Friday, April 08, 2011

"The Ultimate Fighter" 4/6

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to family reasons, Keon Caldwell WITHDREW.

PRELIMINARY FIGHT #2: Chris Cope vs. Javier Torres (Referee: Herb Dean)

Tale of the Tape (both stood 6'1"):

Chris: 27 years old, 73", 4-1

Javier: 25 years old, 74", 2-0

Round 1: For most of the first two minutes, Javier kneed Chris in the chest against part of the Octagon. Then, at 2:09, he took Chris down & fell way short of applying a rear-naked choke.

Round 2: By this round, Chris was bleeding around his right eye. But for the majority of this round, he turned the tables on Javier when the two of them were against the Octagon again.

SUDDEN VICTORY: At 1:05, Javier tried to sweep Chris down to the ground, but Chris took him down instead. The bout was briefly stopped at 1:49 because of an apparent low blow by Chris...but Chris got the win anyway!
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