Sunday, April 17, 2011

"The Amazing Race" 4/17

Opening Clue: After flying to Vienna, they must get inside a 2012 Ford Focus Hatch to find out their second clue. Oh, & BTW, a PAIR of those will be awarded to this week's winners!!!

Clue #2: Using said car's backup camera, teams must figure out that they need to drive to the SchlossSchallaburg for their third clue.

Clue #3:
Make their way to the Liberian Prunksaal Osterreichische National Bibliothek for Clue #4.

DETOUR #7: Long Hard Walk or Quick & Easy Meal?

LHW: Go to the Freud Museum & transport a couch one mile to the University of Vienna for the next clue.

Q & EM: At the Wiener Riesenrad, both members of the team have to eat their meals during a 12-minute rotation of the Ferris Wheel before they can pick up their following clue.

Clue #5: Drive to Salzburg for the next task.

At a restaurant, one team member has to dress up before sweeping a chimney. Once they're done, they have to go down to their cleanout door & open it to retrieve their final clue, at least for now.

The Villa Trapp.

The winners of the twin Focuses are...

...Justin Kanew & Zev Glassenburg!

2. Flight Time & Big Easy

3. Kent Kaliber & Vyxsin Fiala

4. The Hoffmans

5. The McCoys

Which means The

...learn that they
were a part of the season's first non-elimination stage!
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