Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Wipeout" 6/28

This episode was titled "Let's Make a Wipeout".

Qualifier: Lawn Mowers/Dreadmill/Big Balls/Turntable w/ the Mood Swing/Chinese Restaurant Kitchen


"Preppy" Chris Pearce: 3:40.6
Tiffanie "Game Show Legacy" Graves (her parents were on "The Newlywed Game" more than 25 years ago; the episode's title appeared towards the end of her run!): 6:28.2
Karey "Whale Trainer" Chase: 4:52.9
Steven Gee: 5:58.7

Also going to the Scareousel were the "Dean of Students" Greg Wojczynski, Katrina Reymundo, Mikail Mamatadio, Aaron Rosen, Mark Simmers, Alison "Big Mouth" Bishop, Michael "Philosopher" Ortiz & Wiley "Rain Man" Smith.

Advancing to Round 3:

1. Karey
2. Chris
3. Allison
4. Greg
5. Michael
6. Wiley

Dive Bar: While on 10-foot platforms, the super six had to jump over this that was disguised as a snorkel arm (although it looked more of like a hook to me). If anybody went under it, they were disqualified from that round.


1. Michael
2. Chris
3. Greg

WZ RUNDOWN: Chair Bourne/Over & Out/Point Break/Coin Toss

Michael had a good time of 8:35.49...

...but Chris ended the episode w/ the WIN at 4:11.42!

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