Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"Survivor: Redemption Island" 4/6

DUEL #6: As Matt Elrod goes against Sarita White here this week, they're going to have to hang onto the walls w/ the footholes on them.

The castaway who has just re-entered this game & is now on this season's merged tribe is...


CHALLENGE #8: While on top of a perch, everybody has to hold a big plate w/ up to three balls rolling on it for as long as possible if they want the season's first individual immunity necklace.


1. Julie Wolfe

2. Ashley Underwood

3. David Murphy

4. Andrea Boehlke

5. Grant Mattos

6. Matt

7. Rob Mariano

8. Phillip Sheppard

9. Ralph Kiser

10. Steve Wright

IMMUNITY WINNER: Natalie Tenerelli

TRIBAL COUNCIL #8: W/ six votes...Matt's GOING BACK TO R.I. Grant got five & the other one was received by Steve.
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