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4/20/2011 Results

LMaD: These three female traders will be making deals for each other in the first three rounds of Don't Blame Me- Yvette (a fairy who's celebrating a birthday), Dorys (dressed as a Mexican) & Elsa.

Yvette's Round for Dorys: $800 or Small Box (Jonathan)?
SB: Michael Greene & Co. diamond necklace ($3,892)

Dorys' Round for Elsa: $800 or Curtain #1?
CURTAIN #1: Bedroom ($5,296)

Elsa's Round for Yvette: $800 or Big Box?
BB: Moon lover's trip to Washington, D.C., courtesy of MoonPie ($6,934)

THE BIG RISK (Curtain #2): NOBODY- Ben Franklin kite kit; PERFECT DEAL!

Bosell & Paul (dressed as the ketchup & mustard bottles) then WIPE OUT on the one-die version of Movin' on Up after rolling a four for $400; they finish w/ another four good for half that amount for them to take home. The car they missed out on was a $17.5K Mazda3 Sedan (Curtain #3).

(Note: Most of the text on the MoU board has been changed.)

W/ the record turntables out, Ricardo (dressed as a Hawaiian) & Deangelis (who's wearing an afro) are going to Dance Me a Deal. The $1K winner is...Ricardo, giving him the chance to buy either the red &/or green small boxes at $500 apiece. He buys just the red...he was wise in buying just one of the boxes, but he picked the dud & loses half his money on a Cup-O-Carpet Instant Noodles. Left in the green was...a MacBook/Canon digital camera studio worth $3,278.

While in the Inkblot Deal, Johnna (dressed as a tiger clown) can either select one of the two inkblot prizes (Curtain #2 or the BB) or what's in the SB (Tiffany). Her final choice is the middle curtain at an $800 cost. One of those three has an automobile behind's NOT behind her item, but she does end up w/ a $2,800 XBOX360 set that includes the one-year Netflix subscription.

BB: Wheel of ZONK
SB: 2011 Toyota Yaris Sedan (Curtain #1)($16,358)

Janay (dressed as a black/white butterfly), Noel & Richard (dressed as a mountain climber, I think) are playing the Red/Green Cans Deal for maybe the $11,022 Belize vacation (Curtain #3).


Janay: #2- $500
Richard: #1- $1K
Noel: #3- ZONK


Richard: #2- WINS TRIP!
Janay: #3- LOSS

Time for two quickie deals. Sara from Beaumont, CA's playing the $5K Gift Card Deal. She picks Card #A & doesn't want a sure $500...the $5K's hers! Megan (dressed as a surgeon) then makes a $1K purchase of Curtain #1...there's a Bull BBQ set worth $2,354- PERFECT DEAL #2!

THE BIG DEAL: Instead of visiting our nation's capital, Yvette's attempting for at least one bigger birthday present as part of a $27,415 Big Deal of the Day. She's guessing the BD's behind Door #3 again. #2 had...just pairs of snowboards/surfboards worth $2,560. Her actual birthday presents from this show are...a pair of retro kitchen appliances valued at $6,990. But she WON'T be taking the Kawasaki Vulcan to Russia.

TNG: A dream vacation's in the offering tonight for these newlyweds:

Anthony & Danielle (who were in a superhero-themed wedding & are STILL wearing their costumes!)
Wes & Nicole
Tyrone & David (the second GAY civilian couple ever on the program; they first met at NY Fashion Week!)

Round 1:

1. In the time it takes your better half to get ready, you could fix which of these- a meal, a motorcycle or the economy?
2. Think back to all the birthdays & holidays- what present has your partner given you that you would just love to re-give to someone else?
3. "Of all the celebrities in Hollywood, it wouldn't surprise me if my spouse were related to ________________."

1. Economy- MEAL
2. Wooden tulips- WOODEN TULIPS (5)
3. Common- LL COOL J

1. Meal- ECONOMY
2. Digital camera- FLOWERS
3. Keyshia Cole- SANAA LATHAN

1. Economy- ECONOMY (5)
2. Obama Chia Pet- BARACK OBAMA CHIA PET (10)
3. Scarlett Johansson- LADY GAGA

SECOND HONEYMOON: The Verandah (Antigua)


1. Imagine your husband's getting a root canal & the laughing gas makes him so loopy, he thinks the dentists is "The Wizard of Oz"; what would he ask the wizard for- a brain, heart or more courage?
2. "My husband would jump into the mouth of an active volcano, if he thought there were an unlimited supply of __________ down there."
3. What's the one thing your husband does that you find absolutely irresistible?
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "My husband tends to procrastinate when it comes to _________, but he's always in a big hurry when he wants to _________."

1. Courage- COURAGE (15)
2. Levi's stores- LICORICE DROPS
3. Doing his manly things- THE WAY HE PRESSES HIS LIPS/SMILES
BONUS: Win everything & leave the house- TAKING A SHOWER & GOING SHOPPING

1. Courage- COURAGE (10)
2. Money (she's thinking of "The Diamond Head Game")- PLAYSTATION3
3. Dirty dancing for her- BELOW THE BELT THING
BONUS: Doing the dishes & play Playstation3- DISHES & PLAYSTATION (40)

1. Brain- HEART
2. (Wrestling) belts- TOYS
3. Always speaking his mind- THE WAY HE CALLS HER "BABY"
BONUS: Cleaning up after himself & play his video games- CLEANING THE HOUSE & BEING ON TIME (25)

Consolation Prize: Griddler

WoF: For the last time this season, we've got some Teen Best Friends playing the game. The first Toss-Up's a Thing:

D O U _ _ E

D A R _

Also the title of two different game shows best known for being hosted by Alex Trebek & Marc Summers, Brian & Nick solve "DOUBLE DARE". Here are this evening's teams:

Brian Cully & Nick Milan (Anaheim Hills, CA)- Both are members of junior varsity volleyball & swimming teams (Brian's the captain); Brian's also a member of the Greater Orange Service League & Nick's also the goalie of a soccer team & a library volunteer
Ryan Carter & Caitlin Douger- Ryan's a sophomore who plays softball & does gymnastics, while Catlin's a junior & is involved in ASB & choir
Audrey & Joanna Kim- Audrey's the captain of a varsity tennis team at Cleveland High School & VP of a senior class, while Joanna's the VP of the Key, Music & Amnesty Clubs & has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Living Things is the identity of the $2K TU:

_ / P _ I _ E

_ _ / L _ O _ S

Brian & Nick triple up w/ A PRIDE OF LIONS.

Remember, all this week (unless I find out otherwise), the $5K ally bank wedge will be the featured prize on the wheel; the Eggland's Best Jackpot Round category's Show Biz. The boys first call six T's for $1,800, buy two E's, calls three S's for another $1,800 but they then Bankrupt in between $600 & $900 to lose $3,350. Secondly, Ryan & Caitlin call three R's for $1.5K, purchase two A's & three I's to clean out the vowels & we have...

T _ I _ I _ _ T


_ R I S T E _

S T E _ A R T

...they solve "TWILIGHT" STAR KRISTEN STEWART to double their leftover C-note.


This bit of Fun & Games is tonight's Prize Puzzle Round. Still controlling the wheel, Ryan & Caitlin begin by just missing the $3.5K wedge & getting the Bankrupt near it instead. Second, Audrey & Joanna call four N's for $1,600, two S's for another $600, but they then get the same Bankrupt to lose 22 hundred bucks. Third, the boys take a risk by trying to solve the following...

S _ _ _ N _ / _ N _

S N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N _

...& Nick nails SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING for a $4K trip for each of them to the Whiteface Mountain Ski Area in Lake Placid, NY, giving them $11K in cash & both of those other things.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (both girl teams)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: CW6621066 (Cherry W. from Missouri)

The Mystery Round's seeking a Phrase that ends w/ a ?. First up, Audrey & Joanna call a $400 N & buy an I, followed by three A's while on Free Play, two C's for the Wild Card, three R's for the Select Registry gift tag, three E's on FP, but then that identical Bankrupt from the previous round to snatch their WC & $1,150 in cash & stuff; that's their second one of the show. Second for Brian & Nick are an $800 S & the purchase of an O pair...

C A N / I / _ _ E A S E

_ O R R O _ / _ _ E

C A R ?

...& they correctly ask "CAN I PLEASE BORROW THE CAR?" to move to $13K in cash & trips.

SOLE BANKRUPT: (Audrey & Joanna)

$3K TU subject's Person:

_ I T _ _ E

_ _ O T _ _ R

The Kims finally strike gold w/ a LITTLE BROTHER.

They'll also start filling out a Place board, but they dud out right away w/ T. Second, Brian & Nick light up a $550 R but then call a dud of S. Third, Ryan & Caitlin put up a $550 N, buy an E & I, insert a $900 M, call the sole dud vowel of A while on FP & then hit Lose a Turn. As Audrey & Joanna get control back, they light a $400 Y, buy an O but then lose their turn w/ H. The boys are back in command w/ a $300 D & back-to-back L's to add six times that amount...

_ N D E R / M Y

_ I L L O _

...& UNDER MY PILLOW is another $2,650 for them to split, $15,650 total. They'll also kick off the next puzzle.

DUDS: A (Ryan & Caitlin), $600 H (Audrey & Joanna), $550 S (Brian & Nick), $500 T (Audrey & Joanna)
SOLE LaT: Ryan & Caitlin

We next ponder What Are You Doing? First up for Brian & Nick are a $600 G & R & a $900 N before we go to Last Chance Mode w/ this setup...

_ _ R _ _ _ N G / _ _

_ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

...& the rest of the consonant department will pay out $1.5K every time one of their letters appear. After a V request by Ryan & Caitlin...

S T R _ V _ N G / T O

_ _ / T H _ / _ _ S T

...they were STRIVING TO BE THE BEST & they finish w/ an extra $4.5K to their credits, so they'll share in $6.5K. The Kims' divided cash total's $3K & Brian & Nick go to Bonusland w/ $15,650 in cash & NY!

So far, $25,150 in cash & vacations have been won on this episode.

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $6,700

Big Money Round: Let's see if those two boys can each win a Mazda2 for them to drive in the future &/or win even more money for them to share. Nick spins the second A of AMERICA'S & the bonus Thing has nine letters in it. Here's a few of them:

_ _ N E

_ _ _ _ _

CDPA are their choices...

D _ N E

_ _ _ _ _

...they get stuck on DONE as the first word & don't win $30K towards maybe a DUNE BUGGY. They leave w/ $15,650 in cash & travel.

MtWI: This week's team are made up of Kevin Ahsmuhs from Tulsa, OK (who's a sheriff) & Tracy Mulaski from Orange, CT (who's a single mom that teaches 8th Grade Math).

Zone 1:

$1K: "Tilt-a-Cup"

1. PASS IN :32

$2.5K: "Disco Drop"- One CD must be dropped directly over a red pencil standing point up.

1. Kevin- PASS IN :14

$5K: "Marbles Grande"


$10K: "The Nutstacker"

1. X
2. XX

Zone 2:

$50K: "Office Tennis"


$75K: "Mega Bubble"

Tracy- PASS W/ :12 LEFT

$125K: "What a Racquet"


HitW: On their regular night & time this season (Wednesdays at 7:30 PM EST), here are tonight's trios:

Wall Pass: Emily (who wants to swim w/ dolphins), Phil (dad/assistant principal from Los Alamitos, CA) & Andrew (brother)
School You: Tracy (who's also an assistant principal), Hiru (11-year-old son) & Asad (13-year-old brother)

Three-Player Wall Round:

WP (Wild West): 20
SY (LOL): 10

One-Player Distraction Wall Round:

NEITHER Phil or Tracy make it through.

Two-Player Regular Wall Round:

Emily & Andrew (ambulance): NO
Hiru & Asad (surfing): 10 (20)

Two-Player Costume Wall Round:

Emily & Phil (lion tamer): 20 (40)
Tracy & Hiru (Mariachi band): LOSS

IMPOSSIWALL #3: The WP's forming a human chain in their bid to go to the Wall of Fame...but it doesn't quite happen.

BrainSurge: Some of Monday's & Tuesday's stars are back to try this game again:

Nathan Kress
Jennette McCurdy
Gage Golightly
Nick Purcell
Matt Shively
Ashley Argota

Level 1:

For 10: Which one of Jeff's four dogs didn't bark?

Nick was the only one incorrect w/ #4.

For 20: What was the color on Jeff's shirt while he was juggling- green, red, yellow or blue?

Nathan was wrong w/ green, Gage literally went red & Ashley & Matt both had TIME OVERS.

For 30: Which of these tunes was played twice- "The Download", "Knockin' on Kevin's Door", "California Schemin'" or "Livin' La Vida Soda"?
ANSWER: "Knockin' on Kevin's Door"

This was a STUMPER- Ashley went w/ "The Download", while everybody else whiffed w/ "California Schemin'".

For 50: Which of the four patterns was on Felicia's bracelet?

#2 was wrongly guessed by Matt & Nick, while #4 was Ashley's response.


1. Jeanette- 80
T2. Gage & Nathan- 60 each
4. Nick- 20
IN DANGER W/ 10 EACH: Ashley & Matt

FOR 100: Which color was on the target girl's pillow during their fight- yellow, pink, green or purple?

Leaving this game early are Jeanette (who ran out of time) & Gage (who tried to go green).

Level 2 Memorization Topic: Monsters

Round 1:

Nathan: Frank & Stein
Nick: Hackula
Matt: Ghost Principal
Ashley: Monster over the Bed

Round 2:

Nathan: Backne Beast

Rest of the creatures: 50-Footed Woman, Frogzilla, Ghoul Principal, TP Mummy, Barely Transparent Man, Booger Man, Phantom of the Oprahhh, Pink Pantster, Queen Kong, Trickle Monster, Upchucky & Smellraiser

KO Round Pairs: #1 & #5, #2 & #14, #3 & #13, #4 & #10, #6 & #16, #7 & #8, #9 & #11 and #12 & #15

Nathan: #1 & #5
Ashley: #2 & #14
Nathan: #6 & #8
Ashley: WIN W/ #12 & #15

THE PATHS TO VICTORY: After pulling out the victory this time, Ashley's attempting to win the following goodies for Miles- the "Lego Rock Band" package, the Nintendo Wii/EA package & a three-night, two-day trip to the nickelodeonSUITES Resort in Orlando.

Rock Grid:


This is finished in 14.28.

Wii Grid:


Left on the clock after this board is...57.69.



Does Ashley finish the job just like Matt did...YES w/ 19.36 left over!

SL: The first four listed contestants were from Staten Island, while the last two were Brooklyn natives:

Anthony (24)
Dan (24)
Andre (30)
Nick (24)
Colin (25)
Ian (24)

$300 Round:
1. "Wrong Brush"- Dan had 20 seconds to brush his teeth w/ a hairy brush.
2. "Head-On Crash" (Dan)
3. "Fixed Button"- Colin's bellybutton had to be spackled by a stranger.

$400 Round:
1. "Skid Marks" (Andre)
2. "Night Time Dress Down"- Ian's job was to have the snap on the back of his red long johns snapped back three times.
RESULT: PASS ($1,300)
3. "Lick Black Ink"- Andre needed to lick all the black ink off a guy's back within half a minute.

$800 Round:
1. "Little Pole"- Anthony saw a midget pole dancer drop on his crotch.
2. "Snack Rack"- Five snack packs had to be attached & ripped off Dan's chest.
RESULT: PASS ($2,100)
3. "Melon Fire"- In his third challenge of the episode, Nick had to hold a toothpick against the wall & have the rest of the team hit him w/ honeydew & watermelon ball guns.

GRAND CHALLENGE: Dan gave the rest of the panel the "Brief Winch"...& they were SUCCESSFUL to leave w/ a final score of $3,100 ($517 apiece)!

Millionaire (Tim Gunn Week, Day 3):

Game 1
Start of Game 2

(Also: Final Jeopardy! was a Triple Stumper tonight, which resulted in new champ Robin Woolsey winning just $5.5K; Mary Mitchell left w/ $26,300.)

Episode ratings:

8: "BrainSurge" & "Minute to Win It"
7: "Hole in the Wall", "Millionaire", "Silent Library", "The Newlywed Game" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Price is Right"
5: "Jeopardy!"
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