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8/2/2011 Results

W: Tonight's episode- "Ballsy Gets a Hard Hat".

Opening Qualifier Obstacle: Car Wash
Jiggleator Prop: Sail
Double Barrel Projectiles: Pink frosting & flying doughnuts


Marie Gerlach: 8:10.8
Tim Rambow: 4:55.4
Mark "The Bodyguard" Holwick: 3:31.4

The other 10 qualifying for Total Carnage are Daniel "Rhythm & Blows" Ramos, Belinda Gamez, Carrie Sparks, Susannah "Cheer Mom" Harper, Debbie Shair, Vincent "Doc Brown" Donadio, Andrew "Poker Face" Barton, Jessica "Foot Phone" Bravo, Breana Capera & Christina "Undeclared" Wilson.

Advancing to Round 3:

1. Mark
2. Daniel
3. Susannah
4. Christina
5. Tim
6. Andrew

Detour (allegedly sponsored by "Ballsy & Sons"): Same as the "Wipeout" 500, but w/ a construction flavor.


1. Mark
2. Susannah
3. Tim

THE WZ: Tim finishes in 16:37:03, but Susannah can't go the distance...

...while Mark nearly breaks the modern WZ record w/ 4:41.09!


Sarah & Lisa Bradbury (daughter/mom)- Once climbed a volcano together (BT: Sister Hannah & Great Uncle Fred)
Anthony & Stacy Gray (son/mom)- Amusement park fans (BT: Grandma Philomena & Cousin Kimberly)
Ojas & Sonny Anand (son/dad)- Chess players (BT: Mom Sangeeta & Sister Ariel)
Nick & Kent Tramel (son/dad)- Frequently beat the competition at kickball games (BT: Cousin Zaria & Mom Michelle)
Lauren & Corrine Denard (son/mom)- Enjoy making funny videos (BT: Stepdad Matthew & Cousin Cody)

Brain Tease:

For 10: What was the combination Jeff told Courtney on her fortune cookie catcher- 4/Blue/C, 4/Red/C, 3/Red/C or 4/Blue/D?
WRONG: Bradbury (4/Blue/D) & Tramel (30)

For 25: Which of the three grandmas caught a baseball in her purse at a Mayfield Mountain Goats game?

For 50: Which of the four invited animals didn't arrive at the zookeeper's birthday party?
WRONG: Bradbury, Denard & Gray (#4)

After Three Puzzles:

1. Tramel- 75
T3. Anand, Denard & Gray- 35 each
LAST PLACE: Bradbury- 25

FOR 100: Courtney's playing Smack-a-Hole; which of the four characters popped up the same time as Bobby- a clown, dad, a green monster or a robot?
ELIMINATED: Denard (Monster)

That family leaves w/ the DJ turntable.

Brain Fart: Not only do I do a blog, but Courtney allegedly does as well to answer some of the weirdest questions.

Round 1:

1. Bobby drew & ate a picture of what?
Tramel: Hamburger

2. What color did Jeff turn his dad's tennis outfit?
Gray: Pink

3. What was mom doing when she got rocks stuck in her hands?
Anand: Gardening

4. According to Courtney, elbow grease & what get paint stains out of a cat?
Bradbury: His wife's lotion
Tramel: BF (Zaria)- Peanut butter

Round 2:

1. What was the cat's name?
Gray: BF (Kimberly)- Fluffy (wild guess)

2. What did dad accidentally put next to mom's lotion?
Anand: Super duper glue

3. Why did Bobby eat the hamburger picture?
Tramel: He was hungry

Round 3:

1. When answering grandpa's post, Courtney addressed him by what name?
Gray: Stinky Fart (A: Phantom Farter)

KO Round Pairs: #1 & #8, #2 & #13, #3 & #15, #4 & #14, #5 & #12, #6 & #11, #7 & #9 and #10 & #16

Tramel: #15 & #3
Anand: #16 & #10
Tramel: #14 & #4
Anand: #9 & #7
Tramel: #1 & #12
Anand: WIN W/ #5 & #12

The other three teams go down the Brain Drain w/ a "Spongebob Squarepants" uDraw package.

BRAIN TRIP: Team Anand was playing for Save the Children; now, let's see if they can capture a lenovo laptop, a Roland drum set & a San Diego getaway (includes hotel accomodations at the La Jolla Shores Hotel).

Laptop Grid:


Ojas only needs 5.92.

Drums Grid:


Sonny finishes the "9" grid w/ 1:14.61 still on the clock!



Ojas...makes them GRAND PRIZE WINNERS w/ 26.46 left!

IWW: The husband & wife couple playing tonight are Jevin (who was the first-ever $25K winner on "Catch 21" three years ago!) & LaTasha Smith from L.A. The format's the same as last week.

What's Worth More?: M.S. Rau Antiques (New Orleans) platinum diamond ring or a full-grown African elephant named Susie that's nine feet tall, 13 ft. long & weighs 9K pounds?
GUESS: Elephant

Ring- $588K
Elephant- $250K

Sticker Shock: Mouawad Jewelry Company heart-shaped purse with 4,517 diamonds- $380K or $3.8M?
GUESS: $3.8M- BANK IT ($5K)

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees: Which of these three backyard things is more expensive- a Rockwerx medium playground boulder for kids, a 25-year-old Howea Forsteriana full-grown exotic palm tree or a modern eight-foot tall stone water fountain?

Rock- $4,100
Fountain- $4K
Tree- $7K ($20K)

Property Line: In this edition, three vacation rentals are offered; the PL's $37.5K.

A: Hugh Hefner Sky Villa (Las Vegas)
B: Jersey Shore House (Seaside Heights, NJ)
C: Musha Cay (The Bahamas)


MORE: Musha Cay- $37.5K
$37.5K: Hugh Hefner Sky Villa- $40K
LESS: Jersey Shore House- $2.5K

Time Is Money: All three of these come from M.S. Rau- a French Louix XV raquet clock from 1730, a Henry Clay armoire from 1844 & a royal chair for Queen Elizabeth II from 1952.
GUESS: Armoire

Chair- $18,900
Clock- $118.5K
Armoire- $350K ($50K)

Celebrity Infation: The three lookalikes are Oprah Winfrey, Marlon Brando & Lucille Ball.


Lucille- 1980 Chrysler Town & Country station wagon from Julien's Celebrity Auctions ($5,100)
Marlon- Leather looseleaf binder serving as a makeshift phonebook from Julien's ($3K)
Oprah- Rayon suit ($200)

BANK IT ($80K)


Team Items:

1. Hardcover copy of the First American Edition of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"
2. 52-karat diamond dog collar
3. Rare antique German dollhouse made by Moritz Gottschalk of paper from the 1900s
4. Sequined sailor suit worn by Barbra Streisand from 1960

House Items:

1. Original production cell closing credits setup from "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"
2. Painted Valencia Spanish carousel from the 1870s
3. Vintage Rolex men's gold watch from 1992
4. 2008 Bugatti Veyron from Barrett-Jackson


Cell- Book
Carousel- Dollhouse
Watch- Suit
Bugatti- Collar

Collar- $3.2M
Bugatti- $1.1M

Cell- $8K
Book- $19.5K ($160K)- BAILOUT


Cell ($8K)- Dollhouse ($12K)
Carousel ($4,300)- Suit ($7K)
Book ($19.5K)- Watch ($16,800)
Bugatti ($1.1M)- Collar ($3.2M)

They could've doubled up to $320K this evening, but when we add the $160K to what Jevin previously won, their new grand total in the GS world's $186K!

RG: As it stands now, this will be the last "Repo Games" doubleheader of the season.

"Muscle Mayhem":

Hometown: Vegas
Age: 37
Vehicle: Silver 2002 Hyundai Accent Sedan
Intel: Six feet of karate hottie
Host: Josh

1. What are three of the four types of teeth found in the average adult?
Guesses: Molars, front teeth & wisdom teeth
Not given: Canine, incisor & pre-molar

2. Achilles was killed when an arrow wounded what part of his body?
Guess: Heel

3. The Earth's Equator can be found at how many degrees latitude?
Guess: 160 (A: 0)

4. What scientific theory says our universe was started by an explosion (& shares its name w/ the title of a CBS sitcom)?
Guess: Planet- GAME OVER (A: "The Big Bang Theory")

Hometown: Tempe, AZ
Age: 32
Vehicle: Black '04 Ford Mustang
Intel: Could probably take Tom (& she won a bodybuilding competition in '05)
Host: Tom

1. What philosopher formulated the law of gravity?
Guess: Benjamin Franklin (A: Sir Isaac Newton, which she nearly said)

2. On what TV series does a baby named Stewie talk to a dog named Brian?
Guess: "Family Guy"

3. Which four U.S. states begin w/ "New"?
Guesses: New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico & New York

4. The four parts to the Miss America pageant are talent, evening wear, swimsuit & what?
Guess: Interview- WIN!

Ages: 48 & 44
Vehicle: Silver 1998 Honda Accord Coupe
Intel: They get real real
Host: Tom

This was an impound lot game.

1. What rapper's biggest-selling album would be retitled "Please Stanley, Don't Hurt 'Em"?
Guess: MC Hammer- YES

2. What does IRS stand for?
Guess: Internal Revenue Service

3. Spell "parallel".
Result: EXACTA!

"Heavy Lovin'":

Hometown: Vegas
Age: 44
Vehicle: '04 Mustang GT Convertible
Intel: Can deal a fabulous backhand
Host: Tom

1. Which solo artist proclaimed "I'm Coming Out" & starred in "The Wiz"?
Guess: Diana Ross

2. What shoe company was founded in Germany by Adolf Dassler?
Guess: Stacy Adams (A: Adidas)

3. In "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", what gem is the star compared to?
Guess: Diamond

4. What are the names of three of NY's five boroughs?
Guesses: Harlem, Brooklyn & The Bronx
Others: Manhattan, Queens & Staten Island

Final Question: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created what character played by Robert Downey, Jr.?

Hometown: Dallas
Age: 26
Vehicle: Silver '02 Mercury Grand Marquis
Intel: Born w/ a silver spoon up her butt
Host: Josh


SHANE (w/ his girlfriend Laura because he was out of work for seven months):
Hometown: Phoenix (impound lot)
Age: 27
Vehicle: Blue '99 Chevrolet Tahoe
Intel: Owns every *NSYNC album
Host: Josh


Episode ratings:

"Repo Games":
11 PM: 8
11:30 PM: 7
9: "Wipeout"
8: Everything else
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