Friday, July 29, 2011


Click this link to find out who this season's designers are.


David Chum
Gunnar Deatherage
Amanda Perna
Serena da Conceicao

FIRST CHALLENGE: Each of the Top 16 designers had to create a look based on the pajamas they were wearing & a bed sheet. The models were randomly assigned for at least this challenge.

Guest Judge: Christina Ricci


1. Joshua McKinley (Sonia)- White/black
2. Laura Kathleen (Michel Ann)- Purple shirt w/ baggy pants
3. Danielle Everine (Karin)- Black/brown shirt w/ blue skirt & brown belt
4. Viktor Luna (Erika)- Black/white
5. Becky Ross (Meghan)- Mostly sea blue
6. Bryce Black (Hannah)- Purple/black
7. Anya Ayoung-Chee (Sveta)- Multi-colored top w/ purple pants (at this point in the episode, she was the Fan Favorite; remember, the FF at the end of the season will win a $10K bonus)
8. Julie Tierney (Thais)- Purple/yellow shirt w/ light blue jeans
9. Oliver Green (Carla)- Silver/grey shirt w/ brown skirt
10. Kimberly Goldson (Bojana)- White
11. Anthony Ryan Auld (Chelsea)- Black/grey shirt w/ brown & dark green skirt
12. Rafael Cox (Kenzie)- White shirt & tiger headpiece w/ grey pants (Tim Gunn told him while in the workroom that he came this close to missing out on the Top 16)
13. Fallene Wells (Tatjana)- White w/ black stripes & yellow cummerbund
14. Bert Keeter (Kerstin)- Brown dress w/ orange & white boxers inside
15. Josh Christensen (Ashley)- Red shirt w/ removable grey part & white shorts
16. Cecilia Motwani (Alyssa)- Brown/blue dress w/ removable pink part & red skirt

IMMUNITY WINNER: Bert (Runners-up: Anthony & Anya)
BOTTOM THREE: Joshua C., Julie & Rafael
OUT: Rafael

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oaklandfan2kx said...

Way to go McBriderB, you started off your recap of Season 9 of Project Runway, but if you want to spice it up for future Project Runway recaps i can throw in the last names of each model for you Bobby for use because i researched it on facebook in ABC Order

Karin Agstam
Carla Barucci
Chelsea Blackburn
Bojana Draskovic
Kenzie Gallo
Meghan Giffin
Sveta Glebova
Hannah Gottsman
Kerstin Lechner
Thais Magalhaes
Sonia Niekrasz
Tatjana Sinkevica

(This will be subject to change even if there's corrections)

As for the joke model submission which is San Francisco Giants Hall of Famers that will be up in a upcoming recap of project runway, i can't wait Bobby so i hope someone can have future joke/gag model submissions in future Project Runway Recaps soon at Game Show Kingdom!