 (also within the River North): They try to get a male stranger to help them out.
Guess: Krakatoa (but the stranger's guess was Vesuvius)- $1K SWEEP

But they're going for the $2K conversion.

VIDEO BONUS: This skateboarder's catching some big air by performing a basic maneuver that's the foundation for many other aerial tricks. Named for its inventor, what's this iconic no-hands move?

Michael locks in Ollie...named for Alan Gelfand back in 1977, THAT'S IT!

Finally, Braunwin, Chris & Wayne have a block more than the first two games offered on their DOUBLE RIDE to Milwaukee. Their $100 Round's a complete success.

$200 Round:
1. W/ a name that implies "eternal youth", what perveyor of cheap sheep clothing originally targeted L.A.'s Korean-American community?
Guess: Forever21- CORRECT ($600)(18 blocks to go)
2. What soft drink brand takes its name from a California mountain known for its naturally carbonated spring water?
Guess: Shasta- RIGHT ($800)
3. Seceding from North Carolina in 1784, the short-lived state of Franklin eventually became part of what neighboring state to the West?
Guess: Tennessee- RIGHT ($1K)(four blocks to spare)

$400 Round:
1. Meaning "foot on the ground" in French, what term refers to a small urban pad that serves as a second home?
Guess: Pied-a-terre- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,400)
FQ: Born to Dutch parents in Kinderhook, NY, who was the only U.S. President to learn English as a second language?
Guess: Martin Van Buren- $1,800 SWEEP!

WoF: Our road to hopefully at least another very good night begins w/ a $1,000 Toss-Up under the topic of Song Title:

_ I _ _ / I S / A

_ _ G _ W _ Y

Ryan solves Tom Cochrane's "LIFE IS A HIGHWAY". Starting w/ the man in the middle, we'll meet tonight's puzzle solvers:

Ryan Levine (Hastings, MN)- A worker in sales for a private, family-owned jeweler
Annie Greeley (Camarillo, CA)- A retired court reporter who currently works part-time & does some Hospice volunteer work
Stacy Donald (Franklin, WV; originally from Brooklyn)- A Department of Navy secretary whose birthday's tonight

The $2K TU's acting as a Phrase:

S _ U R / O F

_ H E / M _ _ _ N T

In the SPUR OF THE MOMENT, Annie doubles up Ryan & has control.

After a trip to the 10 Fitch from Bed and worth $6,265 appears on the wheel, the subject of Wednesday night's Gorton's Jackpot Round will be Rhyme Time. She leads off by calling two R's for that Million Dollar Wedge, two T's for the 76 gift tag (which represents a $1K gas card from there), but she then hits the Bankrupt in between $600 & the Wild Card to lose both pieces of cardboard. Secondly, Stacy calls the first letter of the puzzle (an S) for $600, buys three A's & E's & calls for three L's for another $2,400 & we have...

S E E / _ _ _ / L A T E R

A L L _ _ A T _ R known for being a slogan for Lubriderm (& the ending to Wally Gator's theme song), she says "SEE YOU LATER, ALLIGATOR" for $2.5K & the early lead by five bills.


Prize Puzzle Round category's Thing. Still in command, Stacy begins the round by calling an $800 S but then a dud of T while on the left side of the 1/2 Car wedge in between $300 & $900. Second, Ryan calls three N's for the NY inn trip but then calls a dud in M. Third, Annie calls for two R's to pick up the WC & a $300 W, then she purchases four E's before lighting two D's for another $900 & buying two A's. But she then spins the other Bankrupt, forcing her to give up the WC & $700. After a $700 B & an I buy, Stacy duds out by buying the only bad vowel on the board (O), allowing Ryan to place four G's for $3,600...

B R A N D - N E W


_ _ G G A G E

...which he might spend on some BRAND-NEW DESIGNER LUGGAGE, because not only has he won the inn getaway, he's also going on a $7,600 trip to The Buccaneer in St. Croix, so his total winnings crank up to $18,465.

DUDS: $550 M (Ryan), $500 T (Stacy)
SOLE BANKRUPT: Annie (2nd tonight)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JB2300618 (Jacqulenne B. from Michigan)

Also, he'll begin this Before & After puzzle in the Mystery Round. First up for this guy are two S's for six Benjamins but then a dud vowel of A. Second, Annie calls a dud consonant in N. Third, Stacy calls a $600 T but immediately following that is the other negative vowel on this board (I). Ryan follows that w/ a $500 R, the trio of O's & a $500 H while on the same 1/2 Car position that Stacy was earlier, then we see...

_ O T H E R

_ O O S E

_ _ _ _ S

...& he shakes off some MOTHER GOOSE BUMPS to make his new overall bank $19,565 in cash & vacations.

DUDS: A (Ryan), I (Stacy), $600 N (Annie)

What Are You Doing? is what we have to ponder on the final TU:

W O R _ _ N G / U P

_ / S _ E A _

Annie doesn't have anything on the last word, but Ryan completes it by WORKING UP A SWEAT, sending him to $22,565 in cash & travel.

The next maingame puzzle's a Person. His first letter choices this round are a $1,600 pair of S's, a couple A's, the same number of T's for $1,800 additional, two E's & an A, followed by the sole Lose a Turn landing of the night. As we go into Last Chance Mode...

_ _ E S _ _ E _ T _ A _

_ _ S T O _ _ A _

...the remaining consonants prove to be worth $1,450 each. After he calls an H at the top of his next turn...

P R E S _ _ E _ T _ A _

H _ S T O R _ A _

...he comes up w/ PRESIDENTIAL HISTORIAN for $4,100 more & goes to Bonusland w/ $26,665 in cash & trips! Stacy has $2.5K in birthday money & Annie leaves w/ $500 less than her.

$31,165 in cash & voyages have been won on this episode so far.

SOLE LaT: Ryan

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding MDW & WC): $1,700

Big Money Round: Ryan has quite a few chances to break the $100K mark if he succeeds at solving his bonus puzzle. He spins the first A in AMERICA'S & the BMR for him's Phrase. The RSTLNE gives him:

_ _ R _ / T _

T _ E / _ _ S E

After he calls HDPO...

_ O R D / T O

T H E / _ _ S E's a WORD TO THE WISE- calling CDMA in the endgame's usually not a good idea. Because he apparently followed that bit of advice, he's also $30K richer, so he's leaving w/ $56,665 in cash & vacations!

During the end-of-show chat, Vanna comments that the Jovani dress she wore on this show was her tightest one to date.

SL: Wednesday's gang:

Matt (28)(Staten Island)
Nick (29)(Staten Island)
Vinny (29)(Staten Island)
Jay (28)(Staten Island)
Dell (29)(Staten Island)
Michael (29)(Brooklyn)

$300 Round:
1. "Junk in Rear"- After Vinny starts to eat a fattening doughnut, his pink pants will inflate & explode.
2. "Flied Catch" (Matt)
3. "Noodle Mop"- In half a minute, Nick has to eat from a mop made out of foul-tasting noodles.

$400 Round:
1. "Unfit"- In Matt's second go-round, he's got :45 to fit into a skin-tight black rubber dress.
2. "Bad Truck Stop"- Two metal dump trucks have to be pushed down a ramp & into Jay's shins.
RESULT: PASS ($1,100)
Five-Player Challenge: Nick's the lucky one who doesn't have to be part of a "Cavity Search". While inside an oversized mouth, the other members of the team all have to have their upper bodies scrubbed by a dentist.

$800 Round:
1. "Fruit Lady"- Nick has to withstand being hit by fruit thrown by said person while against a brick wall.
RESULT: PASS ($2,300)
2. "Fish Suck"- Can Michael somehow digest the contents of a fish's stomach within :20? Let's find out.
RESULT: PASS ($3,100)
3. "Cheap Slot"- At a slot machine, Michael must get low blowed by a fish at the bottom.

GRAND CHALLENGE: Michael ends their night w/ three of his own challenges in a row. In "Corns", using just his mouth, he has to get all of the corn kernels that are stuck between a stranger's toes while he's sitting in a chair.
RESULT: WAY OFF (they leave w/ $517 each)

MtWI: Reporting to the 60-Second Circle are Crystal Brantley from Ventura, CA (who's a stay-at-home mom) & Lee DiGeorge from Queens, NY (who's a middle school teacher).

Zone 1:

$1K: "Spare Me"- Using a 60-inch pool noodle, one teammate must drop marbles through it & knock down 10 OfficeMax upright markers.

1. Crystal- X
2. Crystal- XX
FINAL TRY: Lee- FIRST-EVER WIPEOUT (they're also the first team this year to not win a dime)!!!

I know these guys will at least leave w/ something- Chelsea Robbins from Phoenix (who's a camp counselor) & "Big" Mack Jones from the small town of Heidelberg, MS.

Zone 1:

$1K: "Sticky Balls"

1. Chelsea- PASS IN :36

$2.5K: "Face the Cookie" (as a team)


$5K: "Puddle Jumper"- Each member of this team must make three successful ball-to-cup transactions via blowing.

1. PASS IN :20

$10K: "Suck It Up"- Both parts of this team have to do this twice.

1. PASS W/ :14 LEFT

Zone 2:

$50K: "Egg Roll"


They then STRIKE OUT on "Ker-Plink! or Plunk!".

Millionaire Wednesday:

(Also tonight: A Final Jeopardy! Triple Stumper caused champ Tim Kresowik's reign to end w/ $43,201; Sara Heard from Brooklyn won $7,999.)

Episode ratings:

8: "Ca$h Cab Chicago"
7: "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire", "Silent Library", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
5: "Jeopardy!"
2: "Minute to Win It"
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