Sunday, June 05, 2011

"The Next Food Network Star"- SEVENTH SEASON PREMIERE

Camera Challenge: A 45-minute breakfast dish has to be a part of a one-minute presentation.


Chris Nirschel: Wild veggie & pancetta frittata w/ pan-seared chicken
Alicia Sanchez: Fried crapes w/ guanciale & egg filling
Vic Vegas: Country-fried lobster slider w/ prosciutto hash
Penny Davidi: Challah French Toast w/ dried fruit marmalade
Jeff Mauro: Steak & egg sandwich w/ Adobe Chipotle dressing
Susie Jimenez: Chicken hash crepe w/ mushroom sauce
Orchid Paulmeier: Massa made into a hand-pressed tortilla
Mary Beth Albright
: Chicken hash w/ sweet carrots
Howie Drummond: Fried French Toast w/ Denver Papas
Katy Clark: French Toast, eggs & grilled steak w/ Hollandaise
Juba Kali: Grits & eggs w/ Bok Choy

WINNER: Orchid

FIRST STAR CHALLENGE: Five teams of three first need to do a three-part promo within four takes to form a cohesive block of programming; Alton Brown will oversee those. Then, they have to make a four-course menu, w/ one of the dishes being a team dish, in two hours; the food's served at STK.

Guest Judges: Alton, Mario Lopez, Hal Reubenstein (InStyle fashion director) & Jess Cagle (Entertainment Weekly managing director)


1. Whitney Chen, Mary Beth & Justin Balmes
2. Vic, Howie & Jyll Everman
3. Susie, Katy & Chris
4. Orchid, Jeff & Juba
5. Penny Davidi, Justin Davis & Alicia

Shopping Budget: $200 in 45 minutes


Mary Beth- Creamy caramelized onion soup w/ hand-torn croutons
Whitney- Carrot salad made using several different cooking techniques
Justin B.- Lamb shank over hand-roasted beets
Group dish- Bavarian chocolate creme w/ raspberry & raspberry coulee

Vic- Calamari fritti
Howie- Potato gnocchi w/ lemon zest
Jyll- Marinated flat iron steak
Group dish- Roasted beet salad

Chris- Butternut squash soup
Susie- Ceviche w/ mixed seafood
Katy- All Grown Up S'Mores
Group dish- Grass-fed sirloin w/ roasted red pepper chipotle puree

Orchid- Pork skewer w/ cole slaw
Juba- Shrimp boil
Jeff- Chicken sliders
Group dish- Que Lime Pie

Penny- Sexy Middle Eastern beef stew
Justin D.- Seared halibut topped w/ a lemon cream
Alicia- Sticky balsamic-glazed baby back rib
Group dish- Poached pears w/ pomegranate

WINNERS: Team #4
BOTTOM TWO TEAMS: Teams #2 & #5

The first chef eliminated this season is...




Jim said...

Just as an FYI, Alicia's camera challenge dish involved guanciale (an Italian bacon), not guanchile (which doesn't exist). Apparently, if you can't cook, you can't be a star on the Food Network--but you can still write captions for them.

Jim said...

As another FYI, there's no A in "crepes."