Sunday, April 10, 2011

"The Celebrity Apprentice" 4/10

TASK #6: Using a 10X10 glass box, the teams have to conduct a public marketing event for Australian Gold tanning products.

PROJECT MANAGERS: LaToya Jackson & Mark McGrath

Backbone's event has a pirate theme, while the title for A.S.A.P.'s showcase is "Project Gold".

THE RESULTS: NeNe Leakes is NOT a fan of what LaToya did this week; also, Hope Dworaczyk stayed out of her team's business. As for Backbone, Mark will take full responsibility if they lose. W/ all that being said, the winners are...

...A.S.A.P., meaning LaToya has won another $40K for her charity! Unfortunately for Mark, it also means his tenure as a candidate on this show has ENDED ON A SOUR NOTE.
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