Friday, July 29, 2011


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David Chum
Gunnar Deatherage
Amanda Perna
Serena da Conceicao

FIRST CHALLENGE: Each of the Top 16 designers had to create a look based on the pajamas they were wearing & a bed sheet. The models were randomly assigned for at least this challenge.

Guest Judge: Christina Ricci


1. Joshua McKinley (Sonia)- White/black
2. Laura Kathleen (Michel Ann)- Purple shirt w/ baggy pants
3. Danielle Everine (Karin)- Black/brown shirt w/ blue skirt & brown belt
4. Viktor Luna (Erika)- Black/white
5. Becky Ross (Meghan)- Mostly sea blue
6. Bryce Black (Hannah)- Purple/black
7. Anya Ayoung-Chee (Sveta)- Multi-colored top w/ purple pants (at this point in the episode, she was the Fan Favorite; remember, the FF at the end of the season will win a $10K bonus)
8. Julie Tierney (Thais)- Purple/yellow shirt w/ light blue jeans
9. Oliver Green (Carla)- Silver/grey shirt w/ brown skirt
10. Kimberly Goldson (Bojana)- White
11. Anthony Ryan Auld (Chelsea)- Black/grey shirt w/ brown & dark green skirt
12. Rafael Cox (Kenzie)- White shirt & tiger headpiece w/ grey pants (Tim Gunn told him while in the workroom that he came this close to missing out on the Top 16)
13. Fallene Wells (Tatjana)- White w/ black stripes & yellow cummerbund
14. Bert Keeter (Kerstin)- Brown dress w/ orange & white boxers inside
15. Josh Christensen (Ashley)- Red shirt w/ removable grey part & white shorts
16. Cecilia Motwani (Alyssa)- Brown/blue dress w/ removable pink part & red skirt

IMMUNITY WINNER: Bert (Runners-up: Anthony & Anya)
BOTTOM THREE: Joshua C., Julie & Rafael
OUT: Rafael
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