Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Top Chef Masters" 4/13

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of an emergency, John Rivera Sadlar has WITHDRAWN from the competition, meaning Hugh Acheson was back in play.

$5K/Immunity Quickfire #2: A 30-minute meatball dish w/ the use of a meat grinder.

Guest Judge: Kelis (a female recording artist best known for "Milkshake")


Sue Zemanick: Spicy pork belly meatball in spaghetti w/ spicy tomato sauce
George Mendes: Chicken & short rib meatball w/ spicy tomato citrus broth
Alex Stratta: Spicy lamb meatball w/ toasted fruit & almond couscous
Floyd Cardoz: Fried beef & bacon meatball sandwich w/ Asian slaw
Traci Des Jardins: Tarragon chicken meatball consomme
Mary Sue Milliken: Turkey Albondigas Soup w/ toasted pumpkin seeds & Manchego cheese
John Currence: Vietnamese chicken meatball
Suvir Saran: Indian-spiced meatball w/ tamarind glaze
Hugh: Lamb Merguez w/ shiitake slaw & yogurt

BOTTOM THREE: George, Floyd & Hugh
TOP THREE: Sue, John C. & Suvir

$10K ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #2: Make a pre-selected '60s dish, as well as an updated version of it, at a cocktail party.

Guest Judges: Christina Hendricks ("Mad Men") & Geoffrey Arend ("Body of Proof"; Christina's husband)

Whole Foods Shopping Budget: $200 in 45 minutes


John (Oysters Rockefeller): Migonette pickled oyster w/ horseradish creme fraiche, collards & spicy bacon
Mary Sue (deviled eggs): Japanese-style poached egg w/ Umeboshi & mustard miso mayo
George (Chicken a la King): Roasted chicken breast w/ lemon yogurt & veggies
Traci (Beef Stroganoff): Steak tartare w/ fried noodles
Suvir (Veal Oscar): Fried veal w/ mint, cilantro, tomato chutney & asparagus salad
Sue (Duck a L'Orange): Crispy duck breast w/ spicy blood orange gastrique & pineapple mango salad
Celina Tio (Coa Au Vin): Chicken Frisee Salad w/ pickled shallots, carrots & bacon vinaigrette
Hugh (Beef Wellington): Filet Mignon w/ mushroom espuma & crisp puff pastry
Floyd (Ambrosia Salad): Grilled/peppered pineapple w/ mango, coconut & orange custard
Alex (bread pudding): Chai-spiced custard w/ Panettone & roasted apple salad
Naomi Pomeroy (Grasshopper Pie): Chocolate mint souffle cake w/ toasted Kirsch marshmallow

TOP THREE: Floyd, John & Mary Sue
WINNER: Mary Sue
BOTTOM THREE: Alex, Sue & Suvir

This week's new loser was...


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