Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Top Shot" 4/12

Individual Challenge #2: Last season's "Top Shot" Iain Harrison has chosen the following four guns to be used in this challenge- the SIG 228 (1993, Germany), the Browning Hi-Power Pistol (1935, Belgium & U.S.), the AR-15 (1958, U.S.) & the FAL (1951, Belgium). There are four stations that each have a moving platform:

SIG 228: While the platform's suspended by chains, the marksmen have to hit three targets from 35 feet away.
Browning: Three more 35-feet targets have to be hit while on a platform balanced on innertubes.
AR-15: On a platform suspended by ropes, one target has to be hit from 50 yards, while the other is twice as far away.
FAL: While on a suspended narrow beam, the 50 & 100-yard targets for this station have to be taken out as well.

Each shooter has a three-minute time limit.

Joe Serafini- 2:09

George Reinas- 1:56

Ashley Spurlin- 1:25

Jamie Franks- 1:02

Ginny Zins- 2:38

Chris Reed- 2:31; JAMIE WINS



Ashley- JOE


Chris- ASHLEY (2)

Ginny- JOE (2)

Joe- ASHLEY (3)

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #10: Out on the range now are 10 blue targets ranging from 35-50 feet w/ green discs swinging back & forth in front of the targets at various speeds. Using just the Browning, only the blue targets have to be hit; if a green disc is shot down, no point will be awarded for that target. Both Ashley & Joe have :40 on the time clock & 20 rounds of ammo to score as many points as possible.

First up, Ashley scores five points. But Joe finishes w/...

...NINE (despite hitting one of the penalties)- ASHLEY'S ELIMINATED!!! Darn. But he does leave w/ a $2K Bass Pro Shops gift card.
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