Monday, July 11, 2011

"MasterChef" 7/11

Team Challenge #3: While in Chef Ramsay's Michelin-Star kitchen downstairs, the two teams have 90 minutes to cater some vegetables, beef & desserts for a Hollywood cocktail party, for a total of 300 Hors D'Oeuvres.


Blue Team: Ben Starr, Suzy Singh, Tracy Kontos, Jennifer Behm, Esther Kang & Christine Corley
Red Team: Christian Collins, Adrien Nieto, Alejandra Schraeder, Derrick Prince, Giuseppe Morisco & Erryn Cobb


Suzy: Tomato Mint Gazpacho
Adrien: Gazpacho duo


BT: Mini Beef Wellington
RT: Torched beef tartare


BT: Five-minute fruit cups w/ whipped cream
Giuseppe: Berry & mascarpone tarts

WINNERS: RT, 2-1 (the BT won the beef course)

PRESSURE TEST #3: Cakes of at least six layers must be made in two hours.


Ben: Pumpkin carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting & candied hazelnuts
Suzy: Ganache & pecan cake w/ Chantilly cream & raspberry
Tracy: Chiffon cake w/ sweet basil & citrus-infused icing
Jennifer: Banana split cake w/ strawberries, chocolate & crushed nuts
Esther: Lemon raspberry cake
Christine: Apricot berry cake w/ hazelnut liqueur

BOTTOM THREE: Suzy, Esther & Christine

This week's losing cook is...


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