Sunday, April 03, 2011

"The Celebrity Apprentice" 4/3

TASK #5: Both teams are asked to make their own works of art & create their own art gallery; also, they have to design seven NYC baseball caps, w/ the proceeds going towards both totals. The one celebrity who makes the best hat will get a nice charity donation.

Filling in for Ivanka this week is George Ross; he'll look over Backbone.

PROJECT MANAGERS: John Rich & Marlee Matlin

Unfortunately, Jose Cansesco has to WITHDRAW due to his father battling cancer; his cause, the Baseball Assistance Team, will receive a $25K consolation prize.

Elsewhere, Gary Busey & Meatloaf have to be restrained by their teammates as they get into a shouting match about art supplies.

THE RESULTS: LaToya Jackson wins a $25K bonus to the AIDS Project L.A. But you're not to believe the very, very, very staggering numbers both teams posted in this task...

...BY A FINAL TALLY OF $986K-$626,908, A.S.A.P. HAS BECOME THE FIRST TEAM TO RAISE AN AUGUMENTED MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!! But, per an agreement, BOTH PMs will keep the money they have accumulated for their charities!!!

But there's more bad news. Somebody's still fired. Is it Gary or Meatloaf?...

...NO- Richard Hatch leaves w/ NOTHING.
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