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7/19/2011 Results

J!: He may have $103K already, but Mark Runsvold's only halfway to making it into the Tournament of Champions. The challengers for his third game:

Tom Vaughan (Cape Elizabeth, ME)- Plastic surgeon
Christine Janson (Frederick, MD)- Freelance writer/editor

Tuesday's First Six:

MUSICAL NUMBERS (each correct response is the missing number in a song title)

Tom's got a shot at dethroning Mark tonight, IMO, because he goes Daily Double Hunting starting on the $400 Massachusetts General Hospital clue (& the fourth clue on the night overall)...& at the first break, for the second show in a row, the men are tied for the early lead at $3K each; Christine has just $400. Immediately after the break, Tom picks off the Video DD under the $800 Hospital clue & wagers $2,800 of his current bank on this clue by Sarah Whitcomb:

Massachusetts General is one of the first hospitals to make genetic testing standard in cancer treatment. Robots allow the processing of up to 96 samples at once, so doctors can immediately target patients w/ these changes in DNA sequence.

"What is cancer?"...that's definitely NOT going to work; those are known as mutations, so he falls to last place w/ two Benjamins. The last four Plumber clues get left behind at the time's up sound & w/ what, Mark's in Lock Game Territory w/ $5,200, Christine's $800 on the good side & because Tom's $400 in the negative world, he'll get the first choice in Double Jeopardy!

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS OF THE ROUND: $1K (Massachusetts General Hospital)
SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS OF THE ROUND: $800 (Adventures in Literature)

DJ! Categories:

FRANKS (hot dogs)
THE "RAT" PACK (themed board)

At the end of the Sami slate is a DD for Mark w/ $11,200; he happens to lead Tom by two grand & Christine's a distant third w/ $3,200. Mark makes a wager of...$3,800, so to keep the lead, here's the clue:

The Sami were gravely affected by this 1986 disaster as fish & livestock meat became tainted.

"What is Chernobyl?"...that's the name of the nuclear disaster to send him to 15 large! W/ two clues to go, Tom gets the final one of the match behind the last Joey clue w/ $14K & trails the champ by $3,400; Christine's slowly getting up there w/ $7,600. He's going for another...$4,200, meaning this Picture answer could put him ahead going into Final Jeopardy! if he's correct:

Seen here is a Joey of this marsupial's species whose name comes from the Telegu word "pandikokku", meaning "pig rat".

"What is a pygmy rat?"...good guess, but incorrect. It's the other word of a famous Playstation video gaming series, "Bandicoot", which drops Tom to $9,800.


Going into the Final:

Mark: $17,400
Christine: $7,600
Tom: $10,600


Mark: $15,600
Christine: $7,600
Tom: $17,600

FJ! TOPIC: 19th Century Novels.

This novel's first epilogue says "The activity of Alexander or of Napoleon cannot be called useful or harmful".

Christine Janson's response was "What is 'War and Peace'?"...that's the one to propel to $15,100. Tom Vaughan...is also right to match his Coryat Score for the night ($17,600)! But Mark Runsvold...wins again w/ $21,201, for a new overall sum of $124,201!

L: The next-to-last "week" of episodes begins as follows:

Marco & Evie- She's 25 & he's 45; they got engaged on a Mexican rooftop
Jeff & Eric- Met five years ago at a bar

M & E's First Board:


Men's First Board:


First Ball Pulls:

M & E: 43 (35)
Men: 01

Round 1:

#1 (M & E): Nobody wants a big one

1. T A S E R
2. T I M E R
3. T U M O R ($100)

1. 64 (23)
2. 07

#2 (M & E): This make a lap

1. C A U S E

Men: C H A R E & C H A I R ($100)

2. 11

#3 (Men): Nice melons

1. J A U N T
2. J U I C E
3. J U I C Y ($200)

1. 64
2. 39 (57)

Round 2:

#1 (M & E): You can take them or leave them

1. D A T E S
2. D O M E S
3. D I M E S
4. D U M B S

Men: D U M P S ($400)

1. 82
2. 57- LINGO ($600)

Men's Second Board:


#2 (M & E): Not royalty yet

1. F E A T S
2. F O O D S
3. F R O G S ($300)

1. 14
2. 82 (44 or 52)

#3 (M & E): The top ones have all the power

1. R A T E S
2. R A I D S
3. R A M P S
4. R A C K S
FINAL TRY: R A N K S ($500)


#4 (Men): Something your boss never gives you

1. B R A C E
2. B O U T S
3. B O N U S ($800)

1. 43
2. 57

Round 3:

#1 (M & E): All talk & no action

1. H E A T S
2. H O I S T
3. H O U S E
4. H O V E R- TO


M & E: H O R N Y ($1K)

1. 23- LINGO ($1.5K)

M & E's Other Board:


#2 (Men): Came to attention

1. S T A N D
2. S T A I R
3. S T I C K
4. S T I L L- TO

M & E: S T I F F- WIN! ($2K)

1. 43
2. 22

BL: Marco & Evie run into very tough luck w/ their words of SHYLY & VALET.

IWW: The first team to play are Annabel Gray from Studio City, CA (who's a landlady) & Melissa Soto from West Hollywood, CA (who's a tenant).

For each of the first seven rounds they win, money will be put in their bank. The first two are worth $5K. The dollar value doubles for each successive pair of rounds until the $20K mark for Rounds 5 & 6. The seventh round's worth $30K, for a potential sum of $100K. After that, they can play a bonus round for a chance to multiply their winnings by as much as 10, so a total clean sweep's worth $1 Million.

Round 1 (What's Worth More?): Blue 1970 Plymouth HEMICuda Convertible from Barrett-Jackson or Miss USA's crown from Diamond Nexus Labs?
GUESS: Convertible

Crown- $298,900
Car- $2.2M ($5K)

On this show, to lock in an answer, you have to say you're "sure sure".

Round 2 (Truth Be Sold): Size 37 black shoe ($12,800)- they have to pick the one story that's true about it.

A: In 1992, Robert Downey, Jr. starred in the 1992 movie "Charlie Chaplin" & lost one of his shoes
B: This shoe once belonged to the World's Tallest Man
GUESS: World's Tallest Man- TRUE ($10K)

Round 3 (Are You Buying It?): Same as What's Worth More?, except w/ three possibilities.

A: Handmade copy of the 1970s version of "Moby Dick" (just 250 copies were made)
B: Signed Wayne Gretzky hockey stick
C: Australian Palm Cockatoo
GUESS: Cockatoo

Stick- $300
Book- $23K
Cockatoo- $18K

Round 4 (Property Line): They have to arrange three houses so that one's worth exactly the PL of $100K, another's worth less than that & the other's worth more.

1. Flying Saucer House (Chattanooga, TN)
2. Thimble Shoal (Chesapeake, VA)
3. Companion Plots (Santa Barbara, CA)


$100K: Companion Plots
Less than $100K: Thimble Shoal
More than $100K: Flying Saucer House


Flying Saucer House- $120K
Thimble Shoal- $65K
Companion Plots- $100K ($20K)

Round 5 (Out of the Closet): They have to choose three clothing items, one from each given pair. If each one's worth more than the other, they will win more money.

1. Oprah Winfrey's shoes or an original pair of Nike Air Jordans never worn?
GUESS: Air Jordans- $600 (Oprah: $300)

2. Paris Hilton's dress or Cindy Brady's dress?
GUESS: Cindy- $2,900 (Paris: $1K)

3. Beaver skin top hat (1860) or Humphrey Bogart's Fedora?
GUESS: Fedora- $400 (Top hat: $800)

Round 6 (Time is Money): Same as Are You Buying It?, except they come from different centuries.

A: Prehistoric cave bear skeleton (150K B.C.E.)
B: French dresser (1500s)
C: Austian music box (1800s)
GUESS: Dresser

Music box- $48.5K
Skeleton- $98.5K
Dresser- $985K ($40K)

Round 7 (Celebrity Inflation): Three celebrity lookalikes are presented- in the premiere's case, they are JFK, Jackie Kennedy Onassis & Marilyn Monroe. If they match each collectible to the right celebrity, they will have a chance at a possible $700K.


John- Hair stands ($4,100)
Jackie- Black belt ($2,900)
Marilyn- Designer tape measure ($48,900)

NO (belt & tape measure were reversed)

IT'S WORTH MORE!: The team are given four items, while the house's given four of their own. They can arrange their order after making their guesses for each of the four pairs. Two matches will double their bank, three matches will quadruple the money & running the table is worth 10 times their original earnings, which would give them a grand total of $400K. They can stop after each match, because if they goof at any time, they leave w/ 1/4 of their original bank (which in their case would be $10K).

Team's Items:

1. Roy Rogers' Trigger
2. 2011 Thunderbird Storm motorcycle
3. $.25 slot machine designed for the 1933 World's Fair
4. 14-piece Honma gold & platinum golf set

House's Items:

1. 1915 Harley-Davidson 11F
2. "E.T." poster
3. Pair of Italian Puti from the late 17th Century
4. Pair of silk & wool tapestries


Harley- Slot machine
Poster- Thunderbird Storm
Puti- Clubs
Tapestries- Trigger

The team gets to choose the order of each pair's reveal.

Poster- $2K
Thunderbird Storm- $13,900

Tapestries- $55K
Trigger- $301.5K ($80K)


Puti- $9.5K
Clubs- $66K

Harley- $72K
Machine- $3,400

This final round works like Pay the Rent on "The Price is Right". Correct order, BTW:

Harley ($72K)- Trigger ($301.5K)
Poster ($2K)- Machine ($3,400)
Puti ($9.5K)- Thunderbird Storm ($13,900)
Tapestries ($55K)- Clubs ($66K)

They had NONE of that right, but they still could've doubled their money one more time.


Jake & Gary Silvia (son/dad)- Once flew over Hawaii in a parasail (BrainTrust: Mom Kimberly & Brother John)
Diana & Dave O'Day (daughter/dad)- Laugh while racing go-karts (BT: Mom Jennifer & Grandma Karen)
Eduardo & Jesus Villa (son/dad)- Snowboarding shredders (BT: Sister Andrea & Brother Jesus)
Dailey & Ted O'Brien (daughter/dad)- Like to go to the beach (BT: Sister Molly & Cousin Maggie)
Jordan & Debra Smith (son/mom)- Once lived on a Bohemian island (BT: Aunt Pamela & Cousin Dominique)

Brain Tease:

For 10: Which of the four Yoga poses did Bobby NOT do while mom was watching?
WRONG: Silvia (#4)

For 25: Which of the three patterns did Jeff mow the lawn?
WRONG: Smith (#1)

For 50: Which of the following on a Tic-Tac-Toe board contained three X's- Row #1, Row #3, Column #1 or Column #3?
ANSWER: Column #3
WRONG: Villa (#5)

After Three Puzzles:

T1. O'Brien & O'Day- 85 each
3. Silvia- 75
4. Smith- 60
IN LAST: Villa- 35

FOR 100: After looking at two family photos, which of the three bigger photos contains everything from the first two photos?
WRONG: O'Day & Smith (#2)

The Smiths leave w/ a FujiFulm instax camera.

Brain Fart: Tuesday's tale was about "The A+ Team".

Round 1:

1. What was the name of the team they formed?
O'Brien: The A+ Team

2. What animal's fart did they investigate?
Silvia: Bear

3. Name one of the three nerds.
Villa: BF- Poindexter (others were Daria & Eugene)

4. What type of burrito was the bear eating in the story?
O'Day: Bean & cheese

Round 2:

1. In the end, they concluded the bear's farts were what?
O'Brien: Silent, but deadly

2. Who asked the question they tried to solve?
Silvia: Poindexter
Villa: Ulysses (A: Bobby)

KO Round Pairs: #1 & #8, #2 & #15, #3 & #9, #4 & #6, #5 & #11, #7 & #13, #10 & #16 and #12 & #14

O'Brien: #2 & #15
O'Day: #1 & #8
O'Brien: #7 & #13
O'Day: #3 & #5
O'Brien: WIN W/ #3 & #9!

The semi-final prize tonight's something called the singing machine.

BRAIN TRIP: Bailey & Ted have just won for Special Olympics & could win an EA Sports XBOX 360 package, the table tennis set & a four-night family vacation to the nickelodeonSUITES in Orlando.

Video Game Grid:


Bailey breezes in 6.71.

Tennis Grid:


This is a toughie for Ted...33.68 are left for the trip opportunity.




101: Remember, the title of this episode's "Indiana Jeff & The Temple of Boom!".

Round 1:

Heat #1:

OFF THE AIR #1 ("Nothing But Net"): A contestant will be placed in a snare trap & lifted 100 feet in the air.

Order Question: How many letters are in "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"?

Ian: 32
Gina: 28
Robert: 45
Jasmine: 22

Main Question: Which three of these has Donald Trump marketed under his name?

A: Frozen steaks
B: Magazine
C: Home security systems
D: University

Ian: Magazine
Gina: Steaks
Robert: Security
Jasmine: University
OtA- Robert

Heat #2:

OtA #2 ("Release the Hound"): A black Mastiff/Pit Bull mix named Twinkie will attack the second loser shortly after Jeff places some raw meat on their suit.

OQ #2: In human years, how long did Australian pooch Bluey, the World's Oldest Dog, live?

Paige: 24
Joshua: 23
Sean: 22
Lisa: 161

MQ #2: Which three of these did AFI rank among the Top 10 Movie Quotes of All-Time?

A: "Go ahead, make my day."
B: "May the Force be with you."
C: "You talking to me?"
D: "I'm king of the world!"

Paige: "May the Force be with you."
Joshua: "You talking to me?"
Sean: "I'm king of the world!"
Lisa: "Go ahead, make my day."
OtA- Sean

Round 2:

Heat #1:

OtA #3 ("No Pane, No Gain"): Two outlaws named Shorty & Morty will throw somebody through a plate glass window at a saloon.

OQ #3: What's the top speed of the world's fastest roller coaster?

Jasmine: 100
Gina: 108
Ian: 138

MQ #3: Which two of these have an actual museum in the U.S. devoted primarily to them?

B: Barbed wire
C: Dentures

Ian: PEZ
Gina: Barbed wire
Jasmine: Dentures
OtA- Jasmine

Heat #2:

OtA #4 (This episode's title): After some TNT explodes, a mine cart will bump someone out of the game.

OQ #4: According to Guinness World Records, what's the greatest number of piercings one person has received in a single day?

Lisa: 120
Joshua: 138
Paige: 501
ANSWER: 3,100

MQ #4: Which two of these were once Olympic events?

A: Tug-of-War
B: Croquet
C: Arm wrestling

Paige: Croquet
Joshua: Tug-of-War
Lisa: Arm wrestling
OtA- Lisa


Final OQ: According to the U.S. Parachute Association, how many people died from skydiving accidents in the U.S. last year?

Gina: 15
Paige: 13
Joshua: NONE
Ian: Six

$50K Q #5: According to Forbes, what was the most visited U.S. city in 2009?

A: Chicago
B: Las Vegas
C: Orlando

Gina: NYC
Paige: Orlando
Ian: Chicago (he used to live there)
Joshua: Vegas





Episode #11 (Pip Squeak Squawkin):

MIKE (aka James):
Hometown: Hill Country, TX
Age: 56
Vehicle: White 1998 Chevrolet pickup truck
Intel: Really, really, really close to his family
Host: Tom

Teaming up w/ him were Janice & Tyra.

1. What are the first names of the tennis-playing Williams sisters?
Guess: Diana & Sarah (A: Serena & Venus)

2. If it's 4 PM in NY, what time is it in Utah?
Guess: 2 PM

3. The first satellite launched into space by man was what Russian craft?
Guess: Solar (A: Sputnik)

4. The original monster truck shares its name w/ what hairy monster?
Guess: Bigfoot

Final Question: What show has judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman & Bruno Tonioli?

Age: 27
Vehicle: Silver 2008 Audi A4
Intel: Can curl up into his bat in an emergency
Host: Tom

This game took place at an impound lot.

1. Quasimodo's name might ring a bell as the central character in what Victor Hugo novel?
Guess: "Moby Dick" (A: "The Hunchback of Notre Dame")

2. What's the middle name of George W. Bush?
Guess: Washington (A: Walker)

3. Who has been working for 28 years as the letter turner on "Wheel of Fortune"?
Guess: ZONK W/ VANITY WILKENSON (A: Vanna White)

Hometown: Dallas
Age: 82
Vehicle: Silver '98 Dodge RAM SLT Laramie
Intel: He invented Old School
Host: Josh

Playing the game for him were his wife & Joyce.

1. What singer was known as the "Godfather of Soul"?
Guess: James Brown

2. What are the four major blood types?
Guess: O, A & B combinations- ACCEPTABLE

3. In The Bible, what was the name of Samson's mistress?
Guess: Delilah- WIN!

L.C. fainted at the end!

Episode #8 (Bait & Repo):

Age: 23
Hometown: Dallas
Vehicle: Red '98 Buick Park Avenue
Intel: Has trouble pulling out in time
Host: Josh

He was wearing a Chicago Bulls replica jersey.

1. What TV show took six years to explain what happened to the survivors of Flight 815?
Guess: "Survivor" (A: "Lost")

2. What four chicken parts come in a KFC bucket?
Guess: Wings, thighs, breasts & legs

3. In the very first "Rocky" film, did Rocky Balboa win or lose his fight against Apollo Creed?
Guess: Lose

4. Who was said to be the first athlete to endorse a product when he lent his name to Converse's All-Star shoes?
Guess: Chuck Taylor- WIN!

Age: 31
Hometown: Phoenix
Vehicle: Black '09 Ford F-150 Supercab
Intel: Partial to guns & hookers
Host: Tom

This was an impound lot game...& he LOST it in four questions. Before they could tow his truck away, though, Darren personally drove it off the tow truck! I think there should be an additional monetary penalty for doing that on this show.

Hometown: Vegas
Age: 40
Vehicle: Golden '00 Chevy Malibu
Intel: Likes comfortable clothes
Host: Tom

End result w/ her two sisters...they WON in four!

Episode ratings:

"Repo Games":
11 PM: 7
11:30 PM: 8
7: "Family BrainSurge", "Jeopardy!", "It's Worth What?" & "101 Ways to Leave a Game Show"
5: "Lingo"
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