Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Survivor: Redemption Island"- FINALE

THE FINAL DUEL FOR RE-ENTRY INTO THE GAME: Place a foot on one end of a balancing board; the other end has a ceramic vase. In this case, only the last castaway left standing re-enters the game, meaning the other three go to the jury.

Finding themselves this close to the $1,000,000 is...


1. Grant Mattos (after roughly 50 minutes)
2. Matt Elrod (after over an hour; so much for his Duel winning streak)
WINNER: Andrea Boehlke


CHALLENGE #16: Race across a balance beam collecting five four bags filled w/ numbered tiles. The first one has 10, the second has 20 & so on.

The first contestant to arrange all the tiles from 01-100 & is one step away from going to that final Tribal Council is...

...Ashley Underwood; that's her second straight victory!

TC #16: Since it's the last chance to use one, "Boston" Rob Mariano turns in a Hidden Immunity Idol...he didn't need it, though, as he only would've gotten the first revealed vote; Andrea's going to the jury for good.

FINAL CHALLENGE: Four bags of puzzle pieces must be collected while in a giant maze before one can get out & climb up to the top to unscramble the phrase "ONLY YOU ARE SAFE".

The first player to qualify for a shot at the million bucks is...

...Rob over Ashley!

TC #17: The last member of this jury is none other than...

...thanks to losing the last challenge, Ashley over Phillip Shepard.


1. Andrea- She only asks Phillip & Natalie Tenerelli.
2. Ashley- She requests Phillip to not talk while she is, but he does so anyway.
3. Grant- He notices a potential alliance between Natalie & Rob.
4. Ralph Kiser- Same as Grant; he also feels let down by Phillip.
5. Matt- He tells Rob where the line draws between him & his tricks.
6. Julie Wolfe- She feels that the three finalists should be humbled.
7. Mike- He wants to know if any of the final three learned anything that they can carry over to the rest of their lives.
8. Steve Wright- He praises Natalie & Rob & thinks Phillip should be shameful.
9. David Murphy- He talks to the rest of the jury about the three finalists.

$1M TC FROM NYC: W/ five of the first six votes, the new champion is...

...ROB!!!!!! At least one vote went to Philip.

Also, by a 40-36% margin over Matt, Rob's named the $100K Sprint Player of the Season!

David then gets engaged to Carolina!

NEXT SEASON'S LOCALE: South Pacific (R.I. will return!)
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