Sunday, April 17, 2011

"America's Next Great Restaurant" 4/17

CULINARY TEST #6: Make a kids meal.
BUSINESS TEST #6: Have a toy designed for the kids' meals.


spicecoast: Indian burger w/ cheese fries & apple cinnamon ice milk
harvestsol: Chicken pita sandwich w/ sweet potato chips, nectarine pie & berry smoothie
Soul Daddy: Waffle sandwich w/ turkey bacon & chicken breast, applesauce & grapes
Brooklyn Meatball Company: Turkey smash0ball sliders w/ Edamame macaroni salad & chocolate-covered strawberry
Grill'Billies: Chicken & steak kebabs w/ veggies & apple turnover

This episode will decide which four restaurants are going to Vegas. The first one definitely going there because their box got the most coins this week is...

 a whopping 52%, the BMC! But the place that WON'T is...

...Grill'Billies. The second place definitely safe was harvestsol.
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