Sunday, June 05, 2011

"The Next Food Network Star"- SEVENTH SEASON PREMIERE

Camera Challenge: A 45-minute breakfast dish has to be a part of a one-minute presentation.


Chris Nirschel: Wild veggie & pancetta frittata w/ pan-seared chicken
Alicia Sanchez: Fried crapes w/ guanciale & egg filling
Vic Vegas: Country-fried lobster slider w/ prosciutto hash
Penny Davidi: Challah French Toast w/ dried fruit marmalade
Jeff Mauro: Steak & egg sandwich w/ Adobe Chipotle dressing
Susie Jimenez: Chicken hash crepe w/ mushroom sauce
Orchid Paulmeier: Massa made into a hand-pressed tortilla
Mary Beth Albright
: Chicken hash w/ sweet carrots
Howie Drummond: Fried French Toast w/ Denver Papas
Katy Clark: French Toast, eggs & grilled steak w/ Hollandaise
Juba Kali: Grits & eggs w/ Bok Choy

WINNER: Orchid

FIRST STAR CHALLENGE: Five teams of three first need to do a three-part promo within four takes to form a cohesive block of programming; Alton Brown will oversee those. Then, they have to make a four-course menu, w/ one of the dishes being a team dish, in two hours; the food's served at STK.

Guest Judges: Alton, Mario Lopez, Hal Reubenstein (InStyle fashion director) & Jess Cagle (Entertainment Weekly managing director)


1. Whitney Chen, Mary Beth & Justin Balmes
2. Vic, Howie & Jyll Everman
3. Susie, Katy & Chris
4. Orchid, Jeff & Juba
5. Penny Davidi, Justin Davis & Alicia

Shopping Budget: $200 in 45 minutes


Mary Beth- Creamy caramelized onion soup w/ hand-torn croutons
Whitney- Carrot salad made using several different cooking techniques
Justin B.- Lamb shank over hand-roasted beets
Group dish- Bavarian chocolate creme w/ raspberry & raspberry coulee

Vic- Calamari fritti
Howie- Potato gnocchi w/ lemon zest
Jyll- Marinated flat iron steak
Group dish- Roasted beet salad

Chris- Butternut squash soup
Susie- Ceviche w/ mixed seafood
Katy- All Grown Up S'Mores
Group dish- Grass-fed sirloin w/ roasted red pepper chipotle puree

Orchid- Pork skewer w/ cole slaw
Juba- Shrimp boil
Jeff- Chicken sliders
Group dish- Que Lime Pie

Penny- Sexy Middle Eastern beef stew
Justin D.- Seared halibut topped w/ a lemon cream
Alicia- Sticky balsamic-glazed baby back rib
Group dish- Poached pears w/ pomegranate

WINNERS: Team #4
BOTTOM TWO TEAMS: Teams #2 & #5

The first chef eliminated this season is...


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